Microfiber Cleaning Towel with Black Binding

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5000000 pc/month

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Specifications of microfiber cleaning towel

1, Customized design, logo and design
2, fine water-aborbing and strong air permeability 
3, soft, safe and eco-friendly 
CE,SGS, eco-friendly,no harm to skin

5, easy to take 


Detail packing of microfiber cleaning towel

Each in opp bag, 1000pcs per carton
Carton size

Shipping of microfiber cleaning towel

1.More Than 100KG: By Ocean or By Air

2.Less Than 100KG: Internation Express, Door to Door service

3.According to customer's request


Question & Answer of microfiber cleaning towel

1.What is your MOQ?2,000 pcs (available colors in stock)
10,000 pcs with the standard size

2.How to get a sample?

3.Sample free with freight collect How to delivery the goods?

1.More Than 100KG: By Ocean or By Air
2.Less Than 100KG: Internation Express, Door to Door service
3.According to customer's request


Customer Service of microfiber cleaning towel:

1. Free sample for you,or according to your requirement.

2. Take photos to you before mass production and shipping.

3. Tracking number or picking documents will be emailed to you after shipping goods.


Quality control of microfiber cleaning towel:

1.Over 5 quality inspectors each department, we have great control on quality aiming at offering you the best goods. 

2. We use the best raw material and 100% test to keep the quality best.

Why choose us?

1.Factory supplier 

2.Reasonable price  

3.Design different picture depend on your idea 

4.guarantee for quality for one year 

5.Any enquiry and question can be replied in 24 hours

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Q:Teach you how to pick a good towel
There are many sizes of towels to choose from in each category. Do you always think your bath towel is not long enough? That's because the size of a common bath towel is 70cmx140cm, and a high star hotel usually uses a wide 80cmx170cm bath towel that wraps around the body. You can choose the towel size according to your preference, but generally speaking, the smaller one is more suitable for carrying when traveling, and the bigger one is more comfortable.Feel must choose to feel fluffy, soft towels, such towels, skin strong, so that your use more comfortable, more comfortable.Water absorption, water absorption is one of the important attributes of towels. The good water absorption and water storage properties of all kinds of towels are due to a loop of looped fabric covered with fabric, and the height of the loop is closely related to the quality of the towels. Under the same conditions, the terry towel with higher water absorption is better, softer and thicker and longer service life.
Q:What are the benefits of bamboo fiber towels?
Bamboo fiber towel features1, more comfortable than cotton towels feel more soft, silky smooth2, more than ordinary towels brighter color, lasting unchanged.3, unique natural antibacterial function, beauty care effect.4, water absorption is 1.5 times of cotton towels, breathable and easy to clean.5, not harden, do not send hard, also won't stick slippery phenomenon.6, pure natural, green environmental protection, cotton towel ideal replacement products.
Q:How do you print towels?
You need a spray dyeing flower shape and production. Hand spraying and special machine spraying. Manual words can be realized by spraying or spraying pesticides. The machine belongs to the special printing and dyeing factory, big orders are used, and we need to make simple investment. The key: look at your needs!
Q:What is a velvet towel?
The local velvet can be formed into a pattern, and the cashmere ring can coexist and print each other. The velvet towel is characterized by its softness, comfortable use and stronger moisture absorption and softness than the ordinary towel. After cutting and printing, it can increase the decorative beauty of towels, so as to improve the grade of the products.
Q:How to clean the oil stains and the smell of the beautys salon towel?
With detergent, washing powder soaked in warm water, so to mimeograph a little better.
Q:After waxing the sea surface of your cars, do you want to clean the polished towels?
As the driving environment and parking place are different, waxing interval should be different. In general, there are garage parking, more vehicles on the good road, every 2 months to play wax; outdoor parking vehicles, due to wind and rain, it is best to wax once a month. Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule. It can be waxed again when you feel it is not smooth by touching the body with your hands.
Q:How long is the towel?
The life of towels in use is three monthsTowel used for a long time, become stiff people uncomfortable, the most important is contaminated by a large number of bacteria, harmful to human body. Towels are made from pure cotton fibers, a tubular structure containing hollow cells that store moisture.
Q:Towels have been hardened for a long time. How can they be softened?
1, the first and second times of Taomi Shui into the pot, and then put the towel into the pot with rice water to boil, boil more boil for a while. The towels treated in this way will turn white and soften, becoming thicker than they used to be, and with a faint smell of rice.2, put towels in hot water with washing liquid, cook or scald for 5 minutes, and then wash the towel when it is hot.3, towels often wash, and at intervals of soap, laundry powder or lye boil for several minutes, can prevent hair hard. When boiling, the towel should be completely immersed in water, so as not to contact with air oxidation occurs, reducing softness.
Q:Folding towels are static, what should I do?
Frequent bathing and changing clothes can effectively eliminate the static charge accumulated on the surface of the human body5. when the hair is not obedient comb, comb will be sub immersed in water, such as the elimination of static electricity, can be a comb.6., when resting, might as well red foot, is advantageous to the body surface accumulation static electricity release7., wearing sneakers is easy to make the body's static accumulation, because the bottom of the travel shoes are generally insulated, the body's static electricity can not be ruled out by the soles of the feet and savings. Therefore, people who are prone to static, try not to wear sneakers or
Q:How do you do sticky towels in summer?
Guidance suggestion:A towel usually about 30 days to change, the maximum use of 40 days; hot weather in summer, bacteria most suitable for reproduction, so the best towel is often kept dry.

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