drive electronics Decentralised motor starter

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SK 135E – Decentralised motor starter

Many applications, including those in the field of material handling require electronic starting and stopping of the drive units. NORD has developed the new, innovative motor starter SK 135E for this. Due to its versatility, not only motor starting functions, but also gentle starting or reversing mode are possible.Extensive monitoring functions e.g. protect against overheating. Thanks to the I2t triggering characteristic, a motor protection switch is not required. The integrated mains filter of the motor starter SK 135E (with motor-mounting) meets the very highest EMC requirements.

Features and Characteristics


  • Gentle start function

  • Reversing function

  • Motor or wall-mounting

  • IP55, (optional IP66)

  • Power range:3~ 200 … 240V from 0.25 kW to 4.0 kW3~ 380 … 500V from 0.25 kW to 7.5 kW

  • Control and connection of an electromechanical brake

  • Integrated mains filter (EMC Class C1 / C2)

  • 2 digital inputs

  • 2 digital outputs

  • Temperature sensor input (TF+/TF-)

  • RS232 interface via RJ12 plug

  • Optional ATEX Zone 22 3D (in preparation)

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Q:Does the servo motor drive need 3C certification
The actuator voltage is greater than or equal to 36 volts required for 3C certification.I hope my answer will help you.
Q:The failure of the step motor drive
At low speeds, jitter is inevitable and has a continuous and intense impact sound. The effect of reducing the output current will be reduced when the output torque is satisfied by the application. Do not know the equipment type of the manufacturer, and the performance parameter. It is difficult to judge the problem. Usually the person who is talking is not aware of the specific answer and needs to be asked by the engineer or the engineer.
Q:What's the difference between a drive and a converter
Drives are undoubtedly drive of Chinese translation, it is a great concept, our common drive can include: ac drives (driven by ac motor, such as asynchronous motor, synchronous motor, stepper motor, servo motor, etc.,), dc (dc motor) drive two parts
Q:What is the step motor drive card?
There are three types of drivers, drives, drive modules, and drive chips. Only the driver chip is the simplest, according to your situation.
Q:In the case of a single chip and motor driven module, is it not working?
Motor drive circuit, the start of the influence of the single chip microcomputer is very serious, suggest not altogether, microcontroller send start to enter a dormant state for a period of time after the command, or the nop instruction, to avoid voltage instability stage, at the start of work.
Q:The pulse signal and direction control signal of the step motor drive
If you the speed without any requirements, you can limit the speed of not more than a smaller value, in other words, that is every two spacing between the pulses of not less than a fixed value, can ensure that do not break step. The fixed boundaries can be determined.
Q:Step motor driver ENA - can you suspend it
It can control the amount of angular displacement by controlling the number of pulses, so as to achieve accurate positioning. At the same time, the speed and acceleration of the motor can be controlled by controlling the pulse frequency to achieve the goal of speed adjustment and positioning.
Q:What is the communication servo motor driver and how it works
Permanent magnet ac servo motor Since the 1980 s, with the integrated circuit, power electronic technology and the development of ac variable speed drive technology, permanent magnet ac servo drive technology has the prominent development, all countries well-known electrical manufacturers have launched their own ac servo motor and servo drive series products and constantly improve and update. The ac servo system has become the main development direction of the modern high performance servo system, so that the original dc servo system faces the crisis of elimination. Since the 1990s, the world's commoditized ac servo system has been powered by a full-digital sine wave motor. The ac servo actuator is developing rapidly in the field of transmission. Comparing with dc servo motor, the main advantages are: There is no brush and commutator, so the work is reliable and requires low maintenance and maintenance. It is convenient to heat the heat of the stator winding. The inertia is small and easy to improve the speed of the system. It is adapted to the high speed torque. There is a smaller volume and weight under the same power.
Q:Can the M542 step motor drive generate the pulse signal?
Check the information on this drive, which is completely unworkable. If it's just a switch, if the motor is spinning, it's not as good as a dc motor. Vibration, noise, torque, and speed are better. The step motor is designed for precise control of the Angle of position, and it can also be convenient for controlling the speed and turning of the speed, which require digital signal to complete. If just to rotate, do not need to locate what of, have to at least one pulse generator, frequency cannot too big, combined with fine scores determine, without segmentation, probably hundreds of this level, had a breakdown on the fine fraction. You still need to debug, the higher the frequency, the faster the motor will go, but it will not move when it is too high. General need high speed rotating, using single-chip microcomputer and PLC control acceleration, pure no acceleration pulse signal control, maximum speed is not too high.
Q:Is there a brush dc motor driven and no brush dc motor driven?
 The driver Driven, the DC dc-dc converter is required for the brush motor. You can use buck, boost, half a bridge. As long as the dc voltage can be adjusted, it can be. Even the 220V - > adjustable transformer - > rectifier. The 500W motors are small motors, not very powerful. So you can control the speed of rotation by just regulating it. The average speed band can be adjusted in a few seconds. Of course, if you have more than 5kW, or you need torque control, you have to control the current. The current control is a little more complicated, but the response is fast and the torque adjustment is sufficient for several milliseconds. The bandwidth is in the tens of milliseconds.

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