Channel Steel

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Xingang Port
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TT or LC
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25 m.t.
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80000MTS/YEAR m.t./month

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Product Description:


Specifications of Channel Steel:

Original Place  Tangshan, China Brand Name Bridge
Standard GB707-88, EN100025, JIS G3192, DIN 1026
Sizes 50mm to 300mm
Sales Volume/Year 3000MT
Main Market Middle East, Africa, Southeast As


1.We are able to provide channel steel of top quality at attractive price.

2.Our products of channel steel have passed ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification.

3. The section of  JIS Standard Channel Steel are as followings in the table.










  (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm)  
50x25 50 25 3.0 6.00 2.37
75X40 75 40 3.8 7.00 5.30
75X40 75 40 4.0 7.00 5.60
75X40 75 40 4.5 7.00 5.85
75X40 75 40 5.0 7.00 6.92
100X50 100 50 3.8 6.00 7.30
100X50 100 50 4.2 6.00 8.03
100X50 100 50 4.5 7.50 8.97
100X50 100 50 5.0 7.50 9.36
125X65 125 65 5.2 6.80 11.66
125X65 125 65 5.3 6.80 12.17
125X65 125 65 5.5 8.00 12.91
125X65 125 65 6.0 8.00 13.40
150x75 150 75 5.5 7.30 14.66
150x75 150 75 5.7 10.00 16.71
150x75 150 75 6.0 10.00 17.90
150x75 150 75 6.5 10.00 18.60


4. Chemical Compostion of  JIS Standard Channel Steel 

   Grade                                          Element(%)
           C           Mn             P             S
   SS330            --            --        ≦0.050       ≦0.050
   SS540         ≦0.30        ≦1.60        ≦0.040       ≦0.040


Usage/Applications of Channel Steel: 

Channel Steel is usually used for building structure, vehicle manufacturing and other industrial structure and often used with i beam. 

In details,  the channel steel belongs to carbon structural steel which is applied to in the field of construction and machinery. The channel steel  is usually used for arch-itechtural structure, and they could be welded in order to support or hang a vari-ety of facilities. They are also usually used in combination with I beam. Generally,the channel steel must possess perfect welding property, riveting property and mechanical property and so on.


Package & Delivery of Channel Steel:

The steel u channel will be packed in  bundle with steel wire at each end of every bundle and color marking in order to help the customer to recognize his goods more easily at sight.                                                                                               

And steel u channel could be loaded into 20ft or 40ft container, or by bulk cargo. If the weight of each bundle reaches less than 3.5 mt, the loading by break bulk cargo should be choosed. When the weight of each bundle reaches less than 3mt, the loading by container should be choosed.                                                                                                          

As for the transportaion from mill to loading port, the truck will be usually used. And the maximum quantity for each truck is 40mt.                                                                                                                                                                         

All in all, we could do in accordance with customer's request.



 Channel Steel

 Channel Steel


Production Flow of Channel Steel:

1.The steel billet shall be heated in the high temperature furnace.                                                                                      

2. The heated steel billet shall be rolled five to nine times with the aim of shaping the general figure of steel u channel.        

3. The rolled steel u channel should be put onto the cooling bed to make the temperature low.                                          

4. The steel u channel should be straighted on the straightener.                                                                                        

5. The straighted steel u channel will be cut into meters by saw, as per customer's requirements.



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Q:What is the difference between 12# double channel steel and single channel steel?
Channel steel is a strip of steel with a cross section. The specifications are expressed in millimeters of height (H) * leg width (b) * waist thickness (d), such as 120*53*5, which means waist height is 120 mm, leg width is 53 mm, waist thickness is 5 mm channel, or 12# channel steel. The same height of the channel, if there are several different leg width and waist thickness, also need to add a, B, C on the right side of the model to distinguish, such as 25a#, 25b#, 25c# and so on.
Q:What does channel C20 mean?
Channel steel is divided into ordinary channel steel and light channel steel. Standard Specification for hot-rolled plain channel steel is 5-40#. Specifications for hot rolled flexible channel steel supplied by supply and demand agreement are 6.5-30#. Channel steel is mainly used for building structures, vehicle manufacturing, other industrial structures and fixed plates, cabinets, etc., and channel steel is often used in conjunction with i-beam.
Q:How to connect channel steel and round steel?
To indicate the connection direction.If it is horizontal extension, end welding a steel plate, thickness according to the thickness of the channel steel and round steel is adjusted, not less than the maximum wall thickness, channel steel and round steel welding with steel plate respectively.If it is vertical connection, use 2 pieces of steel plate for T type welding in round steel end, and then steel plate and channel welding.
Q:How about the moment of inertia of two back to back channels? There is no formula,,,,.
1, all kinds of channel section of the moment of inertia can be found in the materials manual. Usually two values of two axes through a centroid. In the two back to back cross section, the X axis of the cross center (with the upper and lower flange parallel axes) is added as long as the value is added. On the common boundary to convert back to back, not for any centroid axis of inertia moment = the centroid moment of inertia |+ cross-sectional area X centroid to the shaft of the vertical distance square. 2, if you have AutoCAD software, you can directly find any section of the inertial moments of graphics. 3, it is suggested that the textbook of mechanics of materials be turned over again. This is the basic skill.
Q:Can the bypass of the overhanging layer on the site be made of channel steel? How can I put the channel steel, if possible?
6.10.11 wall fittings shall be in accordance with the provisions of section 6.4 of this code. The main structure of 6.10.12 anchor steel shall not be less than C20
Q:8# what's the size of the channel steel?
8# channel steel size 80*43*5mm
Q:What is the maximum load-bearing capacity of channel 12M span 100?
When flat, the span of one meter is concentrated, and the solution is as follows: M=W[,]=15610*215=3356150N-mm=3.356kN-mM=L/4*N+q*L*L/8N= (M-0.1*1*1/8), *4= (3.356-0.1*1*1/8), *4=13.374kN (1.3 tons)When standing, the span of one meter is concentrated, and the solution is as follows: M=W[,]=39660*215=8526900N-mm=8.527kN-mM=L/4*N+q*L*L/8N= (M-0.1*1*1/8), *4= (8.527-0.1*1*1/8), *4=34.058kN (3.4 tons)
Q:Why did the channel steel start from the 4 floor?
Note: all cantilever channel wall must be done when the box, to prevent future channel can not be removed. There are cantilevered outer shelf, buried channel layer, for the cantilever channel construction, all the balcony on the side of the reserved steel bar, the latter two times pouring concrete. The other floors, outdoor lifts, discharging platforms and tower crane delivery platforms meet the same way on the top side of the balcony.
Q:What material is the channel steel bought in the steel market?
Carbon structural steels are normally used directly under heat supply without heat treatment.
Q:No. 8 at No. 6 steel, how much is the channel size
In use, it requires better welding, riveting performance and comprehensive mechanical properties. The raw material steel billet for channel steel is carbon or low alloy steel billets with a carbon content of not more than 0.25%. The finished channel steel is delivered by hot forming, normalizing or hot rolling. The specifications are expressed in millimeters of height (H) * leg width (b) * waist thickness (d), such as 100*48*5.3, which means waist height is 100 mm, leg width is 48 mm, waist thickness is 5.3 mm channel, or 10# channel steel. The same height of the channel, if there are several different leg width and waist thickness, also need to add a, B, C on the right side of the model to distinguish, such as 25#a, 25#b, 25#c and so on.
BRIDGE is specialized in the production and sales of U channel.The annual production capacity is 0.6 million mtons.The main U channel is JIS U channel 100mm, 125mm 150mm etc and the GB standard U channel. We aimed to provide our customer superem cost performance product and good service.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hebei, China
Year Established 1993
Annual Output Value Above US$100 Million
Main Markets South Asia Middle East; Southeast Aisa; south Korea
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

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3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin;
Export Percentage 1% - 10%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 11-20 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 20,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 1
Contract Manufacturing OEM service offered
Product Price Range average