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Q:Agency to test military draft machinery?
Use a reliable source of info. The only party that would bring the draft back would be democrats.
Q:Careers in the military that don't involve repairing or using large machinery?
You can push paper. Working in logistics and management positions. You can cook. There are Many other jobs to chose from. The military needs people to run all aspects of their endeavors. They do almost everything for themselves short of manufacturing and providing raw materials.
Q:what was the first industry to use machinery in production?
Depends on your definition of machinery. I believe that there were primitive machines in use in agriculture even before recorded history.
Q:After Peter loses his job what piece of heavy machinery did Brian use...?
a fork lift
Q:Did God intelligently design the first cell with vast DNA information and microscopic machinery?
Actually, man has now done that. Read about it: Google: The Economist + And Man Made Life. This was a 15 year project, and creating cells that would metabolize, reproduce, etc, ----CELLS THAT HAD NO PARENTS is as big in biology, as was the discovery of DNA was in Genetics, or the development of the polio vaccine was in Medical Research. YouTube their names, too for some interesting interviews... Craig Venter and Hamilton Smith.
Q:how could we design a machinery system which could take water from from earth to mars without using any aircra?
you can't do that job by using any air craft. please use a space craft.
Q:why is it important to reduce friction during the operation of machinery?
So that there isn't any work wasted on overcoming the friction. It increases the efficiency of the machinery and its overall output
Q:I have a question about workouts without machinery and special materials?
It doesn't mean something is wrong with you, it simply means you're upper body muscle is not developed. There's many exercises you can do without weights and what not. A couple examples for chest (pecs/shoulders/triceps) would of course be a push-up, but you can do different types of push-ups. Such as wide stance, diamond pushups, or plyo pushups. You want to do a wide variety of workouts to gain muscle. Get a set of dumbells and you could do so much more. They're usually fairly cheap at Target or something.
Q:why was machinery the most powerful weapon in the war of capital against the working class?
They lessened the need for skilled laborers
Q:What are the characteristics of gear transmission compared with other mechanical drives?
The disadvantage is that the manufacturing and installation requirements are high, can not be buffered, no overload protection, and there is noise.

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