ABB AC Motor Low Voltage QABP Series

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Q:Motor PWM how to speed?
PWM speed control principle of AC motor and DC motor speed control principle is different, it is not through frequency modulation to adjust the motor speed, but by adjusting the driving voltage of the pulse width, and the circuit of some energy storage elements, change the delivery to the amplitude of the armature voltage, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the speed of DC motor. Its modulation mode is amplitude modulation.
Q:i have 230v 750w ac motor , can it run in 100AH dc battery?
You cant use an AC motor with a DC power source. you will need to have an inverter to change the DC to AC and a 100ah battery is like the one I might find in a computer where you would probably need a 4000ah battery to make it worth wild
Q:Antique AC electric motor?
You will have to join the forum to post to it..but after that look in their search engine for your motor..there's a lot there and there are lots of old guys who can't wait to help....(like me)... :) from the E...
Q:i need to know how to wire a fan motor in a window ac unit. how do the two wires white and brown connect?
This is probably not the place to ask because you just don't know who your listening to. Brown sounds like capacitor, but you can just type in schematic for a.c. unit and get what you need
Q:Can I inverse rotation to AC single phase motor? How?
Rotation of single phase motors can be reversed by changing the connection of the starting winding. The starting winding connecting to Common, S1, shall be disconnected and interchanged with its other end S2. The starting winding can be identified, it is one which is connected to a starting capacitor and centrifugal switch.
Q:The difference between a direct current motor and an alternating current motor
The principle of AC motor is complex, but the structure is relatively simple, and it is easier to maintain than the direct current motor. The direct current motor introduces the current into the rotor armature through the brush and commutator, so that the rotor is forced in the stator magnetic field to rotate. AC motor (AC asynchronous motor to commonly used as an example) is the alternating current into the stator winding, resulting in a rotating magnetic field in stator and rotor air gap, rotating magnetic field induced current in the rotor winding, the rotor stress in the stator magnetic field generated in the rotation. DC motor speed control is simple, but the use of limited occasions. AC motor speed control is relatively complicated, but it is widely used due to the use of AC power supply.
Q:Main structure of AC motor
The core is: the magnetic circuit of the motor, the iron core is fixed on the frame, a silicon steel sheet surface insulation Die pressing, punching a uniform circular notch of silicon steel sheet, for stator winding. Stator winding: the circuit part of an electric motor.
Q:Can a function generator be used with ac/dc motor to increase or decrease its frequency?
With an AC only motor if the function generator is connected to an amplifier yes it can. If it's a AC/DC brush motor like in a vacuum cleaner you can just use a simple control circuit. Look up triacs and light dimmers.
Q:What's the difference between a three-phase AC motor and a two-phase one?
The three-phase power is generally 380 pay, have four lines, of which three is the root of a FireWire, zero line; 380 volts of electricity is used as power industry; two-phase power is generally 220 volts, two lines, one of which is a FireWire, zero line is.220 volts of electricity is as electricity, or small machinery and electricity.
Q:What are AC and DC motor?
ac .is alternating cu rant like in your house .dc is direct cu rant like in your car . both work the same DIFRNCE voltage

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