Aseptic Pulp filling equipment

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GXGF3020206typepulp 4-in-1 fillingmachine is aset of rinsing(disinfectantrinsing, pure water rinsing), pulpfilling,juicefilling and cappingin oneof the moderate (high)temperaturefilling machine, pulp,juice separately fillingsolvethe problem of unevencontent.

Host fully enclosed sealed windows, filling area and rinsing area isolated, filling part 100 cleanto ensure that the environment in the filling area to reach the desired temperature and filling requirements.

Bottle conveying adopts activeclamptransition, to reduce the adjustment and operation to the machine when changing bottle shape under the circumstance of keep the bottle mouth.

Host usingSEWreducer and couplinginteractiontransfer powerto ensure thesmoothoperation.

Technical parameters:

8000BPH(Φ38Bottle neck)/7000BPH(Φ28Bottle neck)
Number of working station
rinsing 30、pulp filling 20、juice filing20、capping 6
Main machine power
Air consumption
Air pressure
0.7 M3
Suitable bottle
Diameter Φ50mm-Φ120mm  Bottle height 160mm-330mm

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Q:What is the ultrafiltration device?
(Also known as Ultra Filtration, referred to as UF) is a semi-permeable membrane for the first obstacle, allowing some components through the surface to retain the other components of the mixture, so as to achieve the purpose of separation.
Q:What are the sterilization and disinfection equipment for fruit and vegetable processing?
And colony, the same concentration of disinfectant on the equipment, personnel, space, etc. disinfection, safety, environmental protection, health, is a single component disinfectant can not match, without any corrosive, will not cause harm to the staff
Q:What is self-cleaning filter
When this differential pressure reaches the preset value, the automatic cleaning process will begin: the drain valve opens, the hydraulic unit of the main assembly and the hydraulic cylinder release the pressure and the water is discharged; the pressure in the hydraulic motor chamber and the suction pipe is greatly reduced,
Q:What is the purified water equipment?
Thus creating a favorable condition for the subsequent disinfection process.
Q:How to choose the best water treatment equipment
And some customers are required to use what process, that is to say to the water to which a precision.
Q:What is the structure of the filling machine?
RT, writing papers to use, is controlled by the PLC filling machine, the most simple bottled water on the line.
Q:The following is a detailed analysis of the selection of soft water and pure water equipment
Generally water, soft water is mainly suitable for the northern region, the main purpose is to remove the water alkali scale, the use of resin replacement of calcium and magnesium ions to alkali treatment,
Q:The working principle of the bottle washing machine
1.2 The water after the bottle is returned from the collection tank to the tank for recycling.
Q:What are the advanced sterilization techniques and equipment
(UHT) sterilization process.As a result of the use of high temperature and high pressure water vapor and low temperature milk direct contact with the milk in the rapid temperature sterilization at the same time, inevitably part of the water vapor is also condensed to the
Q:What are the characteristics of power plant water treatment equipment
Combined with the preparation of ultra-pure water, the process compared with the traditional process has the advantages of low operating costs (ion exchange regeneration cycle greatly extended), reliable operation.

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