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The transportable billboard is a shelf to place the fire control products of portable fire extinguisher, shopping malls and station is places such as the necessary fire fighting equipment,Characteristics: strong, beautiful, back can also write the exit or the use of portable fire extinguisher.    

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Q:What kind of material is the billboard on the guardrail of man car split?
In addition can be used in the separation of people and vehicles on the one hand, also can be used in highway, railway, highway, or both sides of the bridge as the fence, can be used as a protection zone, airports, ports, terminal security, municipal construction in the park, lawn, zoo, pool Lake, roads, residential segregation and protection hotels, supermarkets, entertainment venues such as protection and decoration. The assembled guardrail net is used, and the connecting attachment is fixed with the steel pipe support when in use.
Q:What's the name of this thing?. It's an advertisement board. Write chalk words. Can shine.
The fluorescent board, also known as fluorescence tablet, LED electronic handwriting fluorescent plate, handwriting fluorescent plate, commercial advertising board, fluorescent board, luminescent board, electronic fluorescent board, LED board, LED fluorescent handwriting fluorescent plate and electronic advertising board, fluorescent flashing fluorescent handwriting advertising board, LED board, handwriting fluorescent plate, fluorescent advertising electronic fluorescent board, single-sided transparent fluorescent plate, transparent fluorescent plate light board, display board with fluorescent pen in different colors written in the fluorescent board
Q:Wall advertising templates what materials, how lettering up
Templates are based on the amount of advertising a customer makes with different materials. The premise is 1. practical, 2. economy. The material with an iron sheet, PPC light and hard materials. Engraving machines are generally used, because they are fast and accurate. If it is inconvenient, you can draw it with a machine, then carve it with your own knife. (but must be able to produce their own ligatures, otherwise it is impossible to operate). With 0.3 or 0.2 white tin plating tin, commonly known as tin. These two effects spray out very well, also can use brush brush, drum roll, sponge dip. If the wall is bumpy, the effect will be worse. But you must be serious and careful so that you can be like a professional. With handwriting, usually in the wall area is large, the number of bars is too small, the machine does not operate in the case of. It is necessary to have some basic handwriting and understand the basic conditions of the wall calligraphy. The most important thing is to be careful and pay attention to detail so that even the handwriting can have a computer effect.
Q:How much is the print cost of the advertising board printer? Do you have any recommended manufacturers?
The print cost per square meter of the advertising board printer is between 5-10 dollars, which is mainly restricted by three factors:1, UV ink prices are domestic or imported, the latter expensive?;2, whether with white bottom, with white bottom, the price is high;3, the number of layers of relief, the more layers, then the higher the price.
Q:Who knows what material the bottom of the LED ad uses?
The chemical name is PMMA, plasticity of polymer materials is an important one kind of development early, has good chemical stability and transparency, weatherability, easy dyeing, easy processing, beautiful appearance, is widely used in the construction industry.
Q:I want to know exactly what billboards and other uses are
KT is composed of a PS particle generation after foam plate core, a new type of material through the surface film pressure and a plate body, crisp, light, non perishable, easy processing, and can be directly on the screen plate printing (screen printing plate, paint (paint) to detect, adaptability) mounted cover back screen and widely used in printing, advertising promotion, building decoration, arts and packing etc..
Q:Wall advertising templates what materials, how lettering up?
Lettering on the first machine printed words written with traces of those words carved out with a carving knife
Q:How much is the most expensive acrylic board?
It is divided into sub light molding plate and high gloss molding plate two categories, Machinable into a variety of shapes. Surface of domestic imports, imports from South Korea, Japan and germany. Chinese imports of difference lies in the face of thick and thin and wear resistance. The utility model has the advantages of rich color, unique shape, strong stereo feeling, easy cleaning, no static electricity when being scrubbed and difficult to adhere to dust and scratch. The plastic can shutter after four sealing become one, don't need to edge, can reduce the chance of contamination of damp, open black side problems may arise to solve the edge after a long time, foreign called "no defect plate", and four rounded design, reduce the accident may occur in the process of using, even the collision is not easy to be damaged. Disadvantages: high requirement for machine equipment and manufacturing technology. Specific to see the landlord situation, choose slightly.
Q:How much is the advertising buckle machine?
Advertising buckle machine according to the finished product shape is different, different materials have different prices, with the quality of Beijing, China Putian advertising clip machine should be the lowest, you can consult see
Q:I want to know the difference between the advertising version or the news version of the newspaper
Notice that there are some categories at the top of the newspaper -- news, advertisements, sports, and so on.If there is a similar advertisement in the news, it is commonly called "soft advertisement""

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