Class 130 155 Hot sale polyester enameled ALU Aluminum wire

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Product model: 1PEWAL,2PEWEL,QZL-2/130,QZL-1/130,QZ(G)L-2/155,QZ(G)L-1/155,ULcertified

Product gauge: 0.15mm-4.00mm

Product standard: MW24-A GB/T23312.1IEC60317

Product features: high adhesiveness, heatstability, scratch resistance, resistance to solvent but not poor electrical propertiesand resistance to hydrolysis


Polyester  enameled round aluminum wire130

Amideimide  enameled round aluminum wire






Thermal  class






ф 0.12mm-ф 4.00mm

Product applications: various motorsworking at 130℃ and 155℃,electric instruments, coils fortelecommunication equipment, coils for illuminating apparatus, heat-resistingtransformer, degaussing coils.

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