ABB AC Motor HXR 500LP6 Series

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Q:ac motor to ac generator?
No. An ac motor has a solid stator. You would need a coiled stator in order to inject current.
Q:What is the difference between AC motor speed and DC motor speed?
Because the exchange is easier to obtain, easier to transport, so at present we use most of the electric machinery is AC motor driven, AC motor applications more widely.
Q:if a ac supply is given to dc motor why the motor coil burned?
That's why it`s called ac - alternating current. The voltage goes back and forth along the 2 wires, whereas in a dc - direct current the voltage only flows in one direction along the wires, in one way and out the other.Guess you need to get another motor. Look below to better understand what went wrong
Q:i have a d903 electric motor on my ac unit and it wont start on its own. if you start it by hand it runs but i?
Edate Troll is a little fuzzy on how capacitors work, but is on the right track. The two most likely causes of a motor unable to start on its own is a failed capacitor or failing bearings. These motors typically have sealed bearings, and cannot be easily lubricated. With power off, grab the blade and give it a spin. If it spins freely, try to wiggle the motor shaft side to side. If you get any play out of it, the bearings are failing. When bearings are going out, the motor usually makes a bit of a hum or grumble as it tries to start. My first instinct would be to replace the capacitor.
Q:Hairdryers are being advertised as having a AC motor or DC motor which on is best?
A wound field DC motor will run on AC, through connecting the sector winding in sequence with the armature. an basic DC gadget related like this regardless of the indisputable fact that would have intense losses: DC gadget designed for this want a laminated stator magnetic circuit, different sensible there will be eddy modern losses interior the stator iron. DC motor with a laminated stator, with a chain field connection are additionally oftentimes used as a 'common motor' because of the fact that's going to run from AC or DC. they're utilized in many cases in family contributors home equipment (like vacuum cleaners and washing machines). of course, AC supply could be recified to DC to run an basic DC gadget. AC automobiles won't run from DC. some digital circuitry is mandatory (noted as an inverter) to produce AC from the DC supply to run an AC motor. automobiles additionally oftentimes used as 'brushless DC automobiles' are easily a sort of synchronous motor (AC), and want particular circuitry to run, from a DC supply.
Q:Motor with variable speed control?
I'm sure the type of motor used in that item on eBay is a synchronous one, so a speed control won't work. Any 'ordinary' small mains motor, such as those in a food processor or an electric drill can be used with an 'ordinary' speed controller such as is used for light dimming. In fact, the speed controllers built in to those tools are the same - they're just not housed in a fancy wall-plate. You would undoubtedly need further reduction through gearing but it's something for you to think about. And, by the way, the normal light dimmer/speed controller is rather more than a rheostat or potentiometer. A synchronous motor can not be controlled with such a device because its speed is defined by the supply's frequency, not its voltage (which a speed controller effectively changes.) If the voltage to a synchronous motor is reduced its speed will not change. Keep reducing the voltage and the motor simply stalls and overheats. .
Q:How do you control the speed of a single phase ac electric motor?
You need a frequency inverter to alter the supply frequency.
Q:Normal household fans have a PSC AC induction motor and three speeds (low, medium and high). How does it work?
yes,it is a single phase induction motor. its speed is controlled by regulators which have different resistances in them. there are 4 or 5 resistances in the increasing order kept inside the regulator box. when we turn the speed ,we change the resistances.when the fan is off,there is no current flowing hence it does not work. when we change the speed to 1, the resistance is internally set to the highest of all resistances. gradually when u move on speed to 2,3,4.. the resistance value decreases. at full-speed the fan is at no resistance. that means it consumes all the current flowing.As resistance reduces the current flow, so is the power affected thereby the speed of the fan is controlled. internally when u change the speed, the connections are accordingly changed.
Q:have 5 car batterys and a ac motor 60 amps but inverter is only 8.9 amps?
Well, you have two choices, don't you. Either get a bigger inverter or use a smaller motor. I doubt the 60A. That would be about a 8HP motor which is quite large.
Q:how can convert a electrical motor in a generator?
You can't, they are built differently. If you have a 240v motor and you drive it at it's rated speed by something mechanical and test the leads for an output voltage, there will be a small voltage due to residual magnetism in the rotor, but nothing of any use.

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