ABB Low Voltage AC Motor

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Brand Name:ABBModel Number:M2BA180L4AType:Induction Motor
Frequency:50HZOutput Power:22KWProtect Feature:Explosion-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage:400-690v
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 2Packaging Detail::EXPORT STANDAR WOODEN CASE
Delivery Detail::WITHIN 10 DAYS


ABB Low Voltage AC Motor

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Packaging Detail:Plywood case & Wooden case.
Delivery Detail:20 days after receiving downpayment



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Q:How to speed the AC motor?
Rated speed n=60f/p (1-s) = synchronous speed N1 (1-S) f, power frequency P, motor pole logarithmic s slip1. use frequency changer to change power frequency speed regulation, speed range is wide, stability smoothness is better, mechanical characteristic is hard. That is, with the rated load, the speed drops much less. Stepless speed regulation. It is suitable for most three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors.2., change the magnetic pole logarithmic speed regulation, belong to level speed regulation, speed adjustment smoothness, generally used in metal cutting machine tools. 3. change slip speed regulation.
Q:DC motor VS AC motor?
In the past, DC motors were used in heavy duty operations that required precise motion control over a range of speeds. Examples are Diesel Locomotives, motors for Aerial Gondolas at ski lifts and building elevators. AC motors are better suited to constant speed continuos operation applications. However digital control enables small dc motors to have very precise speed control via feedback. And newer AC motors have better torque characteristics to allow startup under load for applications that are not continuous running.
Q:I put ac freon 134 into my 1990 thunderbyrd it takes r/12 freon what do I do next it still blows warm air?
Wrong freon. Old system is probably full of air and cannot accept any freon, compressor bad and leaking etc. If you take it to an a/c mechanic he can change it to the new system. Big bucks though.
Q:Confusion about AC motor?
An AC motor is more a constant speed motor, tied nominally to the mains frequency. The slip induced by the load increases the current drawn the force generated. Lowering the voltage will increase the slip current until a new equilibrium is reached. That is why a brownout is BAD for AC motors as they quickly overheat
Q:I want to convert a car to electric. Which is better? AC motor or DC, and why?
Alternating Current. Direct Current has a history of being dangerous.
Q:What's the function of carbon brushes for AC motors?
The use of AC motor brush: asynchronous motor, AC motor commutator and electric tools motor etc..
Q:how does electric motor works in refrigerator?
the administration panel or eyebrow of the refrigerator pull and verify connections are there any easy or capability to this panel if lights are blinking it fairly is a code to repair the subject
Q:features of a shunt wound DC motor?
Starting torque for both is about 250% or more of rated torque. For DC shunt motor, see curve in 2nd source. For ac, see NEMA curves in 3rd source under DESIGN A, B, C, D - FOR AC MOTORS Speed and power depend on motor you buy - check manufacturer catalogs. AC motors typically run a few % below following synchronos speeds: 1800, is most common, also 3600, 1200, 900 rpm. You can use the internet to look for catalogs and more info.
Q:Why are DC motors more powerful than AC motors of the same power?
Because the motor armature circuit resistance and inductance are small, and the rotating body has certain mechanical inertia, so when the motor is switched on, starting the beginning of the armature speed and anti electromotive force of the corresponding small starting current, large. Up to 15~20 times the rated current. This current will disturb the power grid, the unit will be subjected to mechanical shocks, and the commutator will spark. Therefore, the direct closing start is only applicable to motors with power not greater than 4 kW (starting current is 6~8 times the rated current).
Q:Why do they still make locomotives with DC traction motors if the DC system is inferior to AC?
Well . . . . . you sort of answered your own question there, they still make DC motors becuase they have not been proven to be as inferior to AC as promised. I was on a brand new ES44DC last trip on a coal train. It was a great engine, pulled hard, excellent wheel slip control, terrific dynamic brakes. I see no real advantage to AC, in fact from the engineer's seat I prefer DC. When AC power was first brought on the property we were told by everyone what a superior system it was, I have yet to be convinced. Maybe from a maintenance standpoint, I have no idea but the fact that RRs are still purchasing DC makes me think not.
ABBL Brand is one of famous motor maker in the field, the head office is in Finland and has factories in China.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Nanjing
Year Established 2002.01.23
Annual Output Value USD 1,500,000
Main Markets Austrilia,Turkey,South America
Company Certifications Certificate of Authorized Distributor

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Nearest Port Shanghai port
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 30 persons
Language Spoken: Chinese
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Contract Manufacturing
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