China Ferro Silicon Ferro Alloy Made in China/ Chinese Supplier

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1. Product granules: 0-3mm 90%, 10-80mm 90%, 0-220 mesh or customized

2. Packaging: 1MT big bag
3. Samples: can be sent for free
4. MOQ: 5MT
5. Application: steel making, iron casting
6. Advantages:
Low impurities with high performance
Stable reaction and easy operation
Customized specifications are accepted
7. Factory history:
More than 13-year experience
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8.Certifications: ISO 9001:2008, SGS, CIQ & COA

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China Ferro Silicon Ferro Alloy Made in China/ Chinese Supplier 
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1.Reply your inquiry in 24 working hours.
2.Try our best to meet different customer's needs.   
3.Test the goods before leaving our factory
4.Welcome to visit our factory at any time
5.The content packing particle size may be based on customer demand.
6.We are aimed at doing the best alloy in China.

Ferro Silicon(FeSi) is a co-product of Brown Fused Alumina during fusion,so also called Brown Fused Alumina Slag. During fusion of aluminum oxide based bauxite, heavy elements in the electric arc furnace goes down to bottom of the furnace. After cooling down, they become silver/grey ores which contain Ferro and Silicon. In our industry, we call them Brown Fused Alumina Slag.

After crushing and sizing, it's made into different grits suitable for steel making industry as media separation or sink float process to remove oxygen from high quality steel or cast iron. Main users of FeSi are producers of alloyed, carbon or stainless steel.

According to content of Ferro, we make mainly 2 quality: 72% Ferro FeSi and 80% Ferro FeSi.
Chemical Content of Brown Fused Alumina Slag(Ferro Silicon/FeSi)

Brown Fused Alumina Slag Ferro Silicon (FeSi)

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