Changlin Brand 5ton Wheel Loader 956

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500 unit/month

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Product Description:

Main features:


1.This mahine has perfect layout compact,it's appearance is aesthetical and generous, and th traction of this machine is powful.

2.The articulated frame has large steering angle and small radius, the box-type frames have longer working life.

3.The load-sensing full hydraulic steering system makes the steering easily and fast, following with smooth operation and reliable performance. 

4.The machine adopted a full optimization of hydraulic pipes and improved seals structure, the reliability system and seals are further improved.


 Technical parameters:


Main Specification
Bucket Capacitym31.72.2~3.82.2~3.8
Rated Loadkg300050005000
Max. Digging Forcekn96160165
Max. Traveling Forcekn105137150
Operating Weightkg102001630016700
Model of Engine
Rated Powerkw92162162
Rated Speedrpm/min220022002200
Max. TorqueN.m500845843
Forward Travelling Speedkm/h6.6/13.8/30.112.1/37.46.9/11.2/35
Reverse Travelling Speedkm/h8.2/17/2916.59.1/14.3/37.1
Max. Grade Ability
Steering Angle
Mini Steering Radiusmm488559706098
Steering Operating PressureMpa141616
Hydraulic Operating PressureMpa162018
Lifting Times5.16.25.6
Lowering Times3.03.83.7
Dumping Times1.11.81.7
Standard Tyre
Tyre PressureMpa0.275-0.2940.274-0.2940.28-0.32
Dumping Clearancemm293430503100
Dumping Reachmm104311071150
Fuel TankL130250250
Engine Crank CaseL174242
T/C and TransmissionL354242
Hydrulic TankL120180250
Axles Main DriveL2×112×182×18
Hub ReductionL4×1.54×34×3
Brake SystemL2×0.54×1.54

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Q:What is the difference between a loader dry bridge and a wet bridge?
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Dense rubber pads help cushion any vibration, but there is another point to consider. There is now extra weight concentrated on the floor - are the support beams underneath strong enough to bear this weight? The vibration of a nearby countertop is a clue. Without further construction, which might not be possible if the beams below are finished and covered, add a couple of pieces of 2 x 4 lumber underneath two feet each. This spreads the weight more evenly, as well as giving extra support. These can be painted to match your decor before placing them.

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