screw compressor oil injected screw compressor Inverter screw air compressor

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37KW 50HP 6.5m3/min factory directly selling screw compressor oil injected screw compressor Inverter screw air compressor

Features :

1.Rational Structure

The star wheels are paired on both sides of the screw shaft to counteract the radial force acted on the shaft and the axial force on the channel by air. Hence the screw is free from any radial or axial force to achieve the absolute balance status.

While running, each screw works twice per rotation so the channel space is fully utilized to achieve more exhaling volume compared with the same structural & dimension air compressor. The screw slot depth of screw decreases with the increase of pressure. When exhaling finishes and the star wheel separate from the screw slot, the depth is zero without any clearance volume, then high volume efficiency is achieved. As apply unloading device and servo automatic air volume adjustment, the energy save effects is significant which as much as more than 60% of lower consumption when running at no load.

3 .No Vibration and Low Noise

As every rotation of the screw results in 12 compression cycles with 35280 times of exhaling per minute to achieve dynamic balance running, the exhaling process is free from pulses, so the machine vibration is close to zero that a coin can stand still on a running machine. In addition the adoption of sound eliminator and isolator reduces the noise level considerably lower than the other brands of air compressors.

4.Extended Maintenance Cycle
Free from any radial or axial forces and pressures in the air compression process, the shaft life of the air compressor can be as long as 50,000 hours, overcoming the easy wearability of the bearing and shaft seals of double screw air compressor, extending the maintenance cycle, and its durability exceeds other counterparts.

5.high reliability

The star wheels of air compressor is made from PEEK materials, which has been proved of its high reliability in terms of air quality, energy saving, continual running, and low maintenance etc. over the years.

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