Aseptic Pulp filling equipment

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GXGF3020206typepulp 4-in-1 fillingmachine is aset of rinsing(disinfectantrinsing, pure water rinsing), pulpfilling,juicefilling and cappingin oneof the moderate (high)temperaturefilling machine, pulp,juice separately fillingsolvethe problem of unevencontent.

Host fully enclosed sealed windows, filling area and rinsing area isolated, filling part 100 cleanto ensure that the environment in the filling area to reach the desired temperature and filling requirements.

Bottle conveying adopts activeclamptransition, to reduce the adjustment and operation to the machine when changing bottle shape under the circumstance of keep the bottle mouth.

Host usingSEWreducer and couplinginteractiontransfer powerto ensure thesmoothoperation.

Technical parameters:

8000BPH(Φ38Bottle neck)/7000BPH(Φ28Bottle neck)
Number of working station
rinsing 30、pulp filling 20、juice filing20、capping 6
Main machine power
Air consumption
Air pressure
0.7 M3
Suitable bottle
Diameter Φ50mm-Φ120mm  Bottle height 160mm-330mm

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Q:What is the working principle of water treatment equipment?
When the balance, the pressure difference on both sides of the membrane is equal to the osmotic pressure.
Q:What is the purified water equipment?
Using reverse osmosis, EDI and other latest technology, more targeted to design a set of high-purity water treatment process to meet the pharmaceutical, hospital purified water preparation, large infusion made of water requirements.
Q:How users buy water treatment equipment
Overall, the soft water to remove the water alkali, pure water to remove bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, the advantages and disadvantages of complementary, so the water industry experts believe that "soft water + pure water machine" way is the best combination of water home improvement equipment.
Q:Direct drinking water equipment how to disinfect raw water disinfection
In order to make the whole disinfection process more stringent.
Q:How to choose the cooling tower water treatment sterilization equipment
In fact, those slime production is due to a large number of bacteria in the water after the production of biofilm, and biofilm and breed a large number of bacteria, cooling tower temperature is very suitable for the growth of bacteria environment, slime will be a lot of breeding.
Q:Classification of filling equipment for filling equipment
Our home filling machine is bought in the north of Changchun spent 8-9 years has not been wrong
Q:Filling machine out of a two out of six what six mean
Filling machine does not have this argument, filling machine is generally said how many heads,
Q:Overview of water treatment equipment
Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment is a water treatment equipment in a water treatment equipment, it is mainly for tap water and groundwater for reverse osmosis water treatment, after reverse osmosis water treatment equipment after the water conductivity will be lower, then
Q:For the quality of the beverage produced by the filling machine
First of all, talk about what is the filling machine, filling machine is a lot of drinks sub-packaged bottles into a bottle of equipment, called filling machine, so its function is only sub-function, if the problem is
Q:Well equipped with self-controlled frequency device, reduce well water pressure
Most of the well installation is 200QJ50 × 48 type and 200QJ50 × 80 submersible pump, the motor is 7 ~ 13 kW, the motor large water, the pressure is large; First, the pump pump on the flow of small, small water pressure

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