Led High Grade Waterproof Light for Under Fresh Water and Sea Water with UD119L-27W

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Quick Details

· Item Type: Pool Lights

· Emitting Color: Warm White

· Certification: CE, EMC, LVD, RoHS

·Color Temperature(CCT): Warm White

· IP Rating: IP68

· Lamp Body Material: Stainless Steel

·Beam Angle(°): 120

·CRI (Ra>): 80

· Input Voltage(V): 12

· Lamp Power(W): 27

· Working Temperature(℃): -30 - 50

· Model Number: UD119L-27W

· Material: 316 Stainless Steel

· Waterproof Standard: IP68

· Application: swimming pool,fountain,pond,marine,ocean and yatch etc

· Wattage: 27W



High quality led marine light 
1. Best price 
2. IP68 
3. 3 years warranty 
4. Made of 316 stainless steel 

LED waterproof light


1. Adopting high power LED as lighting source. Energy saving, environment protecing and long      life.
2. Low working voltage, secure and reliable.
3. Effects of seven-color, gradual-change, sudden-change.
4. Could be activated through remote controller.
5. 316 Stainless steel housing with unique and exquisite design.
6. Lamp is sealed by toughened safety glass,silica gel and silicone to make it highest grade      waterproof.
7. Imported low consumption & high efficiency LEDs has high CRI and luminous flux,lifespan over    50,000 hours.
8. Protecting rating: IP68, can work under water for long time.
9. 5mm toughened transparent glass, high temperature resisting, easy for lights penetration,     transmittance as high as 92%.
10. Energy saving up to 80%.
11. All colors are available.

LED waterproof light

LED waterproof light

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Q:How can the underwater lamp be buried in the pipeline?
LED underwater lamp outlet hole is filled with waterproof resin glue, and black silicone gel is poured on the lamp board to prevent heat dissipation. Glass with waterproof apron, another dozen waterproof 706 glue.
Q:What are the main parts of LED spotlights?
The LED lamp is mainly used for decoration, commercial space lighting and architectural lighting, along with the development and progress of LED technology, the advantages of LED projection lamp market performance is very prominent, high purity aluminum reflector, the light beam is the most accurate, the best reflection effect; symmetrical narrow and wide angle and asymmetric light distribution system moreover, projection lamp with scale plate, people can conveniently adjust the irradiation angle according to the scale.
Q:What are the components of the LED underwater light source?
Antistatic measures should be made. LED underwater lamp products to adopt certain anti-static measures, in the process of production and installation such as bench to ground, workers should wear anti-static clothing, anti-static ring belt, and belt of anti-static gloves, conditions can install electrostatic ion wind machine, but also to ensure the installation the air humidity is about 65%, in order to avoid the air is too dry to produce static electricity. In addition, different quality grades of LED anti-static ability is not the same, the quality of high grade LED underwater lamp antistatic ability better.
Q:LED what are the main underwater lights used?
LED underwater lamp, as its name suggests, is waterproof LED lamp, its use is very wide, such as more in the fountain. Open air used to put rain can also
Q:What is the LED power of underwater light?
Usually underwater lights are designed to turn the water from the fountain into a multicolored color, and there are very few underwater LED lights designed to be pure white light
Q:How to do waterproof treatment for underwater lamp joint?
According to the specifications of cable joint purchase need joint material right now, cable joint material quality is uneven, but in order to ensure the quality of cable joints, that do not covet cheap, cable connector manufacturers choose the best quality trustworthy materials.
Q:Installation method of underwater lamp and matters needing attention
First of all, for lamp type selection, we should pay attention to the water resistance of the lamp, the power supply voltage and the power consumption of the single lamp
Q:LED how many protection levels does the underwater lamp have?
Protection grade of concrete, is the need to test the side can draw the conclusion that the common LED is divided into IP20, IP40, IP65, IP68, if LED underwater lights, at least to just above IP65, IP higher level of security, if the product quality is good, IP65 can meet the.
Q:What method of wiring underwater lamp will not enter the water to burn it?
I took submersible pumps, wires, underwater work for four years, so far normal. My method is to select the round cable as the power cord because the circle is well sealed. Wiring, put an end to the phenomenon of electric heating, use PVC waterproof adhesive tape tightly wrapped more than 10 laps, must tightly tie. Then I use geliahao glue, daub on the interface and the nearby, formed a new layer of insulating layer, must not be missed, and can be painted over several times. (if only PVC tape is used, water will still enter if the time is too long)
Q:How can I check the LED light?
There are different technical requirements, such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, antimagnetic, lightning protection etc..

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