Changlin Brand Backhoe Loader WZ30-25 with 1.0CBM Bucket

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Product Description:

Description of Backhoe Loader:
Backhoe loader, also known as a loader backhoe, is an engineering vehicle belong to construction machinery/construction equipment. The backhoe loader commonly composes a tractor, fitted with a shovel/bucket on the front and a small backhoe on the back. 
Features of Backhoe Loader WZ30-25:
1. Equipped with reliable genuine Cummins engine
2. 4 forward & 4 reverse synchromesh mechanical shift transmission
3. Combined seal cylinder obtains high seal performance and more reliability
4. Improved loader and backhoe performance
5. CARRARO wet type rear axle with multi-disc brake& CARRARO front axle
6. New-type cab with more space, increases comfort and visibility
7. With 2 wheel driving or 4 wheel driving for option
Applications of Backhoe Loader WZ30-25:
The backhoe loaders’ versatility and compact size makes them one of the most popular construction machinery/construction equipment. These backhoe loaders are widely used for larger projects such as building a house, fixing city roads, mining, etc. 
Working principle of Backhoe Loader WZ30-25:
Because the design of backhoe loaders is top-heavy and the swinging weight of the backhoe could cause the vehicle to tip, backhoe loaders use hydraulic outriggers when digging and lower the loader bucket for additional stability.
Specifications of Backhoe Loader WZ30-25:

Overall Dimension


Length(with bucket on ground)






Load Bucket width



Height(To the top of the cab)

2720 (mm)


Height(To the top of the digging pole)

3424 (mm)





Back wheel Tread



Fore wheel Tread



Min. ground clearance

355(mm) for 2WD 275(mm) for 4WD

Main Loading Technical Specification


Rated load



Operating weight


Max lifting capability



Rated load bucket capacity



Max. load breakout force



Max. dump clearance



Dump reach



Dump angle at any position



Min. turning radius


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