Classic chesterfield long sofa real leather

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Product Description:

  • Item #: OZ-FS-2027


  • Series: Fabric Sofa

  • Dimensions:

    • Lengths: 60'', 72‘’,84'', 96‘’,108‘’, 120''

    • Depths:34"

    • Height: 30"

  • Features: A masterful reproduction by Timothy Oulton of the classic Chesterfield style, our sofa evokes the grand gentlemen's club tradition. Our petite size collections are perfectly proportioned for smaller spaces.

  • Product Detail:

    • Kiln-dried hardwood frame

    • Pocket-coil spring suspension

    • Deep hand-tufting and rolled arms

    • Choose standard fill (polyfiber wrapped around foam core) or down-blend fill (feather and down wrapped around a foam core)

    • Also available in leather

  • Fabric Options:

    • Army Duck

    • Belgian Linen

    • Brushed Belgian Linen Cotton

    • Vintage Velvet

    • Perennials Classic Linen Weave

    • Perennials Solid Texture

    • Perennials Textured Linen Weave

    • Perennials Velvet

  • Color: Aubergine, Black, Cafe , Camel , Cayenne, Charcoal , Coffee, Flax, Fog, French Blue, Graphite, Indigo, Mocha, Natural, Navy, Plum, Port, Sand, Slate Blue, Spruce, Wheat, White, Mink

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