SUN-500G-EU/US Micro inverter/grid tie inverter 500w

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How the Microinverter Works
The Sunshine Microinverter maximizes energy production from your photovoltaic (PV) array.Each Sunshine Microinverter is individuallyconnected to one PV module in your array. This unique configuration means that an individual Maximum Peak Power Point Tracker (MPPT)
controls each PV module. This insures that the maximum power available from each PVmodule is exported to the utility grid regardless of the performance of the other PV modules in the array. That is, although individual PV modules in the array may be affected by

shading,soiling, orientation, or module mismatch, the Sunshine Microinverter insures top performance for its associated PV module.

The result is maximum energy production from your PV system.

System Monitoring
Indoors, you can install the Microinverter Energy collecting device by plugging it into the same wire wall socket and providing an  Ethernet connection to your broadband router or modem. After installation of the ECD, the full network of Sunshine Microinverters
automatically begins reporting to the Sunshine Microinverter Energy monitoring and analyzer web server. The ECD software presents  current and historical system performance trends, and it informs you when the PV system is not performing as expected.

Optimal Reliability
Sunshine Microinverter systems are also inherently more reliable than centralized or string inverters. The distributed nature of a

microinverter system ensures that there is no single point of system failure in the PV system. Sunshine Microinverters are designed to operate atfull power at ambient temperatures as high as 65C (150F). The inverter housing is designed for outdoor installation      and complies with the NEMA6 environmental enclosure rating
standard: NEMA6 rating definition: Indoor or outdoor use primarily to provide a degree of
protection against hose-directed water, and the entry of water during occasional temporary
submersion at a limited depth, and damage from external ice formation.

Ease of Design
PV systems using Sunshine Microinverters are very simple to design and install. You will not
need string calculations, and you can install individual PV modules in any combination of
module quantity, type, age and orientation. You won’t need to install cumbersome centralized
or string inverters. Each microinverter quickly mounts on the PV racking, directly beneath
each PV module. Low voltage DC wires connect from the PV module directly to the
co-located microinverter, eliminating the risk of personnel exposure to lethal 600Vdc power.

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