Steel plastic alpenstock

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My factory is specialized in producing alpenstock, ski poles and other metal cane stick products

The United States, Wal-Mart Canada Alpenstock Carrefour supermarkets and domestic suppliers

Diversified product models complete, beautiful appearance, choose

Independent research and development ability, according to customer requirements for design, open mold, plastic materials, high-aluminum alloy, Color, quality, low price

My factory is specialized in producing alpenstock, ski poles and other metal cane stick products

The United States, Wal-Mart Canada Alpenstock Carrefour supermarkets and domestic suppliers

Diversified product models complete, beautiful appearance, choose

Independent research and development ability, according to customer requirements for design, open mold, plastic materials, high-aluminum alloy, Color, quality, low price

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The company sells a variety of quality products, fair prices, excellent product quality, welcome new and old customers to call specific discussion. Our aim is to "small victory with wisdom, victory by Germany," we have the spirit of "integrity first" and "professional focus", "first-class service" attitude based.

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Q:Old crutches, what brands, good crutches, what brand is good?
Chinese love with staff it is lightweight and flexible. There are other cane rattan, red sandalwood, rosewood and boxwood, Jianglong wood, horn, teeth, bone, metal etc.. It is said that the most rare wood stick, wood is buried in the soil due to crustal movement, the general number of Chinese Fir "gloomy" formed, made of stick hard and durable, but only a handful of surviving, not easy to find. The elderly crutches generally have diving, Kant, and always accompanied by.
Q:Stick stick and what is the difference? Are there different adaptation groups for different crutches?
People often see people walking with stick walking. Many people wonder why they are so young that they turn on crutches. In fact, it is not a walking stick, but a walking stick. So, what's the difference between crutches and walking sticks? Mainly reflected in the function, material and use of three aspects.
Q:What brand, that kind of material climbing rod good?
You can't buy it at this price. If you buy it, you can buy one of Robinson's, not one, and you can buy one at the bottom of BD;The better brands are BD, Leki, and domestic Robinson;
Q:What does a walking stick look like?
Girls are using animated cartoons, cartoon with a lovely pattern, to see what you need, if it is a handed down the family treasures, if there is no special pattern, when the usual.
Q:How to choose the length of climbing cane according to height?
Choose according to types of outdoor activitiesAt present, there are many kinds of climbing pole on the market, the appearance is different, the price is not the same, to choose their own climbing rod, we must first take into account the types of outdoor activities and terrain.
Q:How to make prickly ash sticks
The best choice in the mountains for more than five years of pepper wood. Select the root suitable for palm grip, suitable for thickness.
Q:How is the height dimension of walking stick measured in old people?
The upper limb is close to the side of the body, and the distance between the wrist and the ground is the correct length of the cane that should be used;
Q:Introduction to the use of a cane
Design functionA cane has a single foot, a cane, a cane, etc.. There is only one supporting point for the foot walking stick, which is suitable for the patients with slight impairment of the lower extremities, walking instability, mild hemiplegia and the elderly. But requires the user upper limb to have certain support force, the hand must have certain grip strength.The multi foot walking stick has three or four supporting points, and because the supporting area of the foot crutch is large, the stability of the walking stick is good, but the steps and stairs are inconvenient. It is suitable for the use of one foot walking stick, insecure person, poor balance and so on.According to the conditions of carrying: ordinary walking stick and portable walking stick, portable cane generally refers to light texture and folding.
Q:What is the difference between a climbing pole and a walking stick?
In climbing, with the support of two sticks, to achieve the hands and feet, and climbing purposes, the upper limb to share the lower limb movement load, so that people feel less effort, can avoid cardiopulmonary overload. More importantly, it relieves the pressure of the knee joint and the lumbar vertebra, protects the knee joint and the lumbar vertebra, and solves the difficult problem of the excessive knee wear due to the mountaineering fitness. It greatly improves the exercise value of mountaineering. Using two cross-country walking sticks, even with heavy bags, you can also maintain good balance, and you can also use your arm to push your body forward, so as to save energy. The cross-country walking cane is suitable for mountain plains, outdoors, has been in use, there is no problem of carrying, therefore, the design is a whole can not be adjusted for use of cane, for different height, length from 105 cm to 125 cm, 5 cm every have a stick. In addition, three adjustable walking sticks are designed for easy travel.
Q:What does a cane do when skiing?
Ski walking sticks are essential equipment for ski beginners. They can master balance, help early learning, and can quickly lift off after falling down (using a stick to loosen the fixer). The material for making snow bars is basically metal, aluminum or Grafit. The ideal length of poles, when upright, vertical poles with touchdown, the size of the arm to a 90 degree angle to the best.

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