High Quality Of Peneumatic Forklift Tyre

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Forklift industrial Tyre
8.25-15 28*9-15 8.25-12 7.00-12 7.00-9 6.50-10 6.00-9
5.00-8 16*6-8 18*7-8 21*8-9 23*9-10
10-16.5 12-16.5
1. China Top5 bias tyre factory
2. We manufacture a wide of bias tyres: Produce OTR, IND, TBB, AGR, IMP, full range BIAS Tyres
3.19 years' manufacturing experience.
4. Certificates: CCC ISO DOT. Make sure of perfect quality.
6. We give each customer personalized, professional, and dedicated service.
7. From order to delivery to after sales service, our devoted team of experienced sales professionals is always available to give prompt replies and service.
8. We believe in: We Qualify Your Work!

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