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$23.00 - 36.00 / pc
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TT or LC
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100 pc
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3000 pc/month

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The transportable billboard is a shelf to place the fire control products of portable fire extinguisher, shopping malls and station is places such as the necessary fire fighting equipment,Characteristics: strong, beautiful, back can also write the exit or the use of portable fire extinguisher.    

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Q:Wall advertising templates what materials, how lettering up
Templates are based on the amount of advertising a customer makes with different materials. The premise is 1. practical, 2. economy. The material with an iron sheet, PPC light and hard materials. Engraving machines are generally used, because they are fast and accurate. If it is inconvenient, you can draw it with a machine, then carve it with your own knife. (but must be able to produce their own ligatures, otherwise it is impossible to operate). With 0.3 or 0.2 white tin plating tin, commonly known as tin. These two effects spray out very well, also can use brush brush, drum roll, sponge dip. If the wall is bumpy, the effect will be worse. But you must be serious and careful so that you can be like a professional. With handwriting, usually in the wall area is large, the number of bars is too small, the machine does not operate in the case of. It is necessary to have some basic handwriting and understand the basic conditions of the wall calligraphy. The most important thing is to be careful and pay attention to detail so that even the handwriting can have a computer effect.
Q:How to fix the billboard on the open aluminum alloy frame?
The gap between the window frame and the wall shall be treated according to the design requirements. If there is no requirement for the design, we shall use the foam material to fill in the gaps and leave a gap of 5 ~ 8mm to fill the sealing material.
Q:Color buckle plate, that is, color coated advertising buckle, how to install it?
Install side keel: according to the requirements of cement in the ceiling height of nail wall around (or percussion drilling) fixed edge of the keel, cement nail spacing is not greater than 300 mm.
Q:Wall advertising templates what materials, how lettering up?
Lettering on the first machine printed words written with traces of those words carved out with a carving knife
Q:How much is the most expensive acrylic board?
In fact, many billboards are made of acrylic advantages: bright colors, smooth, easy to clean. Disadvantages: the surface is easy to fall off, affect the appearance, easy to scratch the surface, in the air at room temperature will be oxidized and discoloration, gloss retention time is short. The film pressure door in density board as substrate, to mask PVC made by high temperature hot pressing veneer.
Q:Do indoor or outdoor advertising board, KT board and Chevron board which kind of good?
The chevron board has been widely used and KT board to the advertising industry, but also because of its natural attributes in a more perfect and practical. Whether welding or ink printing can be processed. Now many cities have opened the subway line, and naturally there is no advertising, this material is more fully utilized, but also bring better advertising results.
Q:What's the difference between the American version of Kindle, the Paperwhite ad edition and the non advertising edition?!
Hardware and systems really make no difference. The only difference is the price and the warranty. There are countries providing different regions, you can only log on Amazon's Kindle, Amazon things, but to record the need to brush it.
Q:I want to know the difference between the advertising version or the news version of the newspaper
The news edition is inserted in the news section
Q:Do indoor or outdoor advertising board, KT board or Chevron board which kind of good?
PVC foam board is also called the chevron board, using PVC as the heart of foam, but also outside the PVC veneer, due to high density weight 3-4 times than the price of your course, KT board, 3-4 times, the hardness is high, PVC foam board good finger pinch is not moving, this makes model building more appropriate. KT is soft, can be printed directly on the screen plate, required writing or printing, screen printing color chevron board long faded, suitable for the enterprise culture wall panels and other products, more high-grade advertising, portrait cover KT long time easy to fade, if customers need advertising time is short, do not need to you can choose high-grade, KT board advertising. Schafer board can be directly in the UV printing plate, printing out the picture color bright, Chevron board India is good, high grade, Chevron board can be comparable with the wood, and sawing, planing, nailed, glued, also has no deformation and cracking (not painted a variety of colors). Special function.
Q:How long will the market for LED hand written fluorescent billboards last?
I think about two years, because any new product can only last one to two years, and soon a new product will replace the hand written fluorescent board

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