Cast Steel Grit (G18) Made in China/Chinese Manufacture

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5000 m.t./month

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Product Description:

Product Description:

1.18 years on metal abrasives manufacturing and exporting. 
2. Delivery within 15 days. 
3. Full transport insurance. 
4. Sell to 32 countries on 5 continents. 

Cast Steel Grit Tidy up

Throw the pill tidies up,spray pill to tidy up,die-casting a piece to tidy up,the Cast piece throw pill to tidy up,the Forging piece throw pill to tidy up,the Forging piece spray pill to tidy up the Cast piece pure sand,steel plate to tidy up,the steel material tidy up,the steel plate tidy up,the H type steel tidy up,the steel structure tidy up.
Cast Steel Grit In addition to rust
Throw pill in addition to rust,spray pill in addition to rust,the Cast piece in addition to rust,the Forging piece in addition to the rust steel plate in addition to the rust,the Forging piece is in addition to oxidizing skin,steel material in addition to rust,H type steel in addition to rust,the steel structure in addition to rust.
Cast Steel Grit Enhance
Throw the pill enhance,hot processing the piece spray pill to enhance,the wheel gear spray pill to enhance.
Cast Steel Grit Spray pill
Type the steel spray the pill,type steel to spray sand,boat deck to throw pill,steel plate to spray pill,steel material to spray pill.
Cast Steel Grit Throw pill
The steel plate throws pill,steel material to throw the pill,type steel to throw pill.
Cast Steel Grit Beat sand
Beat a sand processing.
Cast Steel GritHandle ago
TU2 ZHUANG handled ago,TU2 ZHUANG prepared a processing,surface to prepare a processing,boat deck to prepare the processing,type steel to prepare a processing,steel material to prepare a processing,steel plate to handle Before preparing a processing,the steel structure.

S780, S660, S550, S460, S390, S330, S280, S230, S170, S110, S70

Chemistry Composition:


Cast Steel Grit (G18) Made in China/Chinese Manufacture

Average degree of hardness:

Normal40-50HRC (377-509HV)
Special52-56HRC (543-620HV)
Special56-60HRC (620-713HV)
Minimum density7.4g/cm3

25kgs/bag, 40bags/ton/pallet
1000kgs/ton bag

Product Standard:
American automobile engineer's association "SAE J827Cast steel shot standard"

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