Angel Sculpture by Natural Stone as Decorations

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Product Description:

1,Specialities of Angel Sculpture by Natural Stone

Material: 100% natural stone (Marble sandstone,stone,limestone,Granite)

Size:standard sizes or as per customer's requirement


Technique:Hand carved and hand polished 

Finishing:full polished,bush-hammered,machine shaved,rippled

Style:classical, modern, religious, abstract

2,Package of Angel Sculpture by Natural Stone

packed in fumigated wooden crates and inner with foam

3,Advantage of our company

1) Prompt reply and delivery

2) ompetive prices in the every market

4,Picture of related sculpture

Remark: Customized product is always available

Angel Sculpture by Natural Stone as Decorations

Angel Sculpture by Natural Stone as Decorations

Angel Sculpture by Natural Stone as Decorations

Angel Sculpture by Natural Stone as Decorations


We have organized several common questions for our clients,may help you sincerely:

1>How about your company?

A  a comprehensive enterprise in China integrated with quarring, stone processing and exporting. Our products cover portrait, tombstone,fireplace,countertop,natural culture stone,stone tiles and slabs,ect.All of these products have been exported to Europe,American,Southeast Asia, Middle East,Japan,North Korea and worldwide. With many years of stone managing experience,we have established sound business relations with many companies both at home and abroad and gained high reputations.We have professional craftsmen,advanced stone processing equipments,strict quality control and management systems.All of these allow us to provide our clients with top quality products,punctual delivery and good services.

2> What's the MOQ ?

We kindly recommend 1x40'HQ as the price would be economical based on large loading quantity.

3>How long can we receive the product after purchase?

It takes about 1 to 4 weeks to finish the production based on the specific production schedual. Then it will depend on the shipping time from loading port to the destination port.

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