LED Lamps LED Bulb A60 A70 P45 Home Retail Shopping Mall

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Item specifice:

Color Temperature: Cool White Lamp Body Material: Aluminum    
IP Rating: IP20 Power(W): 3

Product Description:

• Dimmable from 10-100% brightness
• Wide light diffussion angle up to 300°
• Broad range of wattages and caps
• Energy effcient

• Tune light intensity to suit your environment or the time of day
• Light where you need it
• Easily retrofit conventional fixtures with LED
• Up to 80% energy savings compared to incandescent bulb, 35% compared to CFL


Product DescriptionPower
CRICCT(K)Average Lifetime(hrs)Energy Level
LED-E-A60-E27-DC-3W-3000K-CT 3 /250 83 80 3000K20,000 A+
LED-E-A60-E27-DC-3W-6000K-CT 3 /300 100 80 6000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-B22-DC-3W-3000K-CT 3 /250 83 80 3000K20,000 A+
LED-E-A60-B22-DC-3W-6000K-CT 3 /300 100 80 6000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-E27-DC-5W-3000K-CT 5 /500 100 80 3000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-E27-DC-5W-6000K-CT 5 /500 100 80 6000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-B22-DC-5W-3000K-CT 5 /500 100 80 3000K20,000 A++
LED-E-A60-B22-DC-5W-6000K-CT 5 /500 100 80 6000K20,000 A++
LED-3.5W-220-E14-P45-3000KOP4 1 220 63 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-250-E14-P45-4000K-OP4 1 250 72 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-250-E14-P45-6000KOP4 1 250 72 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-220-E27-P45-3000KOP4 1 220 63 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-250-E27-P45-4000K-OP4 1 250 72 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-3.5W-250-E27-P45-6000KOP4 1 250 72 >806000K20,000 A+
LED3.5W-220-B22-P45-3000K-OP4 1 220 63 >803000K20,000 A+
LED3.5W-250-B22-P45-6000K-OP4 1 250 72 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-320-E14-P45-3000KOP5 1 320 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-350-E14-P45-4000K-OP5 1 350 78 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-350-E14-P45-6000KOP5 1 350 78 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-320-E27-P45-3000KOP5 1 320 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-350-E27-P45-4000K-OP5 1 350 78 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-4.5W-350-E27-P45-6000KOP5 1 350 78 >806000K20,000 A+
LED4.5W-320-B22-P45-3000K-OP5 1 320 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED4.5W-350-B22-P45-6000K-OP5 1 350 78 >804000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-500-E27-A60-3000K-OP7 1 500 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-550-E27-A60-4000K-OP7 1 550 79 >804000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-550-E27-A60-6000K-OP7 1 550 79 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-500-B22-A60-3000K-OP7 1 500 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--7W-550-B22-A60-6000K-OP7 1 550 79 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-650-E27-A60-3000K-OP8 1 650 82 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-750-E27-A60-4000K-OP8 1 750 94 >804000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-750-E27-A60-6000K-OP8 1 750 94 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-650-B22-A60-3000K-OP8 1 650 82 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--8W-750-B22-A60-6000K-OP8 1 750 94 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-650-B22-A60-3000K-OP9 1 650 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-750-B22-A60-6000K-OP9 1 750 83 >806000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-650-E27-A60-3000K-OP9 1 650 72 >803000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-750-E27-A60-4000K-OP9 1 750 83 >804000K20,000 A+
LED--9W-750-E27-A60-6000K-OP9 1 750 83 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-12W-1000-E27-A70-3000KOP12 1 1,000 88 >803000K20,000 A+
LED-12W-1100-E27-A70-4000K-OP12 1 1,100 92 >804000K20,000 A+
LED-12W-1100-E27-A70-6000KOP12 1 1,100 92 >806000K20,000 A+
LED12W-1000-B22-A70-3000K-OP12 1 1,000 88 >803000K20,000 A+
LED12W-1100-B22-A70-6000K-OP12 1 1,100 92 >806000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-E27-14W-3000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 3000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-E27-14W-4000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 4000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-E27-14W-6000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 6000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-B22-14W-3000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 3000K20,000 A+
LED-E1-A70-B22-14W-6000K-CT14 1 1,350 96 80 6000K20,000 A+


LED Lamps LED Bulb A60 A70 P45 Home Retail Shopping Mall

LED Lamps LED Bulb A60 A70 P45 Home Retail Shopping Mall


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Q:How to identify Ic constant current LED bulb?
Look at the power supply, there are a few simple electronic and capacitive circuit board, it is not constant flow, cross flow is larger, so understand? Cross flow IC, that is, the meaning of intelligent voltage regulator, so that the LED is not easy, bad capacitor driven LED is relatively easy to damage, easily breakdown, and power consumption than the cross flow
Q:In a bulb, the ambient temperature of the LED is LED, the temperature of the air in the bulb, or the temperature of the aluminum substrate
The heat sink temperature and the temperature of the radiator is not the same, the heat sink through thermal grease or other heat conducting medium to heat to the radiator, the temperature will not coincide. And the temperature inside and outside the radiator is also different.
Q:Will the power of the LED bulb grow longer and longer? Why?
Could you tell me the measurement method? - how about the side current and voltage? Or, whether direct measurement of active power under mains power supply?Also, can you tell me the circuit of LED bulb? DC power supply or AC power supply? Constant current module drive or RC current limiter? If the power supply is 12 volts low, is the resistor only current limiting?I feel something doesn't make sense......In one case, the longer the duration of the LED bulb, the greater the power:In some advanced LED bulb bulbs, an anti impact "slow start" circuit is added to the design, and a NTC (negative temperature coefficient) resistor is incorporated into the LED power supply circuit.Because of the larger resistance of NTC in cold state, the current of LED is smaller and the power is relatively small;With the use of electricity LED bulbs, NTC resistance temperature gradually increased, the resistance is reduced, the current of LED is also increased, so the power LED bulb also increases, temperature stability, until NTC resistance unchanged so far.
Q:What are the driving IC used in LED bulb?
M8900 can replace BP3309, SY5810 SY5840 MT7930, ME 8316, without modifying the circuit used directly.M8900Is an original side feedback, with single stage active PFC high precision LED constant current control chip, M8900 integrated single level active PFC line, can achieve higher power factor and very low total harmonic distortion, chip canThe quasi resonant mode is achieved, thereby achieving higher efficiency and reducing switching losses. M8900 features multiple protection functions to ensure system reliability, including LED open circuit protection, chip overvoltage protection, and UVLO deficiencyVoltage protection, LED short circuit protection, cycle by cycle current limiting, etc..
Q:Seeking the production process of LED bulb... Thanks
First of all, of course, the preparation of materials, the specific operation of the lamp to practice, each lamp has different methods of assembly, there are different work instructions. Only through practice can we write good and practical processes. Figure is a flow chart of MR16 assembly.
Q:What's the difference between a glass cap for a bulb and a PC hood?
Weight comparisonPC specific gravity 1.2,The proportion of glass (usually glass) is 2.5,That is to say, PC is lighter in weight than glass.
Q:What are the requirements of the LED series inspection specification for bulb bulbs?
Dielectric strength: electrical endurance test (resistance test) followed by insulation resistance test. During testing, the following AC voltage is applied at the specified position 1min. Type HV (220~250V); 4000V (RMS), BV (100~120V); 2U (rated voltage) +1000v.
Q:What advantages does LED bulb replace energy saving lamp?
The response time is fast, the energy saving lamp is millisecond, and the LED light is nanosecond
Q:LED what is the glue between the aluminum base of the bulb and the cooling aluminum?
A lot of sticky glue can live it yourself have not tried to guess 502 good brothers of this kind of glue can be, but do not know good heat resistance and high power LED heat is still very large, if you are a small power never mind
Q:Where can LED bulb be used?
LED bulb is a new type of energy saving lamp to replace traditional incandescent bulb. The traditional incandescent lamp (lamp) of high energy consumption, short service life, in the global resource environment, has been gradually by governments to ban the production, instead is the product of electronic energy-saving lamp, electronic energy-saving lamp while improving the energy saving effect, but because of heavy metals using a lot of pollution of the environment, trend against the environment protection.

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