Water Reducer Admixtures/Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer

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YH - A1 poly carboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent has the following unique advantages: low dosage, high water reducing rate, and good adaptability to cement, concrete slump loss is small, and the production process without any harmful material to join and emissions, had no effect on the environment, is a safe, green environmental protection high performance water reducing agent.

Water Reducer Admixtures/Polycarboxylate SuperplasticizerCharacteristics and advantages
YH - A1 poly carboxylic acid high performance water reducing agent of high water reducing rate In the concrete mixed with gelled material weight of 0.5% ~ 2.0%, water reducing rate could reach 20% ~ 20%.
Strengthen effect is good.The strength of the excellent enhancement effect, thus greatly reduce the dosage of cement, or greatly increase the dosage of mineral admixtures, reduce the cost.
High liquidity.After mixed flow performance is good, easy pouring and close-grained.No segregation.
Maintain excellent slump.No need to mixing, easy to transport to the casting field.
Low shrinkage and creep.Improve the dimensional stability, reduce the risk of contracting, improve and maintain the durable performance.
Good adhesiveness, easily pumping, no bleeding.
Good workability, good surface appearance.Self-compacting concrete.
High elastic modulus, excellent resistance to load capacity.
Physical properties
Form: liquid (Y).
Colour: light brown.Due to the influence of environmental conditions during storage, YH - A1 jianshuiji color may be some changes, but does not affect the use effect.
Ingredients advice
YH - A1 water reducing agent can be added to or already with mixing water mixing the water in the wet concrete.It is recommended to use a separate batcher and feeding tube.
YH- A1 water reducing agent dosage depends on the proportion design, field environment, the water reducing rate and concrete working performance requirements.YH - A1 water reducing agent dosage range is 0.5% ~ 2.0%, and the weight of the gelled material commonly used dosage was 1.0%.Other content depends on the specific working conditions and performance of mineral admixtures.
To meet the requirements of engineering and optimize the content, construction materials should be used to try to match decided to specific content.
Yi Daheng al YH - A1 water reducing agent in the original sealed packaging case, above 0 ℃ can be stored for six months.If the freeze, thaw and stir until recovery slowly, do not use compressed air.During the storage period can not be mixed with other admixture, rain or any impurities.
Such as more than life, must go through performance test to the qualified before they can continue to use.

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