Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

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Product Description

plastic party flashing glasses led glasses light up glasses 
glow glasses 
for party,dancing,bar...
many kinds 
cheap price


Packaging & Shipping

 poly bag per piece 

12PCS/big poly bag 


MOQ by sea :10-30 cartons depends ,each item at least one carton ,many items total 10-30 cartons

MOQ by air:120PCS-1 carton  depends if there is ready goods.

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Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

Plastic Party Flashing Glasses Led Glasses Light Up Glasses Round Circle 17387

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China National Building Material Group Corporation. CNBM Group ranks 267th of the Globe Fortune top 500 enterprises. Stainless Steel is one of the main products of CNBM. We are specialized in all kinds of led products, such as Flexible LED Strip, Rigid LED Bar, LED Tube, LED Bulb, LED Panel, Spot lights, Ceiling Light, Downright, Flood Light, Wall Washer, LED Module, Track Light etc.



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Q:I heard that 3D glasses need batteries, the cinema provides 3D glasses how did not see the battery?
The movie is not 3D two camera glasses show role is the image of a camera image caused by shielding his eyes received different form 3D effect see principle of high school physics polarizer can see
Q:3D glasses to see things look like
The left eye and the right eye of the stereo glasses are respectively provided with a horizontal polarizing plate and a longitudinal polarizing plate. This ensures that the left side of the camera can only take things into the left eye, the camera on the right side of the camera can only get into the right eye, so the three-dimensional
Q:How to clean 3D glasses
Strongly recommended the use of detergent cleaning, use your thumb dipped in detergent wash, because little thumb calluses, not wear lenses, then rinse, done well, can not leave traces of water.Coated lenses as far as possible without eye cloth or clothes, because the coating on the lens is easy to scratch by dust
Q:What 3D glasses to watch 3D movies on TV
in the 3D display, using software such as PowerDVD synthesis, can use the display supporting 3D glasses;
Q:3D glasses useful on the computer?
If you take the red and blue glasses on the computer to see 3D movies have a shadow, then the display will be adjusted to warm color temperature. Or in the three primary colors, the red / Green / blue to fine tune, wear glasses to no shadow. The effect of watching at night will be better than the day, and the distance from the point, the effect is better. Or how to get
Q:Use 3D glasses to watch movies on the computer?
The requirements of the computer screen, the need for a special screen. And now 3D technology is not as early as the red and blue glasses that rough times, generally large shopping malls will have 3D family cinema (see 3D TV) to sell, then put 3D in the video clips, next to the 3D glasses, you can try
Q:Why do you wear 3D glasses?
5 digital stereo movies can improve the box office revenueDue to the use of digital stereo projection technology, good visual effect to attract a large audience, even in foreign theaters raised fares 1 to $2.5, there are still a lot of admiring audience, making the number of 3D films than 2D film by 2 to 5 times the box office. Excellent box office to mobilize the enthusiasm of many aspects, the studios have launched digital stereo film theme shooting plan, exhibitors actively install digital stereo projection system, equipment manufacturers strive to improve and promote the products to seize market share.
Q:Cinema watching 3D movies: what are the reasons for blurring?
I am too, and I also worked in the studio, do not know whether you are looking for IMAX or 3D or common real dual 3D, my own is myopia and astigmatism so don't wear glasses case with 3D glasses, look at the picture is fuzzy, so that the next time you go to the 3D when wearing his glasses, then wearing 3D glasses, no problem
Q:After downloading the 3D movie on the net, you can watch it directly with 3D glasses?
Standard answer:3D version of the movie played on the computer, the current technology, the need for three hardware conditions:1, graphics support 3D format movie video. Now the mainstream graphics cards are supported.2, the display frequency of more than 160HZ. 3D's current principle is that the visual deception. Left and right eyes to see something different, that is, 3D. Display frequency of more than 160HZ, the left eye to see 80HZ, the right eye to see 80HZ became 3D. You can understand this and ask the university professor a lot more because I don't know3, to have 3D glasses. The function of the 3D eye is to make a switch to the left and right eye images.
Q:Shutter 3D glasses how to use what he needs is the format of the 3D resources
5, set up after the return play interface, put on the TV set of 3D glasses, you can see the 3D effect of the film.

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