• medical tape/PE medical tape/medical adhesive tape System 1
  • medical tape/PE medical tape/medical adhesive tape System 2
medical tape/PE medical tape/medical adhesive tape

medical tape/PE medical tape/medical adhesive tape

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100000 roll/month

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Cotton fabric 
Zinc Oxide adhesive, reliable stickness,low irritation to skin 
Easy application 
Comfortable and breathable

Scope of Application

1,Surgical using

2,Sports using

1,Good adhesiveness

2,Low irritation to skin


4,Long guarantee period

5,Easy application

6Tears easily by hand

Period of Validity

Within two years

Q:Typical product introduction of bandage
Check: the weight per unit area to take the goods 3, respectively, said the weight, by area, the weight per 1m2 not less than 340g.
Q:What are the benefits of cotton gauze?
Benefit three: good ventilation performance. Cotton fiber is a natural product, slender and tough, not easy to break,
Q:What are the varieties of gauze
masks gauze, do masks, with a package (large volume) or suit, to adapt to different manufacturers cutting the needs of the way.
Q:How does the yellow gauze be used for the wound?
but the role of oil gauze can not be underestimated, such as sore ulceration, the oil gauze drainage than the yellow gauze drainage effect
Q:How many kinds of bandages
such as the made of the triangular towel from the top to the bottom of the middle line cut,
Q:What is a long belt
Commonly used are the following: ⑴ four-head: the rectangular cotton or gauze cut from both ends made
Q:The advantages of pure cotton gauze
covered with a kind of paste into the return to the natural feeling, the user will enter the deep sleep state
Q:A citation explanation of gauze
Latitude and weft cotton. You can do mosquito nets, or for medical supplies. Especially after disinfection used to dress wounds. Mao Dun "son to meet": "This arm tied gauze, it seems like a few years older than you!"
Q:What kind of wound with yellow gauze
There are two kinds of gauze in general, one is oil gauze, that is, Vaseline gauze; another Leifu Nuo gauze, clinically referred to as yellow gauze
Q:Are gauze high temperature?
Wet gauze high temperature. For example, steamed bread at home with wet gauze, can withstand the high temperature of 100 ℃.

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