ABB High Voltage AC Motor

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Q:differences in ac and dc electricty?
ac means Alternating Current as the name suggests the current value keeps on changing(generally from +ve peak to -ve peak with in a fraction of time) dc means Direct current , this type of current gives constant voltage or current without any fluctuations
Q:how can i use a DC to run a AC 220V 50Hz & 160 W motor?
If your motor is universal,one with armature and commutator segments and carbon brushes,it can run on dc power, but, if it isn't, your motor won't run on dc power.
Q:Need Help identifying ac blower motor wires in home air conditioning?
Is the orange wire on the capacitor in your picture attached to the top of the contactor? It is hard to tell. If it is, then on the new motor, the 2 separate wires that go to the capacitor (probably both brown), go to the capacitor, the black wire on the new motor goes to the same place where the original black wire went on the relay, and the white wire goes to the terminal where that orange wire comes off of the contactor. I hope this makes sense. A lot of older motors were 3 wire.
Q:Question about motors??? (please help)?
1) DC motors have a commutator whilst AC motors do not. 2). The torque generated by current in the stator winding reacting with the magnetic field produced by current in the rotor. In the induction motor the rotor current is driven by voltage induced by the field produced by the stator winding currents - hence the name induction motor.
Q:How to make an AC motor run on DC power such as a car battery?
Unless you're making a go cart for a hamster, that 1/2 hp motor isn't going to move it very fast. If you want to try, you should have an inverter at least twice the current draw of the motor, or at least 800 watts. And even then, motors don't always work very well off of inverters. Your numbers don't add up. 8.6A at 115V would be over 1hp. But, even that isn't going to push a go-kart. You'd need more like a 4 or 5hp motor minimum. It would take more like a 10hp motor to be any fun.
Q:How do you calculate output power in an AC Three phase Induction Motor?
Q:Cable problem.Please someone help!!?
Q:I want to install Automatic Reverse Forward for 3 Phase AC Motor?
What type of a device are you using to select the forward/reverse change automatically. Your easiest method will be to use a small PLC, with a 4-position switch (Off/Forward/Reverse/Auto -not necessarily in that order) with inputs to the PLC and an input from the device which automatically selects forward or reverse. The logic will be fairly simple with a PLC, which will include the timers to allow the motor to stop completely after a stop signal, before allowing the motor to reverse directions. The PLC will be used in conjunction with the forward/reverse motor starter contactors. The use of interlocks between starters is high recommended. Email me if you need additional help. TexMav
Q:Dodge Magnum Owners: Do you guys notice the loud AC motor? It is driving me nuts!?
There is no AC motor on any car, What the heck are you talking about? that's why you received no answer! You don't even say what year it is, Are you talking about A/C System? The compressor? I advise that you rephrase your question
Q:what type of motor that we use in car?
I thought DC only! Car batteries are low voltage device and short distance from the generator so no point to generate AC voltage and convert back to DC for charging the battery.

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