Automatic sliding door

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KS1000/3000 - Sliding Door

   KS series sliding doors possess leading technologies,multifunction, dependable performance while being cost efficient. The bestselling models called KS1000/3000,consist of high-tech components, provide ourcustomers with most steady and favorite choice.


1. Safetybeam which installed on the fix-door frame.

2. UPSbackup battery ensures the door operating 30 minutes normally if power fails.

3.Install an electro-mechanical lock to ensure the door could be locked moresafely.

4. Panicbreakout: KS3000 could equipped with this function, it could open when emergencytime or oversize object passing. Overlapping position.


1.Maximum Door Weight ( Single Parting ) : 1 × 150kg.

2.Maximum Door Weight ( Bi - Parting )  :  2 x 120 kg.

3.Opening Speed Range : 0.4 - 0.7m / s(adjustable).

4. ClosingSpeed Range : 0.3 - 0.6m / s(adjustable).

5. KeepOpening Time Adjustable Range : 5~10s(5s, Standard) .

6. Powersupply : 220VAC±10%,50HZ ,10A .

7. Ratedpower : 100W .

8. power (static) : 150N .

9. UPSbackup battery : 30min .

10.Ambient temperature : -30 – 50 degree .

11. Max.relative humidity : 90% .

12.Protection level: IP23 .


Doorwidth (DW)  : 2w+300mm

Openingwidth (W) : 800-3000mm

Openingheight (H) :≤2600mm

Length ofoperator : 2500mm - 8000mm


1. Maincontrol unit : Philips from Netherlands

2. Motor: Dunkermotoren from Germany

3. Radar :BEA (Belgium)/OPTEX(Japan)

4.Durable rail :  Special nylon, durable,quiet and self-lubricated

5. PSAcontrol Panel : 37 parameters could be set

6.Supporting rails : High strength, 5mm thickness

Note:  KS1000 and KS3000 had the similar components, the main difference is thesize, KS3000 is 185(W)x105(H)mm, KS1000 is 165(W)x200(H)mm.

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Q:Automatic door and access control system plus remote control plus sensor can you
This is possible, as long as you add the controller and the sensor inside the module can be a module, but the module will own to buy,
Q:Electric door is not in place, there are 2 cm how to do
Please look at the professional staff to avoid the future impact of bad
Q:do automatic garage door opener adjustments become uncalibrated automatically?
If it's slamming down hard enough to damage a car it is not the opener. You either have a broken or detached spring on the side of the door. WARNING!! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SERVICE THE SPRINGS YOURSELF!!! They are under high tension and can cause severe injury or death.
Q:Automatic door opened when the door was detected and re-calculate the closing time, how is achieved?
It should be to receive the signal after the re-timing, sensor detection signal or other open signal control time relay opening and closing, time relay control door to open the door to keep it.
Q:Automatic door lock sticks on my Camry LE?
WD 40 honey or find someone that wants to pop the door panel off. but tha'ts more labor than its worth. Ah, nothing like talking to each other over Yahoo Answers, is it honey?
Q:What is wrong with automatic garage door?
no your sensors are crooked just straight n the they are at the bottom of your garage one on each side make sure they are straight
Q:How can I disable the automatic door locks on a 1998 Infiniti Q45?
The feature is integrated into your security system and will be difficult to bypass... however you could disable the door of your choice by pulling the door panel and disconnecting the automatic lock connection... the other 3 will work and you won't lock yourself out anymore..
Q:How did the power off the power off?
In fact, the common electric door generally have two! One is the electric sensor door (sub-open and translational type), this door after the power outage only need to push to open! There is also a curtain, electric device at the top of the door, usually after the decoration is invisible, only one chain outside the ceiling. After the power outage need to manually move in a direction to slowly open the chain! The The Not common in the use of financial units, with access control. Need to password or fingerprint identification system to open, power outages are generally open, unless it is to use high-tech crack or man-made damage Caixing!
Q:My car's automatic door locks keep sporatically locking themselves whether the cars on or off..?
electric motor is not working properly or battery is weak
Q:What is a BMW sports car, automatic door, how much money?
I8, electric sports car, green, friends have a fast speed. very good.

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