Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

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Product Description

plastic party flashing glasses led glasses light up glasses 
glow glasses 
for party,dancing,bar...
many kinds 
cheap price


Packaging & Shipping

 poly bag per piece 

12PCS/big poly bag 


MOQ by sea :10-30 cartons depends ,each item at least one carton ,many items total 10-30 cartons

MOQ by air:120PCS-1 carton  depends if there is ready goods.

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Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

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China National Building Material Group Corporation. CNBM Group ranks 267th of the Globe Fortune top 500 enterprises. Stainless Steel is one of the main products of CNBM. We are specialized in all kinds of led products, such as Flexible LED Strip, Rigid LED Bar, LED Tube, LED Bulb, LED Panel, Spot lights, Ceiling Light, Downright, Flood Light, Wall Washer, LED Module, Track Light etc.



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Q:3D glasses are universal?
3D is mainly 3 kinds, red blue, polarized light, shutter type. Shutter glasses are relatively large, but also built-in power supply, usually in the home computer. Polarized glasses lens Sao a little gray, the feeling is not very transparent, the general cinema and computers are useful, but also the most cost-effective solution, iMax seems to be used. Red and blue features are clearly not to say
Q:What is the difference between 3D eye active and shutter
Hello friends, the initiative is the shutter type, also known as the time fraction,The principle is to make the glasses around the initiative to open and close, to achieve the two eyes can not see the same angle of the image, resulting in a three-dimensional sense of the brain.Corresponding to the active type is polarized, also known as polarized light, polarized, non flash. The 3D technology is very mature, lower cost
Q:How much did I lose because I broke one of the lenses of the 3D glasses at the cinema?
Should be no money, not fine. It's included in the movie ticket. That's what they should be doing. Three without glasses, what do you think?. Give them five dollars at most.
Q:QQ Video How to see 3D movies, I do not have glasses, ah, can not turn to 2D?
You look at an ordinary computer. Only with red and blue 3D movies?. Red and blue 3D glasses. Taobao to buy cheap ah. Go buy a chant. 3D movies can be turned into an ordinary 2D movie to see it.
Q:What 3D glasses to watch 3D movies on TV
no synthesis in the ordinary display, you can use the mirror.
Q:What is the working principle of 3D glasses?
The first principle about 3D: the human eye is about two, usually to see something, two eyes have a point of difference, it is because of the angle difference to the formation of 3D, while the TV is on a plane, so look at any picture, in addition to the imaginary 3D, feel no 3D effect, but if shot out of the picture is a double screen, the two screen completely simulate human eyes, look at the time that each eye sees only one picture, so the picture can deceive the brain, thought to see is the three-dimensional image, this is the principle of any kind of stereo the way.Then the stereo picture is double screen simulate people's eyes shot or made known, the next step is how to make the left picture that only the left eye to see and do not let the right eye see the right screen just let the right eyes see and don't let the eye to see. It is this three kinds of display mode. (Note: the next format or about format only when shooting or making resource reservation is different, but the principle of double screen is the.3D output mode is not only the edge of the color polarizing and shutter three)1, red and blue red green is called partial color, mainly to filter out other colors through the red blue and green three colors, such as red and blue glasses, output, double picture in different parts of the red and blue ghost. A red lens can filter out the blue, and blue lenses can filter out red, that two eyes see the picture is different, thus forming the 3D. filter but due to incomplete, and see the color resources will be biased, so the effect is very poor. The definition of a long time to watch this 3D has a direct harm to the eyes.In addition to color, the other two (polarizing and shutter) are required for a particular display device
Q:With 3D glasses on the phone to see the effect of the 3D movie theater
3D is the two projection, the phone is only one pixel, so can not
Q:How to choose 3D glasses?
Own 3D glasses, can pick up the cinema to see 3D...... 3D glasses, to choose reference preparation period of the cinema and cinema with color glasses: type, with no consideration of red and blue 100-300 deposit, also relatively thick glasses, toward the screen surface approximation (looks like a black window in front of the TV remote control block), with considering to buy, the price is expensive, the two signal modulated with the manufacturers universal probability is high, unless the seller for brand commitment is extremely simple, two lenses, buy a circularly polarized light polarized light should try, less Guangzhou, flying the main entertainment shutter, anti Wanda IMAX polarized film for actually must buy clip type 3D glasses, a movie when wearing invisible, or from the DIY folder pieces of glasses, want to get some wonderful retro eyeglasses......
Q:3D format of the film with the kind of glasses?
You know, but also molested doomsday messenger do. About the format of the film, the use of polarized 3D glasses, as well as support for the left and right format 3D movie tv.
Q:3D glasses to see the computer useful, 3D glasses to see the computer useful knowledge
There are several kinds of 3D glassesIt is common to have polarization and red blueA few years ago, the movie theater is basically the use of red and blue eyes, is a lens is red, a lens is blue.Now the cinema is basically polarized glasses. Polarized glasses need display support.So you can only use red and blue glasses.Red and blue glasses to watch the 3D effect is still there, but look longA treasure on a package of 15 fast money.Recommended video playback software such as * *, basically all formats can turn into red and blue 3D.* * * can be Baidu, Q Q, storm... WaitPure hand. Hope adoption

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