The VCM home appliance plate

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20 m.t.
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3000 m.t./month

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DX51D, DX52D,DX53D, DX54D



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Steel coil/Plate


Steel Plate


Cold Rolled

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Home appliance

Special Use:

High-strength Steel Plate




max 6000mm

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:Plate - wooden frame
Delivery Detail:as per exactly requirements


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Reasonable price 
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Product Description

Color coated aluminum sheet,aluminum coilColor coated steel sheet widely used in home appliance products such as refrigerator, freezer, air-condition, water-heater etc. Major supplier for Hisense, Sanyo, Soyea, Homa, KEG, etc..

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Q:Which household refrigerators cost performance?
Third is the volume of the refrigerator volume should be chosen according to the actual needs of the family, in general, refrigerator volume per person in the family in need for 60 - 70 liters refrigerator, so the effective volume of 180 to 300 liters have fully meet the requirements of general families.
Q:How much electricity does household appliances cost per hour? They are induction cooker, electric blanket, refrigerator, point freezer and TV set,
Other together is about 6000 watts, is down more than 3 yuan, a rich, basically a month 100 yuan electricity, I often have a range of electricity, of course not electric heater, that too much power, you can not count the water heater, but also about 100 of the electricity plus, the electric heater electric heater is not to say, may get dozens of pieces of their own
Q:Does the mini freezer fall?
Before 1, handling the refrigerator, need to unplug the power plug, power off, remove all the food in the refrigerator, freezer with tape fixed rack, humidor and freezer drawers and other moving parts, shut the refrigerator freezer door, fixed with adhesive tape, so as not to move open
Q:What is the price of -40 degree domestic freezers?
About to the new year, a lot of consumption in advance a few months, while a variety of meat, seafood and other cheap, all bought, put into the freezer storage. At this point, -40 degrees home freezers come in handy.
Q:Can the household freezer be deactivated?
Can be disabled, but should be wiped clean inside and outside, after drying storage;
Q:Buy a small home freezer, mainly children's bottles (milk bottles already in place), how much is the price?
To eat when the blunt, and if not finished, it was best to drop, do not, in case of eating the baby's stomach is bad, the baby suffered, mother involvement
Q:The size of home freezer still has size, freezer capacity and power consumption how to calculate, just calculate standard!
I said my personal opinion is for your reference only! If you want to buy an ice chest, first of all, you should choose which icebox you want, half the fresh, half frozen (we call the double temperature cabinet), or all cold or refrigerated (single temperature cabinet)
Q:What should you pay attention to before using the refrigerator for the first time?
At the same time you can cut a few pieces of lemon put in, so remove the smell inside the refrigerator, three hours later can be inserted into the power supply
Q:Can you bring down the refrigerator, please?,,,. Thank you all
You can put it down, but stand up and leave it for 3 or 4 hours before you start using it
Q:How much do you usually buy for household freezers?
Will affect the use of one to three people, optional 50-100 liters, more than four people can choose 100-200 liters. If you need to buy more food, the capacity should be a little bigger.

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