Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

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50000 pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Description

plastic party flashing glasses led glasses light up glasses 
glow glasses 
for party,dancing,bar...
many kinds 
cheap price


Packaging & Shipping

 poly bag per piece 

12PCS/big poly bag 


MOQ by sea :10-30 cartons depends ,each item at least one carton ,many items total 10-30 cartons

MOQ by air:120PCS-1 carton  depends if there is ready goods.

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Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

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China National Building Material Group Corporation. CNBM Group ranks 267th of the Globe Fortune top 500 enterprises. Stainless Steel is one of the main products of CNBM. We are specialized in all kinds of led products, such as Flexible LED Strip, Rigid LED Bar, LED Tube, LED Bulb, LED Panel, Spot lights, Ceiling Light, Downright, Flood Light, Wall Washer, LED Module, Track Light etc.



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Q:3D glasses what to buy in the store
There are some places to sell appliances, it can not buy online
Q:Ordinary TV can use 3D glasses do
Ordinary TV can not see the 3D screenThe three-dimensional image by human eyes observe objects TV angle is slightly different, which can identify objects near and far, stereo vision of this principle, the left and right image separation eyes, thereby enabling users without using stereo glasses to the naked eye stereoscopic feeling experience.As for the imaging principle, it involves several 3D technology:1, shutter 3D TechnologyShutter type 3D technology to realize a LCD active shutter glasses, alternating left and right eye image to see that your brain will be two images together to achieve, resulting in a single image of the sense of depth 3D. At present, Samsung, LG launched 3D TV is the main use of such 3D display technology.The original shutter 3D technology is implemented according to the refresh time of eye image frequency, the fast refresh rate improve picture (at least 120Hz) image will fast refresh the right and left 60Hz people on the image will not produce shake movement, and maintain the same with 2D video frames, let the audience two eyes see a different picture of fast switching, and produce the illusion in the brain, then view stereo images.
Q:What do you mean by flashing the red light and the green light after the switch on the SHARP 3D TV?
Each lens of the shutter type 3D glasses contains a liquid crystal layer which can be black at a certain voltage (low transmittance). On the contrary, it is similar to ordinary lenses without additional voltage. Because the 3D image of each frame contains two images of different angles of left and right images, only when the left face painting through the left lens (lens not loaded fixed voltage), corresponding to the right screen through the right lens, the audience can see the image 3D.Therefore, a synchronous signal is needed to control the alternation of the left and right lenses and the alternation of left and right frames. Typically, infrared signals are used to transmit this synchronization signal. But because of the disadvantages such as easy to be disturbed by daylight lamp and limited communication range, 3D shutter glasses with Bluetooth and high frequency wireless signal communication have been developed. Under the control of synchronous signals, the voltage alternating between the left and right lenses changes alternately, and then the two images are integrated by the brain to achieve the visual effects of 3D.
Q:CCTV 3D channel with what glasses to see?
This is the need for 3D monitor or 3D TV to seeAnd then with 3D glasses
Q:3D film glasses, methods of use
Because of the shooting, it's done by this one.
Q:How does myopia take 3D glasses to see a movie?
Wear two pairs of glasses, or wear contact lenses, and then wear 3D glasses
Q:Tcl3d TV 3D glasses, how no charger?
3D glasses is through the parallax to achieve stereo feeling, in fact, different colors, accept the reaction time is not in the eye, slow and fast, so the lens is two colors, without charge, find two different color plastic films can be studied.
Q:What format is the 3D movie at the cinema?
Hello friends, about the format of the 3D film can be used in most of the 3D watch on TV, but must be able to decode can, some video quality is not very good, the effect will be affected, recommended to use 20G 3D film
Q:What kinds of TV 3D glasses?
There are 2 types of polarization and shutter.
Q:Nanning where I would like to sell 3D glasses?
If you want to 3D glasses, it is best to go to the National Mall on the first floor, from the main entrance into the right hand next to the stairs, where the quality of the 3D glasses are very good, the price is not expensive,

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