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HDD 160GB/250GB/320GB/500GB


Silver color available 

13.3inch 1280x800pixels HD LED screen

OS windows XP/7

CPU INTEL ATOM D2500 1.86ghz


HDD 160GB/250GB/320GB/500GB


Silver color available



Q1: Can dust damage electronics?
A: Dust and electronics do not make good friends. The thicker the layer of dust is on a circuit board the more chance there is of a short depending on the nature of the dust.
Q2: Are electronics cheap in Okorder.com?
A: Of course. They are very cheap. The factories provide the goods. One-stop sourcing.
Q3: Why are electronics so cheap in ok order?
A: On ok order they are the lowest price. Because it is a wholesale website and factory provide goods.


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Q:Notebook and laptop screen monitor?
actually most laptop screen fit on other brand laptops, you just have to find em, i fixed a Toshiba notebook, and replaced its broken screen with an HP laptops screen, they had the same structure, and connections, didn't have a problem at all
Q:Are there any all in one printers available for laptops?
Yes. I have an HP. C4400. It connects to a USB port. I love it. Good Luck. El Padrino.
Q:Are acer laptops uses the same laptop charger?
No not all Acer laptops use the same charger. Its sort of like thinking all cars use the same type of gasoline (think about cars, trucks, and big rigs). Using the wrong charger can damage the laptop and worst case scenario, a fire. Your most ideal situation is to match the specifications before you use the charger. Make sure the voltage is the same, no more no less, amperage has to be equal to or greater than previous charger, and the connector tip has to fit your laptop. To be quite frank, a lot of laptop users aren't so computer savvy. Its all right, a lot of computer savvy people aren't smart in other categories. We are only human. If you have trouble finding a charger for your needs, I would suggest you visit Topmic. They are a great charger site thats been around for decades. Topmic is well known for their great services and their durable products. They include free shipping and free lifetime warranty. Yes, lifetime. This means if the charger you purchased ever stops working on its own for whatever reason, they would replace it as many times as needed at no additional cost -for life. This is a great way to save money in the long run and I would recommend you give them a visit.You should be able to find them online through google search. Best of luck.
Q:Laptop brands-Lenovo or Acer?
Acer are like Dodge Neon's use them until the warranty runs out and throw them away.
Q:which company of laptops is best?
Dell has one of the best laptops+Sony+[Apple(it has linux system most of the times not windows xp or vista.)]
Q:Graphics card in a laptop?
There is no graphics card in most laptops. You want to upgrade your graphics on a laptop you buy a new laptop period
Q:Suggest Good Gaming Laptop?
I second the Lenovo Y580. I have the Y480 and LOVE it, its basically the same, just a little weaker but can play anything I throw at it. It even plays GTA 4 on medium-high settings! The Y580 is a 15 inch laptop while the Y480 is a 14 inch. So yea, either the Y580 or if you want to save $100 or so, go with the Y480.
Q:How is a laptop measured?
15.4 is the size of the laptop from one corner to the diagonal corner to that; so a 15.4 laptop will probably be 14 by 10 or something along those lines so if you get a laptop that is 15.4 then you can get a case that is 15.4
Q:Old broken laptop uses?
Take the laptop apart and take all the components out and sell. Then get the laptop, and do a video with the title Ultimate Laptop Destruction!.
Q:Will this laptop run Skrim or WoW?
Yes, that laptop will run WoW and Call of Duty on high settings fine. It can run Skyrim on medium and BF3 on low settings. I'd rank it about a 5 or 6 overall, because it has a very good CPU and fair GPU on a smaller screen. The 15.6 screen being 1366x768 resolution really helps performance, since laptop GPUs are weaker than desktop versions with the same model number. Among laptop processors the Core i7 3630QM ranks #27 overall. It's a quad-core CPU with hyperthreading. Among laptop graphics cards the GeForce GT 640M ranks #104 overall, and is classified as a midrange model. notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Proc notebookcheck.net/Mobile-Grap So your CPU is fast enough that it won't be a problem. Your performance will simply depend upon your graphics card. The GeForce GT 640M manages 42fps in Skyrim on medium settings (which is definitely playable) but only 31fps on high settings, which is borderline. In WoW and Call of Duty Black Ops, you're looking at 41fps on high settings. In Diablo III it's 67fps on high settings. But in BF3 the GT 640M can only do 34fps on medium settings, which is borderline. Play on low settings and you're well in the clear with 48fps. notebookcheck.net/Computer-Ga Good luck!

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