Solar street light 30W two parts type compact series

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Product Description:

1. Description of compact series solar street light 30W

Compact series solar street light is also called two parts solar street light. It combines the solar battery and the lamp t in the aluminum lamp holder box,helps prevent the battery from be stolen compared to the common splite type solar street light.

2. Features of the compact series solar street light 30W

·Pantented lens baturing type light distribution
·Make the light distribution more uniforn
·Beautiful look comfortable and elegant
·Easy to fit a variety of outdoor environments

3. Two type of installations

Type 1:

Solar street light 30W  two parts type compact series

Type 2:

Solar street light 30W  two parts type compact series

4. Specifications of compact series solar street light 30w                                                                                                                                              

Rated power30W30W30W
Input voltageDC36VDC36VDC36V
Lithium battery32650 Lithium battery 3.2V/65AH32650 Lithium battery 12.8V/16AH32650 Lithium battery 12.8V/16AH
Solar panelMono 5V / 62W (600X670mm)Poly 18V/60W (650X670mm)Poly 18V/60W (650X670mm)
Chip TypeBridgelux 3030Bridgelux 3030Bridgelux 3030
LED light sourceBat-wing type (150°X75°)Bat-wing type (150°X75°)Bat-wing type (150°X75°)
Color temperature (K)3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K
Color rendering index≥Ra70≥Ra70≥Ra70
IP rateIP65IP66IP66
IK rateIK08IK08IK08
Working temperature-10°C ~ + 60°C-10°C ~ + 60°C-10°C ~ + 60°C
Working humidity10% - 90%10% - 90%10% - 90%
LED lifespan>50000H>50000H>50000H
Installation diameterφ50mmφ50mmφ50mm
Installation height5m/6m5m/6m5m/6m

5. Configuration

Solar street light 30W  two parts type compact series

6. Package

Solar street light 30W  two parts type compact series

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Q:What is the meaning of the solar controller battery indicator light
Solar controller battery indicator green slow flashing means that the battery charge is full.A device for converting chemical energy into electrical energy is called a chemical cell. 
Q:Can a solar-charged watch be filled with a fluorescent lamp?
In short, the output current when the fluorescent lamp is very small, unless the load current is very small appliances, or nothing meaningful.
Q:How to handmade a small solar light
power system can do what, as long as the power enough 2 solar water heaters are basically two types, boring drying and tube A boring drying tube type solar water heater simple, find a container, such as large gasoline barrels, then the water and outlet pipes, put the sun a good sun, There is hot water.
Q:What are the advantages of solar led street light?
2, LED solar street light installation is simple and convenient, without the need for ordinary street lights as laying a large number of basic projects such as cable, only need to have a base fixed, all the lines and control parts are placed in the lighthouse, forming a whole. 3, LED solar street light operation and maintenance costs low. The entire system is running automatic control, without human intervention, almost no maintenance costs. Solar street light led the shortcomings
Q:Introduction of solar lights is
Light body, mainly placed LED light source, like a solar one light, solar flashlight, solar portable light also need to store batteries and photovoltaic panels and control.
Q:What is good for solar lights?
Look at the installation height, 6 meters can be the use of human resources, generally 3-4 adults can stand up. Solar street lamps are generally installed in rural areas, large span, not suitable for crane installation. We usually install about 25 sets a day.
Q:What are the problems of LED solar lights such as high damage rate and low brightness
At present there are more solar LED lighting solar street lamp battery, the battery itself is not what the problem is, the most important is the unreasonable allocation of the battery capacity is low, the lighting time constant, but the capacity of the battery, battery life cycles to increase very reduced, life expectancy of 3 years may be the standard battery in 1 years later or 2 years later on a big problem.
Q:The working principle of solar lamps
The use of photovoltaic effect of the principle of solar solar panels solar solar panels to receive solar radiation and converted into electrical energy output, through the charge and discharge controller stored in the battery, the night when the illumination gradually reduced to 10lux or so, the solar panel open circuit voltage 4.5V
Q:How long can a solar street light be used?
Solar street light is an independent lighting system, also said that their power for lighting, do not have access to the power grid, solar panels during the day to convert light energy into the battery, the battery at night to supply the power to the light source Lighting, is a typical power generation discharge system. For solar panels, we all know that is a power generation equipment, he is made of pure silicon as the main material, life is very long, at least 20 years
Q:How to charge the solar lights
Solar lamp work principle is simple, the use of photovoltaic effects generated by the principle of solar cells, solar panels during the day to receive solar radiation and converted into electrical energy output, through the charge and discharge controller stored in the battery, the night when the illumination gradually reduced to 101ux or so,

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