New cheap laptop 7 inch N01 With Atom Dual Core D2500 1024*600 cheap laptop with touch screen 10.1 inch touch screen laptop

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$100.00 - 200.00 / unit
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1 Piece unit
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500000 Pieces per Month unit/month

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Product Description:

 new cheap laptop 7 inch N01 With Atom Dual Core D2500 1024*600 cheap laptop with touch screen 10.1 inch touch screen laptop  

Our Advantages:

1)OEM ,ODM service

2)Certificates: CCC/FCC/ROHS/CE

3)CPU: Intel Atom Dual Core D2500  

4) DDR3 ,HDD  Option

5)Built in Stereo Speaker &Microphone                                                                                   

6)OS :Supprt Linux /Windows 7/Windows 8

7)Support Camera ,WiFi ,Bluetooth  ,keyboard ,touch pad , SD Card ,I/O Port 




LCD Screen Size7 inch
CPUATOM Dual Core D2500 1.86GHZ
Hard Disc160GB
ChipsetNM10 chipset
GraphicsGMA 3600
Camero1.3( Mega Pixel)
Battery Working Time2 hours
Interface I/O Ports3*UB 2.0
1*4 in 1 Card Reader
Adapter FeatureInput:100v--240v
Accessories Includedmanual/battery/power adapter/CD Driver
Product Size250*190*32.8mm
Product Weight1.5KG
Unit Packing Size315*215*105mm
Unit Packing Weight2KG/1.5KG
Qty by master carton5pcs
Master carton size555*333*240mm
Master carton weight11KG/10KG
Qty 20CF/40CF/60HQ3000pcs/5000pcs/7000pcs


Q1: Can dust damage electronics?
A: Dust and electronics do not make good friends. The thicker the layer of dust is on a circuit board the more chance there is of a short depending on the nature of the dust.
Q2: Are electronics cheap in
A: Of course. They are very cheap. The factories provide the goods. One-stop sourcing.
Q3: Why are electronics so cheap in ok order?
A: On ok order they are the lowest price. Because it is a wholesale website and factory provide goods.



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Q:Which laptop is the best ?
According to me Acer AS5560-7402 is best one when compared with other laptops u mention.By features also the above is good and easily handle with it.
Q:Does Samsung make good laptops?
Does Samsung Make Good Laptops
Q:HP Laptops VS Toshiba Laptops?
Toshiba is a infinitely better laptop then HP. Here is a rough breakdown of what you should by per what you want.(i am going to capitalize the brand name to make it easier to see) If you want a laptop that is durable but don't care about specs -for example, if your not into video games but instead just want something that can do simple word processing, watching videos/movies and other not so high ram functions, you want either a SONY, probably a VISIO. Though this might be a bit more expensive then 1000 dollars. Though if you wait for a deal, you should be able to find for for a grand. Keep in mind these laptops are good for 10-12 years. No other laptop can do that. If you want a laptop that is a bit cheaper and has better specs, so if you want to play video games, 3D rendering, photoshop, etc., you want a TOSHIBA or DELL. Dell is a bit more pricey then toshibia but they are more durable and their customer service is pretty good. However, toshiba laptops come with random extra addons that are pretty cool. Toshibas usually have better camera, the DVD drive can also print the name of the disc if you have the proper disc(its called lightscribe i think). Now, if you want a CHEAP laptop, go with HP or any other brand. It really depends on how much yo use it, but HP is considered a tier lower then TOSHIBA or DELL. General breakdown of laptops/tier(so best to worst): 1. Sony, thinkpad 2. Dell, toshiba 3. HP, all other brands
Q:A good MSI gaming laptop?
Warninggaming laptops pale in comparison to desktop rigs. Games, esp Titan Fall require extreme video cards. Extreme video cards need tons of power and put out tons of heat. Heat is the enemy of ALL notebooks. If you DON'T NEED the portabilityNEVER EVER get a notebook.
Q:Are there any all in one printers available for laptops?
Nearly any printer should work with a laptop. If you are looking for a portable one that you could take to school or whatever then you are probably going to have to drop a significant amount of cash to have it. I'm not aware of such a device but I'm sure someone has created something out there. If it is just for home use I would suggest grabbing any appropriately priced combo printer from your local electronics retailer and it will hook up to the laptop in the same way as it would your desktop (aim for USB it is the standard now and a lot easier).
Q:Laptops on OKorder strange?
I see a lot of laptops of which they claim it is a gaming laptop, but of which the graphics card is far from suitable for playing games at all. Anyone can call a laptop a gaming laptop, but not every laptop truly is suitable for playing games. If you are serious about playing games, nothing beats a normal computer. Laptops are simply not intended for playing games, since you can never upgrade the graphics card in the future like you can with a normal computer.
Q:Laptop charger- is my laptop okay?
Broken DC Jack. $90-$145 to fix depending on where you go.
Q:Notebook computer input when the input J into the 1?
In addition, the notebook now has a small keyboard, in the letters marked with numbers
Q:xbox live and laptop?
It is possible if your wireless connection is broadband connected to the internet. Setup Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) on your Windows laptop and connect your Xbox to it using a cable to your laptop's ethernet port.
Q:help Laptop.suggestions?
Laptop okorder

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