Silica Fiber Cloth

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General Information of  Silica Fiber Cloth


CMAX Silica fiber glass fabric is manufactured by leaching the fiberglass cloth to enhance the content of SiO2 to 96%. CMAX silica fiber cloth is suitable for use at 1800°F (982°C), and able to withstand short term exposure up to 3000°F (1650°C).Silica Fiber Cloth can set the standard for flexibility and minimum lineal shrinkage under high heat conditions. Durability is further enhanced with a proprietary hydrocarbon coating.

Feature of Silica Fiber Cloth

CMAX silica fiber cloth has high temperature resistance, electrical insulation and excellent strength properties. 

CMAX silica fiber cloth has high temperature resistance, electrical insulation and excellent strength properties. CMAX silica fiber cloth has unmatched abrasion resistance and tensile strength.It is woven by high SiO2 content fiberglass yarn with specially formulated acid treatment. It is a economic silica cloth suitable for continuous use at 1650°F (900°C), and able to withstand short term exposure up to 2200°F (1200°C). Additional polyurethane coating or vermiculite coating will enhance the fabrics unmatched abrasion resistance and tensile strength.


Application of  Silica Fiber Cloth

Iron metallurgy




Thermal and nuclear power stations


Electric and electronic industries


Glass industry.


CMAX silica fiber cloth is ideal for heat preservation material, firefighting equipment like fire curtains and fireproof garments. They are very good in dust collection and filtration equipment where special material is needed to withstand high temperature gas, and in filtering high-temperature liquid metal.

CNBM has success in its silica fiber yarn products due to their cost-effectiveness and excellent insulating properties. CNBM also has experience in silica fiber yarn application and would like to assist you in product selection, system design, and installation techniques.  We will try our best to serve you the best products.



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Silica Fiber Cloth

Silica Fiber Cloth




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