Skates Grinding Tools Outdoor Sports Blade Sharpener

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Product Description:

Skates Grinding Tools Outdoor Sports Blade Sharpener


Simple Introduction:

Material:ABS+Stainless Steel




Diamond Grit:80#400#(coarse/fine)

Diamond Stone Diameter:12.7mm

Usage:Skate Blade Sharpening

Feature:can be adjusted by turning the Screw


.New designSkate Blade Sharpener,brand new and hot selling

.Mini size,portable and can be easy taked

.Black ABS material,durable and environmental

.Two diamond rods inside,coarse&fine

.There are 2 slots for different use

.Slots can be adjusted by turning the screw

.OEM is available,free samples are allowed if necessary

This Skate Blade Sharpener design for the skate sharpening,there are two Diamond rods in side,

meet different sharpening need,it keeps you blade stay sharp.This mini size is easy to take,it's you

best guard when playing winter sports.


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About The Factory

We are a professional manufacturer of diamond tools who has got ISO9001:2000 certificate. 95% of our products are for exporting. We are cooperative partners of LUX company from Germany,DAISO company from Japan and LOWE'S company from America. Our main products are Diamond Knife Sharpener,Diamond Sharpening Stick,Diamond Files,Diamond Mounted Points&Burrs,Diamond Wheels and Diamond Compound etc. You are warmly welcome to visit us and initiate successful business with us.

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