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3000 pc/month

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The transportable billboard is a shelf to place the fire control products of portable fire extinguisher, shopping malls and station is places such as the necessary fire fighting equipment,Characteristics: strong, beautiful, back can also write the exit or the use of portable fire extinguisher.    

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Q:How about the quality of LED fluorescent hand written advertising board? Is it good to buy?
Major marketing channels:1., stores, shopping malls, investment, wholesale city, mall, store.2., through the salesman for large hotels, chain stores, publicity sales.3., participate in various electronic advertising products exhibition.4., through the network media, publicity and promotion
Q:Wall advertising templates what materials, how lettering up?
Lettering on the first machine printed words written with traces of those words carved out with a carving knife
Q:How big is the development prospect of advertising pinch plate?
Therefore, it is only a choice, not a necessary product,If it is possible in a short time, it will be easily replaced by new material for a long time and lose its advantage.
Q:I want to know the difference between the advertising version or the news version of the newspaper
Notice that there are some categories at the top of the newspaper -- news, advertisements, sports, and so on.If there is a similar advertisement in the news, it is commonly called "soft advertisement""
Q:I want to know the difference between the advertising version and the news version of the newspaper
Advertising is nothing more than soft, hard advertising. It should be of all sizes, layouts, or frames..The news version can be used in many applicable formats. Randomness.
Q:What are the good features of the PVC ad board?
In addition, comprehensive mechanical energy, products transparent, electrical insulation, insulation, noise elimination, shock elimination, or better, is the most superior price than the general type of material. The defect is thermal stability and shock resistance is poor, whether it is hard or soft, PVC is easy to produce brittle during use. General PVC is not containing the relevant national standards allow the use of two (2 - ethylhexyl) adipate plasticizer (DEHA), DEHA in the high temperature (over 100 degrees Celsius) easily released, after contact with human health hazard. Because PVC is a hard plastic, to make it soft, a large amount of plasticizers must be added. Plasticizers are easy to release in a heated environment. If you are using DEHA, it will interfere with the human endocrine, cause women to breast cancer, birth defects, reduce the number of male sperm, or even mental disorders.
Q:I want to know exactly what billboards and other uses are
KT from the current production relatively mature technology can be divided into cold and hot composite compound, the two kinds of technology to produce our products corresponding to the call (cold composite plate) and cold plate (hot plate) hot plate.
Q:How much is the print cost of the advertising board printer? Do you have any recommended manufacturers?
The ad version printer is actually a UV flatbed printer, also known as a universal printer.The cost is usually around 5-101, ordinary color in 5 or so2, plus a layer of relief, more than 13, add a layer of light oil, more than 24, add some pre-treatment, more than 1;
Q:What kind of material is the billboard on the guardrail of man car split?
The advertising board fence used material is made of galvanized steel plates, this kind of advertising board fence is maintenance free: No, not rot corrosion, do not fade, do not need maintenance, no pollution to the environment. Long life: the use of home-made raw materials made of raw materials, in - 50~70 degrees Celsius environment, no deformation, no fading, no aging, no cracking, no peeling, no embrittlement. High strength: containing embalmment steel liner, which has good strength and impact resistance of. Beautiful appearance: white, blue, red, green and other colors, bright colors, decorative, and other materials can be used in combination with guardrails. Easy to install: use patented friction type connection or proprietary connection parts for installation. It is simple and fast and reliable.
Q:What are the advantages of advertising panels?
The title is eye-catching, which attracts people's attention and displays the content very clearly

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