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Home Professional Slow juicer

Specifications :

*Power: 100W, 220-240V, 50/60Hz(100W,110-120V 60Hz)
*Plug:VDE/BS/US/SAA and other kinds of plug
*Power cord:3*0.5MM²*1.2M
*Perfect low speed of 40 RPM,no heat generate,no oxidation and juice more nutritional.
*High juice extracting rate more than 90% .
*Simple assembling and disassembling, then easy cleaning.
*Super-quiet working, Pure copper DC motor, controlling the sound below 45dB.
*Available for long continuous working time  of 20mins.
*Reverse rotation function to avoid stuck.
*Self-clean fucntion.
*Safety protection of overheating.
*S/S strainer with small holes for all kind of fruit & vegetable.
*Large feeding tube, with two big cups.  
*PEI auger of high temperature resistance & high hardness & high chemical stability

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Q:Can the juicer press the vegetables?
5, first vegetables, fruits and other peeled off to the core, wash spare, head larger than the mouth of the feeding, please cut small.6, put the juice cup in the mouth of the juice, the large set of slag bucket is placed in the slag outlet.7, open the machine, the fruits and vegetables into the juicer, with the pushing rod under pressure, you can squeeze the delicious fresh fruit juice.8, after the extraction of juice juicer, some for the convenience of customers, the juice containing device is external, need to pour the juice into your cup.
Q:How to choose a juicer
Selection of juice machine, mainly in the following aspects:1. squeeze the juice in a low pressPress the way to extract juice, so there is no damage to the nutrients, to maintain the natural flavor.
Q:I want to use a juicer to squeeze watermelon water without using water or sugar
You buy a watermelon sweet from water is sweet; buy watermelon is not sweet from water is not sweet, then add sugar or honey is ok. Have a good appetite!
Q:What are the functions of the cooking machine, the juicer and the blender?
Cooking machine: with many functions, it can process many foods. For example, Soybean Milk juice, jam, milkshakes, ice powder, etc., can also shred vegetables, put the meat into minced meat. But because there is no filter screen can not be used to filter residue of fruit juice.Mixer: mainly mixing, the function of mixing, crushing, juice (to have filter screen).Juicer: only pure fruit and vegetable juice.
Q:Advantages and disadvantages of juicer
2. high speed centrifugal juice extractor: it works by using the knife net to rotate the speed of several thousand revolutions per minute to smash the fruit. The powerful centrifugal force makes the juice spray into the juice cup, and the residue is thrown into the slag collecting barrel.3. food processor: it works by rotating the blade at the bottom of the mixing cup at high speed and breaking the food repeatedly under the action of water.
Q:What is the difference between a juicer and a blender? Which is better?
Now a lot of mixers and juicer or juice machine on the market, and so on, often dazzling, a lot of people are confusedThey function between what kind of difference, so summed up the blender and juicer related knowledge, and now share with you to see.
Q:How do you make ice cream with a NUC Juicer?
Cream ice cream: Cream 200 ml, white sugar, egg white 2, egg yolk 1 or all kinds of jam vanilla essence. Concrete practice:1, add 1 spoons of white sugar in the cream, and stir evenly, then put aside;2, and take a large bowl, into the egg white, stir until the bubble, add sugar amount, continue to stir;3. Add egg yolks to the egg white mixture. Mix thoroughly. Add vanilla extract and mix;
Q:How to use the juicer and how to maintain the juicer?
The juicer keeps those thingsFirst of all, after the juicer to squeeze the juice, the first to cut off the power supply, the separation barrel and cup machine, the machine first simple and clean, don't wait until the blender after those fruit residue and debris condensation to clean, so will be very troublesome. We have to deal with these bits and debris in time, and that's good for the juicer. Conditionally, you can remove the knife head, because it is easy to wrap around the fruit fiber and debris, it should be along the direction of winding, slowly dragged out these residues, and then clean the knife head. But I don't recommend removing the knife head every time, because it's not very good. Don't remove the cutter head frequently, so it's not advisable. We just have to clean it regularly according to the actual situation.
Q:Which brand is good for Juicer?
Generally speaking, almost all vegetables and fruits have pesticide and heavy metal residues, and finally coagulate on the fiber
Q:The juicer doesn't peel the pears and apples, does it?
Juicer first, simple, followed by small noise, good material again. This one meets all three requirements. And E9 has a lot of new features

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