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KS1000/3000 - Sliding Door

   KS series sliding doors possess leading technologies,multifunction, dependable performance while being cost efficient. The bestselling models called KS1000/3000,consist of high-tech components, provide ourcustomers with most steady and favorite choice.


1. Safetybeam which installed on the fix-door frame.

2. UPSbackup battery ensures the door operating 30 minutes normally if power fails.

3.Install an electro-mechanical lock to ensure the door could be locked moresafely.

4. Panicbreakout: KS3000 could equipped with this function, it could open when emergencytime or oversize object passing. Overlapping position.


1.Maximum Door Weight ( Single Parting ) : 1 × 150kg.

2.Maximum Door Weight ( Bi - Parting )  :  2 x 120 kg.

3.Opening Speed Range : 0.4 - 0.7m / s(adjustable).

4. ClosingSpeed Range : 0.3 - 0.6m / s(adjustable).

5. KeepOpening Time Adjustable Range : 5~10s(5s, Standard) .

6. Powersupply : 220VAC±10%,50HZ ,10A .

7. Ratedpower : 100W .

8. power (static) : 150N .

9. UPSbackup battery : 30min .

10.Ambient temperature : -30 – 50 degree .

11. Max.relative humidity : 90% .

12.Protection level: IP23 .


Doorwidth (DW)  : 2w+300mm

Openingwidth (W) : 800-3000mm

Openingheight (H) :≤2600mm

Length ofoperator : 2500mm - 8000mm


1. Maincontrol unit : Philips from Netherlands

2. Motor: Dunkermotoren from Germany

3. Radar :BEA (Belgium)/OPTEX(Japan)

4.Durable rail :  Special nylon, durable,quiet and self-lubricated

5. PSAcontrol Panel : 37 parameters could be set

6.Supporting rails : High strength, 5mm thickness

Note:  KS1000 and KS3000 had the similar components, the main difference is thesize, KS3000 is 185(W)x105(H)mm, KS1000 is 165(W)x200(H)mm.

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Q:Glass automatic door sensor no one is also moving when it is going on.
May be subject to heat radiation
Q:What is a BMW sports car, automatic door, how much money?
I8, electric sports car, green, friends have a fast speed. very good.
Q:I have a Dodge Grand Caravan and the Automatic Passenger Doors wont open why?
Sorry to hear you are having a concern with the automatic passenger door on your 2004 Dodge Caravan. I checked for Technical Service Bulletins but could not find any concerns regarding the automatic door. You may want to consider having the vehicle diagnosed by your local authorized Dodge Service Department or a trusted mechanic. Lisa Customer Care Chrysler Group LLC
Q:Is it possible to express an automatic door?
In the days of the library which can be found inside
Q:Electric door tax returns which industry details
According to the national economic industry classification (GB / T 4754-2017) Electric door Should be attributed to the C category manufacturing, 33 categories of "metal products industry", 331 in the "structural metal products manufacturing", 3312 Subclass "Manufacture of metal doors and windows" refers to the production of doors and windows and the like for building buildings with metal materials (aluminum alloy or other metal)
Q:What is the difference between a framed glass automatic door and a pure glass automatic door?
There are two common types of box: A profile structure B simple stainless steel structure The difference between the two aspects of appearance. All day, framed door than the frameless door on the grade, but whether with a box or frameless, mainly the use of the environment and the user's aesthetic needs, the other is the cost of the problem. B quality aspects. In the ordinary size, the frame door and the frameless door is no different, but the profile of the door seal can do better. Special size of the door, especially the large door, framed door is more secure than the frameless door. Do not know whether to help you!
Q:How is my world automatic door?
You are talking about the automatic door, I will only use the kind of red stone, viscous piston, red stone torch, pressure plate to do the automatic door, if you can reply to me
Q:Recently to give a factory to do an automatic door, with a good infrared sensor or microwave sensor better
You know the infrared is what you say, I know the automatic door industry infrared night vision detection displacement, but the microwave is used in the band, the infrared is infrared. The You recommend the installation of safe light, similar to the kind of elevator things
Q:Why do my automatic door locks on my Dodge avenger not work correctly?
as far as i will undergo in techniques there are instructios the thank you to do it ithe ownersa instruction manual, or you will ought to take to the broking and use the scanner to alter the door locks placing
Q:My automatic garage door has suddenly started to open and close repeatedly when I push the close button - why?
lets do this : release opener to manual operation open and close, slowly try to see where door is running rough. check all hinges tighten as needed. lube rollers hinges springs etc. operate opener without door check travel to see if clear, lube rail. if door runs odd when hot, check trim/seal around perimeter of door,lube trim with light coat of dish soap, also check the down force, and increase slightly. not the limit!

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