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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: 2700k-6500k LED type: 4014 2835 Size: 6060.3030.30120.60120
Lamp luminous flux(lm): 80lm/w Body material: Aluminum Working lifetime(Hour): 35000
Power(W): 36W-85W Certification: RoHS,UL,CE Working Temperature(℃): 120
PF: >0.95 Input voltage(V): 100-240 CRI (Ra>): >80
Warranty: two years IP Rating: IP40,IP65-IP67

Product Description:

Can be customized:3030.3060.30120.6060.60120.


Light source with high brightness SMD2835 LED

/Voltage design(AC 85265V 50/60Hz)

Start speed,no strode light wave,long life

 Design of high efficiency power supply,energy-saving andconsistent.,safety and reliability.

Using high thermal conductivity aluminumproduction of lamps and lanternsgood heat dissipation, long life.

The lamp used waterproof silicone tosealing, protection grade is IP65.

Technical parameters:



Ø Environmental requirements


/Working temperature: -2040 

/Working humidity: 30%85%


Storage temperature: -2060 

Storage humidity: 10%90%


Ø Unpacking and Checking


1.Open the package and check the products, please handle it gently.


2If the product is found damaged, please contact us instantly with the complete package.


Ø Installation and application instructions


1Please do not try to use the damaged products. 

2In order to ensure the product workproperly, please use the power supply within indicating voltage range.

 3Please follow the correct installation steps to install the product.

 4Please turn off the power supply for the lamp holderto avoid the risk of electric shock while installing or uninstalling the product. 

5Do not use the products in the highhumidityor dust environment for ensuring performance.

 6Please contact a qualifiedelectrician for repair services when you find the following problems , and do not disassemble the lamp.


AElectronic components are exposed to rain or other liquids splash.


B Products release smell gas, abnormal sound and unusual flash.


C The shell is broken .Debris goes into the bracket or the tube.


Ø Troubleshooting

 If it is not caused by improper operation, please confirm whether it is because of the following reasons or not. If the problem cannot be solved after taking direction method ,please stop using and contact a qualified electrician.


1The lamp does not light after connecting the power supply. /Carefully check all wiring is correct.


2The lamp flashes when it is powered on. Please call a qualified electrician to check whether the power supply voltage is lower than the required.

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Q:How to install the LED panel lamp, is there a installation instruction?
Embedded systemFirst, install the sheet metal groove on the ceiling, and then fix a few protruding brackets on the back of the LED panel lamp, then put the panel light in it, and make the bracket match the sheet metal groove on the ceiling, and then fix it on the ceiling. But because of the different thickness of the ceiling, it is necessary to adjust the height between the lamp face and the bracket, otherwise it will cause the LED panel lamp to be higher or lower than the ceiling surface.
Q:What is the structure of the smart LED panel lamp?
In the LED panel lights the whole parts, the light guide plate belongs to an important position, similar to the host computer in CPU, the function of the light guide plate is the need to make the whole lamp luminous effect panel to achieve a uniform requirements in effect, the function of the product, the need for LGP is excellent the design and use of materials also need to pay attention to, is the most important transmission rate must reach the product shipment requirements, in the choice of plate supply manufacturers also need careful attention to the function of the product procurement, strict testing, so as to ensure the production of high quality LED panel lamp products.
Q:What are the accessories for the LED panel light?
Corner screw buckle light board cover film adhesive foam coaxial line rectangular stickers public lamp board, power supply, aluminum frame, light guide plate,
Q:How many watts is the LED panel light?
600*600 (instead of the traditional 3*20W grille lamp) input power of about 30W, luminous flux can reach 3000LM, 1200*600 (instead of the traditional 3*40W grille lamp) input power of about 60W, luminous flux of up to 6000LM
Q:How can I change the lamp of integrated ceiling lamp in the kitchen? I want to change to LED panel lamp
What kind of light is it? If it is a round of ordinary incandescent lamp, the lamp basically is round, there are several clips on the lampshade, is directly removed, the Mai Rui technology microwave induction lamp mounting panel back can, with automatic induction switch lamp function,
Q:Differences between office buildings, office lighting, LED panel lights and traditional lamps
LED lights, long life, energy-saving, 100% lighting
Q:How does the embedded LED panel light fit onto the ceiling?
Do ultra-thin panel lights, thickness is only 9mm, if there are problems, you can go to the site to see, to make a reference
Q:Can LED panel lCan LED panel lamp be used in table tennis hall?amp be used in table tennis hall?
LED panel lamp can not be used in table tennis venues. It's equivalent to lighting with a bare bulb, no difference from lighting directly with a tube. With bare tubes, the mesa will reflect light. The reason is simple. The panel light is not a lamp, no lampshade, no shading angle. OK.
Q:What material does the LED panel light need, such as the light guide plate or something?
It's the light guide plate, and there's the light and the screen
Q:How is the indoor installation of the LED panel lamp convenient?!
1, hanging: first in the LED panel lights back mounted on the suspension member, then connect the lanyard on it. Consumers must pay attention to ask, understand clearly hanging components is the manufacturer's standard parts or buy parts?.2, suction top type: first in the ceiling to play a few holes, and then LED panel light slide into the suction ceiling frame installed on the ceiling, fixed three sides. Then slide the panel light into it, and then screw the frame around the fourth edge. Convenient, simple and time-saving.3, embedded type: the first sheet metal groove is arranged on the ceiling, and then the bracket is fixed at the back of LED panel light pieces protruding outward, and then into the panel light, the sheet metal bracket and the ceiling of the anastomotic groove can be fixed on the ceiling. But because of the different thickness of the ceiling, it is necessary to adjust the height between the lamp face and the bracket, otherwise it will cause the LED panel lamp to be higher or lower than the ceiling surface. In general, suspension mounted LED panel lights are best for aquarium lighting, while ceiling mounted is the most common and easiest way to do so.

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