PVC Cabinet foam board Furniture PVC foam board

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 Product Introduction

PVC foam board is made from polyviny chloride, with flat plate surface, it is widely used in construction, advertising display boards, mounting board, screen printing, carving, etc.

PVC foam board / sheet / pallet is the best material in block making industry as the carrier of the green blocks, it has the advantages of highest strength with smooth surface, moisture proof and heat-resistant, it can maintain stable performance under high temperature. Waterproof,anticorrosive,ametabolic and recyclable,moisture resistant,lightweight.


The PVC foam board is made through foaming and pressing into shape with additive. It is widely used in Sanitaryware.

The PVC foam board is made through foaming and pressing into shape with additive.

It is widely used in Sanitaryware, Building material and Advertising material.

PVC foam board has its characteristics of easily sawed, bonded, nailed, joint and hot moulding.



1. Waterproofing.

2. Fire retardant and self-extinguishing.

3. Heat preservation.

4. Sound-insulated.

5. Insulation.

6. Non-corrosion.

7. Non-toxic.

8. Tough, rigid with the high impact strength.

9. Stable color retention.

10. Dampproof.

11. Anti - deformed



1. Building outdoor wall board, indoor decoration board, partition board in office and house.

2. Screen printing, flat solvent printing, engraving, billboard and exhibition display.

3. Chemical anti corrosion project, special cold project, environmental protection.

4. Sanitarywares, kitchen cabinet, washroom cabinet.




3.  Advantages of your products?

Answer Company products, good quality, high reputation guarantee.


4. Are you a factory manufacturer or a trade company?
 What are your product ranges? Where is your market?


Answer :we are manufacturer specializing in stationery and plastic packing products in highly quality and competitive price with over years,such as file folder,file bag,gift bag,closet organizer ,packages of cosmetic and other daily necessities, they are mainly famous ,such as USA, AUSTRILA, CANADA,EUROPE ,MIDDLE EAST,SOUTHEAST ASIA AND SO ON.


Pictures of PVC Foam Board


PVC Cabinet foam board Furniture PVC foam board

PVC Cabinet foam board Furniture PVC foam board


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Q:Transparent plastic board yellowing, how to restore just bought?
These yellow transparent plastic is not only superficial, but its deep layer has become yellow. What's more, it doesn't have the softness at the beginning and becomes more and more stiff.
Q:how do we make a transparent plastic sheet translucent?
translucent, opaque, translucent, opaque, translucent, opaque,sparkling if it hasn't have been given many air bubbles, sparkling close to sufficient, sparkling, translucent in that order.
Q:How can I print onto velcro backed plastic sheets?
That's a job best done by a professional printing company as they have the VERY expensive equipment to print ontp plastic, then add a suitable backing. it's not something that you could do with equipment on a size and budget to have at home
Q:Extrusion plate fire B1, B2 grade materials, how to distinguish?
Refractory grade plastic extruded board in more detail, B3, B2, B1 three grades (Grade A now science and technology can not reach), including grade B3 ordinary plate, namely a little on fire, and the fire is more and more big; B2 class for slow combustion stage, namely the point after the fire does not change, and the drop will not ignite paper; B1 away from fire suffocation, automatically extinguished after leaving the fire is extinguished, or 10 seconds.
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Q:Can transfer sheets be used on plastic?
You will need to test this yourself, it depends on the melting point of the plastic you are trying to transfer to.
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Look around on the internet for special need stores. Or maybe her Doctor can recommend something. Im sorry to hear about the alzheimers, my grandpa had it. I never meat him, he died before I was born. I'll keep you and your mom in my prayers.
Q:Where can I buy polystyrene or polypropylene plastic sheets anywhere in Metro Manila in the Philippines?
Buy Polypropylene
Q:I need to install a sheet rock wall against cement in my basement. What is the best method?
Well I have been a carpenter all of my adult life and I am 76 now and retired. (tired to) To start with I would use a product called DRY-LOCK on your concrete walls, Next I would put a border of 1X4s top, bottom, and ends, installed useing toggle bolts with flat heads so you can counter-sink the head of the bolt 3/16 inch bolts is enough the length being determined by the thickness of the congrete block + 1/2 inch sheetrock + allow about 1 inch, My guess is about 3 1/2 to 4 inches long.Then put in your studs, useing 1X4s 16 inchs on center. The bolts only need to be about 36 inches apart. Make sure you measure correct and that you center your sheetrock at the end of each sheet. use 1inch or 1 1/8 inch drywall screws. your not going to support a house your only going to support the sheetrock, Don't forget to do your wireing? and they make elect. boxes for just that thickness. Have some in my basement, Unless your in a hurry, you can work as hard or as slow as you want, you have a cover over your head. Also I would plan on putting in a drop ceiling, it covers up a lot of overhead stuff, and gives your Electric wires a place to run. Good Luck

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