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ZJ605 3D Printer

ZJ605 3D Printer

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Extruder  quantity11
Printing size190*190*180mm190*190*180mm
Layer sickness0.1-0.4mm0.1-0.4mm
LED screenNN
Printing speed100mm/s100mm/s
Standard  extruder diameter0.4mm0.4mm
Extruder  temperature250250
Hot bed  temperature110110
Hot bed  materialaluminum,PCBaluminum,PCB
Printing  material supportABS,PLAABS,PLA
Printing  material diameter3mm3mm
Recommended  materialPLAPLA
Software  languageChinese/EnglishChinese/English
XY axis  position precision0.012mm0.012mm
Z axis  position precision0.004mm0.004mm
Data import  formatSTL, G-CodeSTL, G-Code
Model  supporting functionOptionalOptional
Device  dimension430*405*370mm430*405*370mm
Device weight6.7KG7.5KG
Packing  dimension510*460*230mm520*510*460mm
Packing weight9.8kg10kg
Power supply12V12V
Operating  systemXP,WIN7,MacXP,WIN7,Mac
Printing  softwareRepetier-HostRepetier-Host
Working  conditionTemp:10-30℃,Humidity:20-50%Temp:10-30℃,Humidity:20-50%


1.High printing accuracy

2.Easy for installation  

3.Nice appearance        

4.Competitive price


Unconditionally exchange in receipt 10 days(Artificial damage except). Guarantee for 2 years.Offer free consultation service for life.

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