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 1. Style:Stainless flatware 


 2. Material: 18/10;18/8; 18/0; 


3. Polished: Mirror polished by hand or by machine. 


 4. Logo: Your logo can be printed; silk printed; Embossed; Laser on the cutlery


 5. Safe: Dishwasher safe; LFGB and SGS certificate


 6. Usage: It is capable of the casual or formal dinner at home ,restaurant and hotel. 


 7. Sample: We can send you samples


 8. Sample delivery time: 3-5 days

FW0030801Knife(B)-blue18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain
FW0030802Knife(B)-pink18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain
FW0030803Knife(B)-green18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain
FW0030804Knife(B)-red & blue18.8*1.640410+Strengthen porcelain

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Q:Buy a new knife serrated edge, is there any way to the calamity of?
At home, don't polished, easy to hurt a knife or hurt, can take to edge, at the base of a crude pottery grinding back and forth a few times, is much better, not too sharp to cuts.
Q:What is western food knife and fork knife
Western food, it is generally referred to as the western-style food, mainly derived from western countries, with a knife and fork feeding food and drinks. In today's increasingly involved both at home and abroad, the receptionist often are faced with the problem in western banquets. But as a result of western food and Chinese food there were significant differences in taste and appliance, therefore, master the basic knowledge of the western food, it is necessary to study western etiquette. The so-called western etiquette, mainly refers to when eating western-style food is based on rules and habits, familiar with western etiquette is a good quality and education level of important performance. Good want to eat western food, and do not lose poise, the tableware of western food, western food dishes to order, the taste of the western food, alcohol drinking and food requirements and so on, have a certain degree of understanding and cultivate the habit of consciously abide by the western etiquette norms.
Q:What is western food tool its maintenance method is what
On the contrary, it is the kind of not looking at blunt blunt of edge, have, of course, I don't know the edge...
Q:Western food knife sharp enough, can be used to cut an apple or watermelon skin?
You know, the earlier, the west's aristocracy use of western food knife are silver, then along with the social progress, the present western food knife, namely we often use a now, although very hard, but also is to have the silver inside, so you use western food knife apple or watermelon skin is ok. But I still hope you can go to buy a real fruit knife is better, best, ha ha...
Q:Western knife fork spoon with the SOLA this logo printed on it?
SOLA sign should be sells small commodity wholesale market
Q:Western food in general is the use of steak knife or main knife?
The use of knife and fork Oriental dining chopsticks are the main tools, while the westerners eat with forks and knives. When eating, eat dish in the middle, the knives and spoons placed on the right side of the plate, the fork on the left.
Q:On the train can take 22 cm long western food knife, zigzag
On the train can take 22 cm long western food knife The following items shall not be brought into the car: (1) countries ban or restrict the transport goods; (2) the dangerous goods specified in the laws, regulations and rules, ammunition, and the carrier can not determine the nature of the chemical products; (3) animals and obstruction of public health (including items such as fetid odor); (4) can damage or polluting vehicles; (5) specifications or weigh more than the procedures as stipulated in article 52 items.
Q:Rules for the manufacture of western food knives
Don't understand, can you tell me you're going to west kitchen knife, or western knives? West KITCHEN knife is the cook in the KITCHEN, KITCHEN is UNTENSIL range, western food cutting tool is a table of people eat western food with the sort of, belongs to the scope of flatware. Then I will give you answer Western food knife and fork, flatware, modelling is to design, is the most intuitive appearance outline, it is very important, but the material and workmanship is more important, is the embodiment of the inner beauty is the ultimate value, the so-called skin don't save, MAO will attach how? It is for this reason. First of all, raw materials. Raw material is made of stainless steel (grade A) good forks and knives, forks, soup class materials of Japanese industrial system SUS304 (EN X5CrNi18-10) standards, ensure high rust, washable and brightness persistent, knife class materials are of Japanese industrial system SUS420J1 (EN X20Cr13) standard, to ensure that the sharp blade, reached 48-50 rockwell hardness, washable and brightness. (304 steel is benxi steel industry system call, also is 18 to 10 stainless steel because of the current international titles are not unified) forming the fork and spoon is an organic whole, with a stainless steel is 18 to 10. Knife is different, because the hardness of stainless steel is not enough, do not sharp edge, is not conducive to cutting, so the production of knife is made of two kinds of steel, the handle part is 1810 stainless steel, the blade part is with high carbon content, hardness enough 402 j steel, guarantee Sharp blade. Also, the production process. Each step by the mould, cutting, stamping, hot forging, grinding, cleaning, etching, and packaging should be monitored strictly by professional and technical personnel, make product quality perfect. Quality management. Every one of manufactured goods subject to acceptance by the experienced qc manager, and each production batch more
Q:Western food knife correct method
Left a knife right fork language is normal, but we now western-style food dining general rarely pay attention to these, because have generally, because what you eat how convenient.
Q:Stainless steel western food knife can send Courier?
I'm dizzy, you also to ask such a simple question, you put the knife and fork with bubble wrapping paper is good, in a paper box, express company to know that your hair is a knife and fork,

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