ABB Original Finland China HXR560 High Low Voltage AC Motor

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:HXR 560 SeriesType:Squirrel Cage Motor
Frequency:62.2 HzOutput Power:750 KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:690V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 1Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
StructureAsynchronous MotorFunctionDriving UsageUniversal

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Q:I need to convert DC power to AC?
First of all, remember that the AC signal can be at most, in a perfect world (which ours is not), equal to the wattage of the DC input. 5 VAC (RMS), at 1 A, will require a 5 W DC input. In practice you should at least double this. The technical term is an inverter. You can buy an off-the shelf inverter and connect it to a transformer. Since you're shooting for low voltage, you can also just build one with a 555 timer and a power transistor that can handle 1 A. You'll need to filter the output (with a big inductor or an RC bridge) if harmonics will be a problem. The quickest simplest way to do this is to build yourself a dynamotor by connecting the shafts of a DC motor and an AC motor. You can very easily generate this kind of power, and it will be exceptionally clean and noise-free, unlike the output of an inverter. But you have one other option: a cheap PA amplifier (remember, you only need 5 watts) and a sine wave generator (which can be any wall transformer with a large resistor in series to prevent excessive current from flowing). Just turn the volume knob until you get the voltage you want. If the whole rig needs to be able to run on DC, you can construct the sine wave generator out of a 555 and an RC filter with a very low cutoff.
Q:Soybean milk machine AC motor or DC motor is good?
With a special fragrance, and slightly stimulated; slightly sweet, and accompanied by stimulating spicy taste. Flammable gas whose vapors can form explosive mixtures with air and can be miscible with water at any rate.
Q:if a ac supply is given to dc motor why the motor coil burned?
That's why it`s called ac - alternating current. The voltage goes back and forth along the 2 wires, whereas in a dc - direct current the voltage only flows in one direction along the wires, in one way and out the other.Guess you need to get another motor. Look below to better understand what went wrong
Q:Blower motor will not work.. blows nothing ac or heat what to do?
If its a chevy, try putting the blower on high with the switch if it works change switch, the low and med always go out first. if not unplug the blower motor (passenger side in firewall) has 3 bolts take them out and slide it out, go to parts store, get a rebuilt one with lifetime warrenty (about 35 bucks) take the squirrell cage fan off the old one put it on new one (just a clip) and a little rubber elbow on the side, put them side to side on the counter, make sure they are the same, and all the parts are on the new one and stick it back in.
Q:What are the advantages of a DC motor and an AC motor?
An AC motor is a machine used to convert mechanical energy and alternating current energy. AC motor has become the most common motor because of the great development of AC power system. Compared with the direct current motor, the AC motor has no commutator, so the structure is simple, the manufacture is convenient, the utility model is firm, and the motor with high rotating speed, high voltage, large current and large capacity is easy to be made. AC motors have a large range of power. AC motors are usually divided into AC generators, AC motors and synchronous regulators according to their functions. The precision spindle n AC reversible Henglin motor working state, the same motor can be used as a generator and motor. It is not very precise to divide the motor into generator and motor, but some motors are mainly used as generator, some motors are mainly motor operated.
Q:Would an electric car motor use ac or dc current?
Today, AC induction motors are better for almost all applications, as you can use a VFD, variable frequency drive to supply the motor with the proper frequency and voltage for the desired load and speed. And an electric auto can afford the complexity of the VFD. For a school project, a DC motor would be better. .
Q:what will happen when ac wil supply to an dc motor?
No matter what happens you won't end up in Washington, DC. However, I've found speaking English is a huge plus on YA so - I'll ask this just once, HUH? You can't supply AC power to a DC motor without a transformer. Most DC motors operate on or around 12 volts and AC in the US is 110V so it will literally burn up in a second.
Q:Is it the AC Acuator or Blower Motor on 2001 Mercury Moutaineer?
blower resistor or dirty connection find the bower motor follow wires to the resistor check in and out if possible
Q:Vacum Motor?
Dud and Moose are right on. Universal AC Motors: Universal ac motors operate with nearly equivalent performance on direct current or alternating current up to 60 Hz. AC motors differ from a dc motors due to the winding ratios and thinner iron laminations. DC motors runs on ac, but with poor efficiency. Universal ac motors can operate on dc with essentially equivalent ac motor performance, but with poorer commutation and brush life than for an equivalent dc motor.
Q:Which motor should I use?

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