Cheapest 15.6 inch i5 laptop with DVD-RW 4Gram 320G-500G HDD

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15.6 inch i5 laptop


 Product Description


Product advantage:


New 15.6" Intel Dual-Core d2500 OR I5 laptop with DVD
15.6" TFT WSVGA 1366*768
2-4G ram,160-500g hdd
with DVD-RW




1.CPUIntel Dual-Core 4-Thread D2500 1.86Ghz or i5 3317U 2.7Ghz cpu, High-grade Metal Shell.
2.Display15.6 INCH TFT LCD 16:9 WSVGA wide-screen Resolution: 1366*768 pixels, 
3.Operation SystemPre-install free version windows 7 for samples,
4.MemoryDefault is 2-4G DDR3 ram,
5.Storage Device2.5" SATA HDD 320G 5400rpm(supports upto 500GB)
6.DVD-RWBuilt-in DVD-RW drivers
7.Build-in WIFI802.11 B/G/N and Built-in 1.3M pixel camera
8.VGAIntel Generation 3.5 Integrated GFX Core(133MHz)
9.Other hardwareDual Speaker Built-in Microphone,83key Keyboard and touch mouse pad.
10.I/O ports3*USB 2.0 ports,1* VGA port,1*Microphone jack, 1*Earphone jack, 1*RJ45 network jack ,1* DC-In jack ,1* Card Reader slot for SD/MS/MMC card,
11.Power SupplyINPUT AC110-240V,1.7A 50-60Hz;  OUTPUT:18.5V/3.5A CORD 250V-10A,7.4V 4500mAh Poly Li-ion Battery, Standby about 4-5 hours.
12.WeightAbout 1.6Kg(including battery),  
 13.Color The default color is black, black color is the most popular,blue is optional


Q1: Can dust damage electronics?
A: Dust and electronics do not make good friends. The thicker the layer of dust is on a circuit board the more chance there is of a short depending on the nature of the dust.
Q2: Are electronics cheap in
A: Of course. They are very cheap. The factories provide the goods. One-stop sourcing.
Q3: Why are electronics so cheap in ok order?
A: On ok order they are the lowest price. Because it is a wholesale website and factory provide goods.


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Q:How to connect one Laptop LCD to another?
Well, step one would be getting documents about the LCD screen. Unfortunately no company will give these out, so short of spending a lot of time reverse engineering the screen yourself and trying to create some sort of VGA adapter, I'd say you'd just be better off going to the store and buying a monitor.
Q:Anybody know about 11.6 inch laptop ?
the little laptop or notebooks if u will r good for portabitlity and word proccessing, but other then that they do not support a good CPU nor have much ram which means its not as fast as you would like.but if there is no gaming or photoshop utilities then its pretty much perfect for a student etc. hope this helps
Q:Are there any upgradable gaming laptops?
hey angel If you wanna change the graphic of your laptop? try to change it in high graphic memory that you use. like DX11 graphics card if you wanna more information about your problem follow the link
Q:hp laptops???
I believe the hard reality that has been setting in for Dell recently is that HP has been handing its backside to the company at an alarming rate. If you take into the account that the HP/Compaq combo has been doling out a real one-two punch to Dell’s bottom line, I don’t think anyone can really dismiss Dell’s anxious behavior as it jumped into bed with Ubuntu so readily. But what is the underlying reason for HP doing so well? Is it a better product? I should say not as I have found Dell notebooks to be a much more reliable product than the Compaq notebooks, from my own experience. As for the desktop products, I would say that each is on even footing with one serious difference - brick and mortar retailers pushing HP’s products while Dell remains, by and large, a catalog/Web site outfit. See, when I as a consumer can walk into Best Buy, Costco, etc. and find myself in a place where I can get my hands on PC in real time, not limiting myself to commercials and pictures, this adds immediate temptation to buy. But to the best of my knowledge, Dell simply does not offer this whatsoever; this could become a growing problem. In today’s “give it to me now” society, the idea of needing to wait for a PC to be shipped to the buyer is, quite frankly, a deterrent rather than a turn on. With any luck for Dell, it will be able to figure out a way around this problem before things become too sticky. Because as things stand now, the company has a real problem on its hands
Q:dell laptops?
Yes, Dell probably doesn'tinclude a lot of software that is aimed at the home consumer, such as photo software or video editing programs. It appears that small business laptops are better equipped because they come with programs that you can actually use. Also, the components on small business laptops and home laptops are not always the same, so that may contribute to the price difference.
Q:What is a really, really great netbook or laptop for a cheap price?
Really, really great and cheap do not go together!
Q:Laptop or iPad? Which one?
get a ipad more unique
These are FAKE! You can try lottery, but it's still a virus risk AND the chance to get it it less than 0,1%. If you want a new laptop, you should buy it.
Q:how can i connect my desktop to my laptop, and use the laptop as a monitor?
1. If you want to use Laptop screen as monitor then you have to use desktop keyboard mouse; not laptop touch pad or keyboard (you wanted to use as monitor) Just connect RGB cable Desktop display cared and Laptop RGB prot. 2. If you want to control your desktop from laptop; you have to connect your Laptop and Desktop in workgroup (LAN), It can be connected through network switch/Hub or direct to NIC care through crossover cable (can easily get a crossover cable and configure Peer to Peer LAN between Laptop and Desktop. hope you get the answer
Q:unblockers for laptop?
The laptop itself may not be blocked. Many places use an appliance to block anyone trying to connect to certain sites. Libraries for example and schools have the devices to block anything. btw using a proxy without permission (in writing) of the admin is not legal!

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