Auto Carton Making Machines

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Product Description:

Product Description: 1. Performance Parameters:

  1.1 Production Capacity: Single-machine Design Capacity: 32-60 PCS/minute

  1.2 Packing Form: Carton

  1.3 Carton Size (L*W*H):  

  Max. Size of Folding Carton: 525mm*350mm*400mm 

  Min. Size of Folding Carton: 200mm*120mm*120mm

  Max. Size of Paper Board: 900mm*750mm

Min. Size of Paper Board: 320mm*240mm  1.4 Equipment Color: Gray

2. Other Parameters of Equipment:

  2.1 Machine Type Size: About 6,527*3,813*2,248(L*W*H)

  2.2 Equipment Power: 13KW        

  2.3 Power Supply: 220/380V

  2.4 Compressed Air (a) Pressure: ≥0.5MPa (b) Air Consumption: 15m3/h

  2.5 Machine Weight: 2.2T    

  2.6 Equipment Noise: ≤85 dB

  2.7 Molding Acceptability: ≥99%

3. Functional Description of Forming Machine:

3.1 Automatic Stacking & Supplying System

Operators manually put bare boards of folding cartons onto roller conveyor belt of stack preparing device at a correct stacking height.

The bare boards of folding cartons are required to be stacked well one by one. If necessary, the carton stack can be automatically supplied to the stroke carrying device, and the storage rack of pusher should be put in place.

3.2 Storage Rack of Pusher

The interaction of bare board driving device and roller with rubber sleeve are used for separating the downmost bare boards of folding cartons from bare board stack and transporting to rear devices. The bare boards are conveyed to the front of carton stopper of folding station.

3.3 Folding Station and Gluing Station

In the folding station, the cutting plate is firstly folded by vacuum suction pipes. And the front and rear inner cover plates are closed by pneumatic flaps, functioning stabilization. The folded cartons are continuously being delivered by conveying slide blocks to the gluing station.

In the transmission process, the gluing device sprays hot glue onto the inner cover plates.

The glue liquor nozzle can be adjusted on the operating table.

3.4 Compression Station

In the continuously operated compression station, the outer cover plate is firstly closely and enters the open folding carton when the piston is compressed from the opposite.

And then hot glue is applied and pressed between the pressing piston and the closer of the outer cover plate.

3.5 Inclination Station

In the further transmission process, the outer cover plate is closed, the device is opened, the pressing piston reaches out, and the folding carton is transmitted into the inclination station and conveyed to the top of rear device with opened close cover.

Manual operation:

During manual operation, operators must monitor the operating status of the machine at any time. The operation mode is applicable during or after maintenance or during setting.

4. Structural Features

4.1. High Case Storage Capacity, Low Operating Strength

4.2. High Speed

4.3. Full Automation and Convenient Operation

4.4. The servo motor as the main motor ensures high precision, high speed, and high carton molding quality.

5. Basic Configurations

5.1 Germany SEW Drive Motor

5.2 SMC Pneumatic System: Pneumatic Elements and Support Elements

5.3 TURCK Photoelectric Control System

5.4 Siemens PLC

5.5 Danfoss Frequency Converter

5.6 Schneider LV Control System

5.7 SKF Bearing

5.8 The appearance is fringed with gray outer frame and parts, with stainless steel panel, and moving parts are orange red.

5.9 Case Entering Mode: Left (right) Replaceable.

5.10 Lupication Mode: Centralized Lupication.

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