Changlin Brand Double Steel Drum Vibratory Roller 8035L

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Features— Changlin Road Roller 8035L


1. The rear drum is driven by the gear rotation and the front drum runs by vibration. 
2. The forward and rear fuselages are connected with hinge, which facilitates the power-assisted steering. 
3. Compaction height is over 600mm. 
4. The gear box adopts Japanese technology so that the gear can easily control the running speed and direction of this machine.
5. This 8035L road roller could achieve good compaction effect with low, medium, and high speed-change switch. 
6. It would be much more efficient to shift from one job-site to another one if 
this machine works together with the pallet truck.



Parameter— Changlin Road Roller 8L


Operating mass 3000kg 
Centrifugal force 32kN 
Vibration frequency 50Hz 
Vibration amplitude 0.5mm 
Traveling speed 2.5km/h 5.2km/h 8km/h 
Grade ability 20% 
Dimension 2850×1275×2600mm 
Engine model ZN385Q 
Engine power 21kW 
Turning radius 4500mm 
Drum width 1100mm 
Wheel base 2050mm 
Water tank capacity 100L

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