Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

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Product Description

plastic party flashing glasses led glasses light up glasses 
glow glasses 
for party,dancing,bar...
many kinds 
cheap price


Packaging & Shipping

 poly bag per piece 

12PCS/big poly bag 


MOQ by sea :10-30 cartons depends ,each item at least one carton ,many items total 10-30 cartons

MOQ by air:120PCS-1 carton  depends if there is ready goods.

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Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

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China National Building Material Group Corporation. CNBM Group ranks 267th of the Globe Fortune top 500 enterprises. Stainless Steel is one of the main products of CNBM. We are specialized in all kinds of led products, such as Flexible LED Strip, Rigid LED Bar, LED Tube, LED Bulb, LED Panel, Spot lights, Ceiling Light, Downright, Flood Light, Wall Washer, LED Module, Track Light etc.



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Q:Oxg vr virtual reality glasses 3D effect?
2.jpgVIRGlass: distance IPD software to adjust the adjustable distance, not for many users of myopia may affect the experience, such as fuzzy picture, wearing glasses use will affect the comfort.The recommended index: *This machine: Although there is a distance adjusting function, but the replacement of mobile phone card slot mode, this control method is very troublesome, but it is difficult to achieve the best matching position with eyes.The recommended index: *DreamVR: PD is not adjustable, adjust the distance and is one of the band body actually is, adjustment is possible, but if a little difficult bandage is easy to shift distance.The recommended index: you can feelSVRGlass: PD is not adjustable, and the distance is too close, the virtual location to stay near the position, for myopia and myopic degree is not high users, long time watching close objects, likely to cause myopia and deepen myopia, great harm to the eyes.The recommended index: you can feel itStorm mirror: distance can be adjusted, the design on the right side of the fuselage, adjustment is also more convenient, is one type of regulation of IPD, if the eyes of different degrees, it is difficult to achieve the best effect of both eyes.The recommended index: you can feel you can feelPlayGlass: PD distance can be adjusted independently. Located at a distance adjusting tube, corresponding to the scale, can be adjusted according to their own eyes and to record the degree. Support myopia within 600 degrees and hyperopia within 200 degrees.The recommended index: you can feel you can feel itMobile phone clamps - widgets play a big part. Mobile phone fixture design and the cooling of the mobile phone, the flexibility of the use of a direct relationship.
Q:Is there a cinema 3D glasses can watch 3D movies on the computer. If you can how to download the source.
Are the glasses in the cinema red and blue? Is one lens red, one lens blue or green? If yes, we can see it. You can download red and blue videos to the computer, and then install the SSP player, and perfect decoding, you can watch.
Q:Google 3D glasses are not all movies can be
Contrast under the current VR glasses, Oculus resolution of Rift HD HD, binocular vision after the merger has a resolution of 1280 x 800, while other similar devices have remained at about HD resolution. Adopting the intelligent mobile phone as the display device "glasses box" program, the pixel resolution of iphone6 pixel resolution 750 * 1334, iphone6 plus 1242 x 2208, iPhone 6 had been used in the industry first-class display standards, but to achieve the image of higher resolution on VR devices, one is subject to in addition, the screen size is also subject to the physical size of the glasses.For most people, or personal data vulnerable things, manufacturers say that the numbers are good, we can't do anything. The only thing that can not lie, is the experience, the practice of true knowledge that good is not necessarily good, but used to feel good, then the credibility is very high.
Q:Why do you wear 3D glasses?
5 digital stereo movies can improve the box office revenueDue to the use of digital stereo projection technology, good visual effect to attract a large audience, even in foreign theaters raised fares 1 to $2.5, there are still a lot of admiring audience, making the number of 3D films than 2D film by 2 to 5 times the box office. Excellent box office to mobilize the enthusiasm of many aspects, the studios have launched digital stereo film theme shooting plan, exhibitors actively install digital stereo projection system, equipment manufacturers strive to improve and promote the products to seize market share.
Q:What is the use of pole meter projector 3D glasses 3D
With glasses, you can feel the scene is the real three-dimensional space. When you take off your glasses, you will find that the screen on the movie screen is empty. The glasses are special, different movies need glasses are quite different, with red and blue glasses, red green glasses, red green glasses...... Wait。 3D film is two cameras in the film at the time of the shooting, is like the left and right eye, then put two shots together, then use different color eyes to distinguish the right and left two slightly different lenses, you see two eyes is not the same. You can try to use a single eye to see a thing, because there is a distance between the two eyes, so the two eyes to see things are not the same, there are some differences in the location.
Q:After downloading the 3D movie on the net, you can watch it directly with 3D glasses?
Can ah, but the effect is not good 3D cinema!
Q:NVIDIA how to change polarized glasses after setting up red and Blue 3D glasses?
The blank space on the desktop, right click the right mouse button, should be in the pop-up menu, the control panel, there will be a NVIDIA option, and then you can enter the NVIDIA settings panel graphics, on the left side of the menu bar, there is a 3D option to enter, you will certainly find a carefully. There is a new 3D glasses set options, then step by step can be set up.
Q:What is the use of 3D glasses?
3D glasses with leading 3D display technology, bring you into the real 3D three-dimensional game world! Adaptive control technology, without the need for complex setup process, and your game plug and play! Anytime, anywhere you can enjoy the shocking effect of 3D theater! Unique optical design, eye comfort, safety!
Q:NVIDIA 3D glasses must use the 3D monitor it?
Do not necessarily need 120HZ LCD, you can use CRT display, such as DELL P1120 21 inches to the CRT, as long as the refresh rate can be used on the resolution of 100HZ. On the issue of Nvidia authentication can download a NV3D crack file cover off on the line. I used to be SONY W900 24 inches CRT, to 1600X1000 100HZ, the perfect support for NV 3D glasses.
Q:Requirements of 3D glasses for TV set
If it is partial color format, there is no requirement for television, as long as the color can be.Polarization and shutter need specific 3D TV to see the effect of 3D.

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