Intelligent 12V 24V Inverter Charger MPPT Solar Battery Charger Controller with Temperature sensor

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Product Description:

1.Features :

1). Professional design to promote system reliability
2).High  MPPT tracking efficiency up to ≥99.9% and high system efficiency up to 98%, Maximizes solar panel power output & reduces system costs.
3). Using industrial DSP digital technology, without any adjustable resistance, strong anti-interference ability, no aging and drift.
4).High LED driving and charging efficiency, significantly reduce the product temperature.
5).Three phase time charge battery, which contains MPPT charge, constant voltage charge and float charge.

6)Significantly extends the battery lifetime up to 50% base on intelligent temperature compensation charge and discharge management.
7)Intelligent energy management of battery ensures that the battery charge & discharge in shallow state which significantly extend the battery life.
8). User programmable for battery types, load control etc.

9).Infrared wireless communications, connecting with a handheld remote control for easy installation.

10).   IP68 Waterproof without any button.

2. Technical parameters

ItemContentModel MCV20Unit
Battery ParametersSystem voltage12/24V Auto recognition-
Max. charge current20A
Charge voltage range8~30V
MPPT charge@25°C≤14.412V),≤28.8(24V),≤57.6(48V)V
Boost charge @25°C14.412V),28.8(24V),57.6(48V)V
Float charge @25°C13.812V),27.6(24V),55.2(48V)V
Deep discharge protection, Cut-off voltage@25°C10.8(12V),21.6(24V),44(48V)V
Reconnect voltage@25°C11.8(12V),23.6(24V),48(48V)V
Battery Temperature compensation-4mV/°C/2V-
Solar panel parametersMax panel voltage100V
Start voltage≤85V
Max.panel power260(12V), 520(24V)W
MPPT track range15≤Vp≤75(12V), 30≤Vp≤75(24V)V
Output parametersOutput current20A
Overload, short circuit protection105%~150% Times the rated current 10 minutes
150%~200% Times the rated current 1 minutes
≥200% Times the rated current 20 millisecond
Light control functionYes-
Time control functionYes-
System parametersSystem grounding designCo design-
MPPT efficiency≥99.9%-
Max.charge efficiency98.50%-
Consumption in sleep mode≤0.5WmA
History Data1Year
Operating temp.-25~60°C
Operating Humidity0~100%RH

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4. FAQ


A:We have ISO9001:2015,CE、RoHS certifications for all of our products.


A:Low MOQ,1pe for sample checking is availabl

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Q:Choose a solar controller which need to have a few conditions
To buy a solar controller must know the power of the solar panel and the load power to be used to determine the controller's charging current and discharge current. General solar controller are 12v / 24v automatic identification. Discharge current = load power / 12v, charge current = battery power / battery board voltage. The voltage of the panel can be set with the multimeter DC. The short-circuit current of the panel uses a clamp meter to test the current. So the battery power = voltage * current, basically know the power of the solar panel. The battery charge current will know. The current range of the controller is greater than the charging current of the solar panel and the discharge current of the load.
Q:Solar panels for solar panels
100w of the battery plate count down one day also saved the estimated electricity will be able to use the battery on the market are 12v inverter is definitely 12vdc turn 220ac solar controller this thing looks like no, at most, a switch has been controlled whether Output power. The specific needs of the number of A / h battery pack you calculate it yourself
Q:What is the use of solar controller
Solar controller is the power (including battery and electricity), solar panels, the load of the center connector, why say so? Because the above components must be connected with the solar controller in order to be able to achieve the work, in general, the controller's main function is to control the solar panels on the battery charge or disconnect, control the load power supply or disconnect, control the city Electricity and battery switching between the main is that these features, and other, such as light control to open, light control off, timing delay off, manual switch, and debugging and other functions.
Q:How does the solar controller set up Sheung Shui?
Click the timer key, there are addition and subtraction keys can be set, the specific I did not use Norit big, do not know, you still consult their customer service department, the instructions should also have.
Q:What is the power of the solar controller?
The solar controller is represented by the maximum available current
Q:A solar controller 12v20A battery 12v 20A Will the need for a few watts of solar panels can be normal charge
As long as the voltage is 12V, with more power battery panels can be affected only the problem of charging speed.
Q:Solar controller one machine how
First of all, if you are using a multifunctional VRV system, triple the (air conditioning, to warm, hot water) together, then connect the solar energy, solar energy is auxiliary equipment, can not be set as the main control equipment. Finally, I would like to ask, your one machine is a computer or I said one machine
Q:Solar water heater all intelligent controller how to install
The controller can also control the electric heating. When the electric heating key is pressed, the controller turns on the power of the electric heater 7 and the electric heater operates until the user specifies the temperature. When the temperature drops below the specified temperature 3-5 degrees, the controller restarts the electric heating and heats the water to the specified temperature. Users can also specify the heating time, at a time, the temperature of the solar water tank can not reach the set temperature, the controller will turn on the electric heater, the water tank to the water set to the temperature so far. The controller also has a protective effect, and when the water level drops to a certain point, the electric heating stops until the water level rises above that point. (Usually 50% of the water level).
Q:What are the solar controller models?
This situation is best to contact the manufacturers, generally have PDF version of the manual. You can contact the manufacturer to an electronic version of the manual.
Q:Solar controller use
The biggest use of solar controllers is to protect the battery

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