LED Golf Ball Flashing Golf Ball Gift

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Product Description:


Led golf ball round decorative glass snow ball
1) gleamy in dark;
2) High bright;
3) Low MOQ& fast delivery

  Led golf ball round decorative glass snow ball

Products Description:

Led Flashing Golf Ball

Model Name


Model No.



Synthetic rubber, dupont surlyn, PU.





Life time

40 hours










Products Advantage:

1. Soft & safe materials, can play it as a toy like true football (nip or kick);

2. Long life time shining with 2 CR2032 lithium battery, provide enough energy;


3. Water proof, can play it in the water/bathtub/bathhouse;

4. Create the romantic atmosphere for parties instead of candles;


5. Good gift choice for any occasion.

6. International standard production technology, classic 293 dimples, stroke like the normal golf ball.


Our Service:

1. Sample service: sample would be free if stock, your sample request would be confirm as fast as we can;


2. Customized service: message such as Logo, blessings or slogan can be printed upon the golf ball, and designed be you;


3. Delivery service: cooperating with reliable logistics company, guarantee your goods with expert distributions, and fast delivery time.




LED Golf Ball Flashing Golf Ball Gift

LED Golf Ball Flashing Golf Ball Gift

LED Golf Ball Flashing Golf Ball Gift



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