8KW Homeuse Grid Solar System without Battery

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200000 watt/month

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Product Description:


Solar system advantages:

1. CE, ROHS approved.

2. High conversion efficiency, high-transmission rate.

3. Energy saving, environmental-friendly.

4. Advanced technology, strict quality control system.

5. Easy installation, safe operation, free maintenance.

6. Low MOQ, fast delivery time, long service life

Quick Details
Specification:NormalApplication:HomeOutput Voltage (V):230~400V
Load Power (W):7800WSolar Power (W):8000WWork Time (h):10hours
Warranty:10yearsName:grid solar system without batteryModel:SLG-8KW
Max AC power:8000WMax DC voltage:1000VDCMax current:2*20A
MPPT Voltge range:300-800VDCMax DC power:8250WInverter efficiency:98%
Solar panel model:Poly solar panel 250W    


Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail:grid solar system without battery:Fullset system packed into cartons with pallets, 10sets can packed into 20'container, 22sets can packed into 40'container.
Delivery Detail:7-15days


grid solar system without battery
1)Good performance
2)High efficiency
3)Easy installation
4)Speical customs OEM


8KW homeuse grid solar system without battery


Product Description



Product Overviews: 

8KW homeuse grid solar system without battery

Product Parameters: 


Solar Panel / PV Module  
Module typeTSP-250W
Rated Power250Wp
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)36.58V
Short Circuit Current (Isc)9.15A
Max.Power Voltage (Vm)29.5V
Max.Power Current (Im)8.47A
Temperature coefficients of Isc (%)0.10/℃
Temperature coefficients of Voc(%)-0.33/℃
Temperature coefficients of Pm(%)-0.23/℃
Cell efficiency(%)≥17.15%
Working Temperature Range-40 to +85°C
Max Systsem Voltage1000V DC
Max Rated Fuse Current15A
Nominal operating cell temperature (NOCT):47°C
Solar cells6*10 polycrystalline Cells(156*156mm)
The front cover glass3.2mm high transmittance,low iron,tempered glasses
FrameAnodized aluminum
Juntion boxProtection class IP67 Rated
CblesLength:900mm, 1*4.0mm2
Standard Testing Condition1000W/m², Cell temperature 25°C, AM1.5, Compliance with IEC61215 ,IEC61730-1 / 2 certification standards
PV Grid Inverter            
ModelSolartec D 8000
Max DC Power8250W
Max DC Voltage1000V
System Start-up Voltage250V
Nominal DC Voltage650V
PV Voltage MPPT300v-800V
Max input Current2*16A
Max input short circuit current2*20A
Number of MPPT Trackers2
Strings of each MPPTA:1, B:1
Nominal AC Output                           8000w
Nominal Grid Frequency Range50HZ
Max output current15A
THD of AC current<3%
Nominal grid voltage range230-400V(3/N/PE)
Adjustable Displacement Factor0.9 overexcited…0.9underexcited
Number of feed-in phasethree-phase
Max efficiency98.00%
Euro efficiency97.30%
Mounting MethodWall bracket
Reverse Polarity ProtectionShort-CircuitDiode
DC Switch                             Integrated
Short-Circuit ProofYes
Grid monitoringYes
Accessory interfacesRS485/RS232/WIFI
Standard Warranty5years


PV Mounting Sysstem

 Material is galvanized steel or aluminum,

According to different roof and installation address , have many types for choice.


Benefits of Solar Power:

Now is a great time to go solar and harvest the power of the sun. Here is our top ten list of the benefits to installing solar power:

1, When installed, solar energy is free – no resources are consumed
2, Help to lessen our dependence on heavily polluting coal power stations
3, Fossil fuels can't last forever, future generations will appreciate the effort
4, You are gaining energy independence - add battery backup power for even greater energy security
5, The cost of electricity is only going to rise – insure against that rising cost
6, Quality solar power and water adds value and appeal to your home
7, Solar PV systems are easily upgraded in future - aim to make your house a net energy producer!
8, Solar panels offer a long lifetime of low maintenance service, maybe 30-40 years
9, Your friends will think you're great!

10, You'll feel great for doing your bit for the environment!


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Q:What are the main features of solar photovoltaic systems
Compared with the commonly used thermal power generation system, the advantages of photovoltaic power generation:No danger of depletion; safe and reliable, no noise, no pollution, absolutely clean (pollution-free); not subject to geographical distribution of the resources, can take advantage of the building roof; for example, areas without electricity, and complex terrain area; no fuel consumption and the erection of transmission line can be on-site power supply high quality energy;; users emotionally receptive; the construction period is short, get energy to spend a short time.
Q:How about the price of solar power generation system
Himin Solar Photovoltaic, as the industry leader, the standard of the pioneers, adhering to industry responsibility, the pursuit of quality is the core, excellent products, is the commitment to the customer. At the same time, Himin photovoltaic products in the development process, realize the function of just one hand, and the pursuit of beautiful, practical and aesthetic products will be fully integrated, highlight the taste is Himin has been adhering to the brand concept.
Q:What are the devices needed for PV systems?
Battery pack. The utility model is used for storing the electric energy generated by the solar array when illuminated by the light and can supply power to the load at any time. In the grid connected solar power generation system, the battery can not be added
Q:Solar photovoltaic system
Analysis of economic benefits: 50kW distributed photovoltaic PV power plant total operating period: 25 years of this project on average generating capacity: the annual average generating capacity of 200kWh: 73000kWh, 25 years of total power: 1825000kWh residential electricity price: 0.55 yuan /kWh local coal-fired power benchmark price: 0.44 yuan /kWh (the case): Total investment the total investment of about 450 thousand yuan, equivalent to 9 yuan / watt.
Q:Household solar photovoltaic power generation system connected to the grid, how much money?
Sold to the power supply bureau 0.45 yuan once, the state subsidy fee of $0.42, a year issued 3000 kwh.
Q:How to calculate the income of photovoltaic system
There are two kinds of algorithms, one for the total solar energy and the total electricity consumption, a solar photovoltaic power generation in real-time and real-time electricity.
Q:What is the system voltage of solar panels
Solar panels (Solar panel) is composed of one or more solar cells to form a solar panel. A solar cell is a semiconductor device that converts light into electrical properties, which can convert solar radiation energy on its surface into direct current
Q:Solar power generation system installation which precautions, ah, there is a need for special attention
Pay attention to the basic power calculation is not enough! The reality is not up to
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of small-scale solar power generation system?
There are intermittent and random ground application, power generation and climatic conditions in the night or rainy days have little or no power; lower power density, under standard conditions, the solar radiation intensity on the ground received for 1000W/M^2. Large scale use, the need to occupy a larger area; the price is still more expensive, for conventional power generation 3~15 times, the initial investment is high.
Q:What are the components of the solar photovoltaic system?
EVA: a high quality EVA film with a thickness of 0.78mm, which is made of UV resistant agent, antioxidant and curing agent, is used as a sealing agent for solar cells and a bonding agent between glass and TPT. High light transmittance and aging resistance.

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