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KS1000/3000 - Sliding Door

   KS series sliding doors possess leading technologies,multifunction, dependable performance while being cost efficient. The bestselling models called KS1000/3000,consist of high-tech components, provide ourcustomers with most steady and favorite choice.


1. Safetybeam which installed on the fix-door frame.

2. UPSbackup battery ensures the door operating 30 minutes normally if power fails.

3.Install an electro-mechanical lock to ensure the door could be locked moresafely.

4. Panicbreakout: KS3000 could equipped with this function, it could open when emergencytime or oversize object passing. Overlapping position.


1.Maximum Door Weight ( Single Parting ) : 1 × 150kg.

2.Maximum Door Weight ( Bi - Parting )  :  2 x 120 kg.

3.Opening Speed Range : 0.4 - 0.7m / s(adjustable).

4. ClosingSpeed Range : 0.3 - 0.6m / s(adjustable).

5. KeepOpening Time Adjustable Range : 5~10s(5s, Standard) .

6. Powersupply : 220VAC±10%,50HZ ,10A .

7. Ratedpower : 100W .

8. power (static) : 150N .

9. UPSbackup battery : 30min .

10.Ambient temperature : -30 – 50 degree .

11. Max.relative humidity : 90% .

12.Protection level: IP23 .


Doorwidth (DW)  : 2w+300mm

Openingwidth (W) : 800-3000mm

Openingheight (H) :≤2600mm

Length ofoperator : 2500mm - 8000mm


1. Maincontrol unit : Philips from Netherlands

2. Motor: Dunkermotoren from Germany

3. Radar :BEA (Belgium)/OPTEX(Japan)

4.Durable rail :  Special nylon, durable,quiet and self-lubricated

5. PSAcontrol Panel : 37 parameters could be set

6.Supporting rails : High strength, 5mm thickness

Note:  KS1000 and KS3000 had the similar components, the main difference is thesize, KS3000 is 185(W)x105(H)mm, KS1000 is 165(W)x200(H)mm.

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Q:What is the price of the Bill automatic door?
Smooth automatic door of the basic working principle is: installed in front of the door sensor infrared emission tube emitting a beam of infrared light, in the detection area to form a radiation surface, the radiation surface for the detection area, the light will be reflected in the target into this In a region, the infrared receiver detects and sends an electrical signal that reflects the red light. The signal is amplified, plastic input microcomputer. The computer according to the set procedures to command the motor and drive mechanism to work, so that the door set by the program to open, accelerate, full speed, brake slowly, close. When the door is closed when the door will be back when the obstacles, until the barrier is closed. As can be seen from the previous narrative, and then add some control components, by the controller can achieve more smooth automatic doors performance.
Q:Automatic door revolving door brand how to choose? Which brand is good?
First-class products need first-class technology, first-class companies need first-class management. In the increasingly fierce market competition today, the company pay more attention to modern enterprise management and value of the after-sales service, adhering to the "honest, trustworthy, fair and innovative" spirit of enterprise, with a new business philosophy, fast and thoughtful service for the country Users around the "first-class quality, good looks," the satisfaction of products, and hope that on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, with the community sincere cooperation to better products and services dedicated to the community.
Q:automatic door locks dont work no more?
I have a copy of the Chilton repair manual I'll sell you for $10 if you're interested. I had a '96, the book is good through '98 and is in almost new condition. Hard to tell if it's your switch or actuator without testing both.
Q:Automatic Doors/Computers??? Help!?
There is a laser beam, when you break the laser beam!! BAM!! the dorr opens!! their is a mini computer in a sence tho, you could just use google
Q:my automatic garage door won't work just makes noise PLEASE HELP!!?
wood tick gives good advice. Sounds like a broken belt/chain maybe. If the red handle has been pulled you will see the belt or chain moving the door bracket socket moving back and forth. The good news is by pulling the red handle and lifting the door by hand you can get your cars out. I will need more info to help. But,it sounds like a tech call sorry if you have tried all of these things.
Q:Can I extend the range of my automatic garage door opener?
What are the make, model, and age? Some do somewhat illegal things to the transmitter for distance but those things depend on the above three items. And yes you might make things worse by changing the antenna. Try new batteries in your remotes.
Q:Electric door is not in place, there are 2 cm how to do
If you still can not solve the problem, if the warranty within the scope, you can find the manufacturers home repair, such as has been under the warranty period, if you can not find a problem, in the case of the installation of the case, you can according to the instructions, re-stroke limit adjustment; Can find the relevant professionals to repair.
Q:How do you fix an automatic garage door?
Have you tried jiggeling the emergency rope a little bit? On mine, there is a little catch that needs to be reset and sometimes jiggleing the rope does the trick. It could be that the reset catch-thing needs a little lubrication for it to do the reset.
Q:If I paint myself invisible, would an automatic door open for me?
To answer your que's: If I paint myself invisible, would an automatic door open for me? Yes, but you must touch it. Like do they sense human? Or like heat? They sense human, otherwise robots and animals could come in!! But… what if I throw a chair at it? Would it open?!? Nope, because it's not human, silly.. But what if I paint myself invisible and carry a chair through. Would it sense us, or just the chair? It will sense you, and will allow whatever else your holding to come in with you!;)
Q:My world mobile version, why transferred to this, so that those items will not be used. why?
Mobile phone problems, it is recommended to change a good phone or computer

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