New Led Led Lights Gu10 Cob Led/Led Gu10 Dimmable/Led Spot Gu10

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Product Description:

LED lights gu10 cob led/led gu10 dimmable/led spot gu10

1. led lights gu10 - parameter:


Lighting SourceCOB spotlight


500lm(for MR16);550LM(for GU10)

Power Consumption


Color Temperature


Color Rendering Index


Operating voltage


Beam Angle





TCP body+PMMA lens


 isolated constant current driver


2 Years


2. GU10 led-- Features:     

1)1 pcs High Power COB7W LED as lighting source.

2) Aluminium material housing with excellent heat conduction.  

3) Life span up to 30,000hours, the LED efficiently protected by constant current power.

4) As a replacement of traditional downlight.

5) Environmental protection, no mercury and hazardous substances.  

6) No glare, no noise. Widely used for indoor lighting, such as hotel, restaurant farm and home lighting, etc

7) CE,ROHS,FCC,PSE certification.

8) Good heat dissipation,Competitive price,fancy design

3. Application: 

1,Supermarket/showcase shopwindow

2,Museum/exhibition room

3,Coffee house/bar/home,etc.

4,Others(the place where need spotlight) 


Those COB Spotlight are also available:


1MR16R-COB4W4W/360-380lm /Beam angle:35°/45°/ 65°
2GU10R-COB4W4W/360-380lm /Beam angle:35°/45°/ 65°
3MR16S-COB5W5W/340-380lm /Beam angle:35°/45°/ 65°
4GU10S-COB5W5W/340-380lm /Beam angle:35°/45°/ 65°/can be dimmable
5MR16S-COB7W7W/430-550lm /Beam angle:35°/45°/ 65°
6GU10S-COB7W7W/430-550lm /Beam angle:35°/45°/ 65°
7AR70-2X5W10W/710-800lm /Beam angle:24°
8PAR30C-COB10W10W/650-710lm /Beam angle:35° with Optical Lens
9PAR38C-COB15W15W/1050-1200lm /Beam angle:50°  with Optical Lens
10PAR30D-COB10W10W/800-830lm/Beam agnle: 30° / 45° with reflector
11PAR38D-COB15W15W/1200-1350lm /Beam angle:25°/40° with reflector
12AR111C-1X9W9W/600-650lm/Beam angle:30°
13AR70-2*3W6w/ 400-410lm/Beam angle: 24°/B15 base/can be dimmable


More choices of spotlight/bulbs are provided. Just contact me for the pricelists & specification.


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Q:What is the difference between LED ceiling lamp and LED downlight
Two lamps are installed on the top, the difference is the tube light is mounted into the dark, shoot the light is mounted, the tube light is diffuse light, mainly to adjust indoor light color effect, shoot the light is the direct light, is mainly used to highlight the background picture or object.
Q:Glass in general so there is no relationship
Upstairs said are good, ask do beauty photoelectric customer service staff, can offer you a professional reference
Q:How many W LED lamp can same as philips 150 W metal halide lamp brightness?
At the current manufacture level of domestic light source, () are new lamp luminous efficiency of metal halide lamp is higher than that of the current commercial LED light source, luminous efficiency, if coupled with the reflection efficiency of reflector, can think quite luminous efficiency (high brightness LED is another matter, because the price is also very beautiful), color rendering index. Can be calculated, if the current metal halide lamp is bright enough, can reduce the power of LED, individual estimate total power in the 70 ~ 90 w.
Q:Questions about the LED lighting of an electric car
May be too little electricity power LED lights, LED to the LED light is weak
Q:Why turn off the switch and dim the led lamp
As if there is possibility is zero wire connection, received a zero on the line, also may be long bright, just happened to our family.
Q:Tube lamp, metal halide lamp, lamp, LED lamp, the difference between more than advice please!
Metal halide lamp is astigmatism metal halide lamp's color is better than to shoot the light So the metal halide lamp foil effect is better than to shoot the light Is common in commercial lighting LED a lot of kinds of condenser and astigmatism. In the domestic. Than normal because of the price of the LED energy-saving lamps. Price difference is very big So now not used in common ordinary lighting.
Q:The LED lamp aging is what mean
LED lamp need to aging, is light to need light test, general ageing time for 24 hours
Q:The ceiling of a ceiling light is of general size
The first is the difference between the different wattage specifications: on the one hand the size of the lamp for 35 w generally has two kinds: The first is a opening, width is 205 * 90, the size of the high of 170; The second is opening, width is 243 * 106, the specifications of the high of 198. And 20 w lamp is generally only one, that is opening, width is 235 multiplied by 106, the specifications of the high of 198. A third type of even 50 w to shoot the light, the size of the gas is opening, width 235 * 106 plus 198.
Q:Stationary LED to shoot the light is not bright, how repair
Check the power supply if normal, don't repair, because parts of PCB is not repairable.
Q:What the reason, is led guide to shoot the light flashing?
this is the case, if is stroboscopic serious, is the problem of power drive. 2, no matter what the LED lamps and lanterns, there is no ballast this device! So can't be ballast problem.

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