PVC Foam Sheet Board 20mm Thickness Widely Used in Kitchen and Washroom Cabinet

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Item specifice:

Color: White, as required Hardness: ≥10Mpa Usage Life: more than 50 years

Product Description:


wood WPC PVC foam board for furniture, ceilings, floors 


Product Information:

Product Name

WPC Foam Boards/Sheets

Raw Material

PVC and Wood powder


1220*2440mm or as order


2~ 20mm


Wood grain, stone grain or as order


0.50-0.90 g/cm3


+/- 0.03 on densities

-0 to +3mm on width

-0 to +5mm on length +/- 2% on thickness

Export Market


Typical Properties:




Specific Gravity




Shore A


Tensile strength



Elongation at break



Impact strength of simply supported beam



Vicat softening temperature



Heating Size Variance Ratio



Water Absorption



Bending strength



Wear ability (rolling friction)



Coefficient of linear thermal expansion (from -40°C 48h to +40 °C 48h)


No crack flaking off and deformation

Impact strength by falling boll


No crack by impact of a 1kg steel ball with a drop of 1meter and laminated multilayer board


1. High integrity, good performance of intensity, stable size, high toughness of surface, attrition resistant, easy to be washed; able to endure the weight of 400-500Kg per kilometer and different kinds of construction pressure.

2. Hot resistant, cold resistant, anti-aging, the surface is smooth, could be used between 60—100 times, with big applying temperature range from -15 to 50 °C.

3. It is very convenient to processing and also can improve the speed of construction. It is not strict to the worker’s grade. 

4. The appearance is clean and smooth, can save the money for plastering and the fee of material, save the time of construction. 

5. It can be recycled after usage. 

6. The gap between board and board is no more than 2mm; it can be piece together integrity any size of the room in the course of constructing.

High Glossy Cabinet Board


Bath ark, ambry, Decorative board,noise barriers,partition board,roof insulation board,fire-resistant kitchenware and bathroom facilities,commerial decorative shelf,clean room dampproof,wall and fireproof window frame.


Upholstery for steamship, bus, train, ceiling, anti-vibration of container and moisture-proof insulation.


Professional screen printing, exhibition board, High-end merchandise display rack, color sign, signboard.


Moisture protection, corrosion protection, environment protection special insulation and pieces of hot forming.


Cold storage, anticorrosion material, energy saving device, chemical resistant material, water resistant template,antistatic facility, seashore damp-proof facility,and various light partiions.


We have a complete quality management system. All of the products are under very strict quality control.


1.Q:How do you make our business long-term and good relationship?

A:We keep good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit ;

2.Q:How can I get a sample?

Answer: FREE SAMPLE can be sent to you .Freight will be collect.

Product pictures

PVC Foam Sheet Board 20mm Thickness Widely Used in Kitchen and Washroom Cabinet

PVC Foam Sheet Board 20mm Thickness Widely Used in Kitchen and Washroom Cabinet

PVC Foam Sheet Board 20mm Thickness Widely Used in Kitchen and Washroom Cabinet

PVC Foam Sheet Board 20mm Thickness Widely Used in Kitchen and Washroom Cabinet

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Not okorder.com

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