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1, with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) first injection molded , no welds ;
2 , high-quality raw materials, intimate and uniform molecular arrangement , in addition, the raw material is added an anti -UV agents , not fade ;
3, anti -corrosion, acid and alkali resistant , non-toxic antifreeze heat ;
4 , hard plastic wheels, solid rubber tires is extremely difficult to break ;
5 , especially thick rim box

6 , high density polyethylene injection molded impact resistant , high strength, long life , corrosion , heat, acid , alkali, corrosion resistance , impact resistance, no nails without thorns , non-toxic , tasteless , easy to wash and disinfect, no rot , no pollution , economic, environmental , convenience , health

7 , closed with a lid structure, avoid junk Spills .
8 , filled with tight lid , not falling barrel distortion.
9 , barrel made of high density polyethylene impact (HDPE) once injection molding .
10 , heat , frost and corrosion chemicals. Materials used does not lower the melting temperature of 120 degrees Celsius, the auto-ignition temperature of not less than 350 degrees C and a softening temperature of not lower than 110 degrees Celsius, low temperature up to minus 20-30 degrees Celsius.
11 , all plastic barrels are injected into the raw material of high quality UV 2% , 5% pigment pigments to ensure that colors remain bright durable plastic buckets .
12 , can be mutually nested , easy to transport , saving space and costs are widely applied to a variety of environments ,
13 , it can be printed for free designated LOGO。

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Q:How to eliminate the trash insects
1, trash frequently pest control. If you often throw too much trouble, you can prepare a bucket of pesticides, every day to waste bags / barrel spray once, can effectively kill the insects and eggs. Spray some pesticides in the evening, the garbage bag is attached to the mouth, second days early in the garbage bag will not produce insects.2, the garbage can wash powder. Sprinkle some washing powder in the trash at the bottom, or sprinkle some in the garbage bag, do not need much, just a thin layer is enough, small insects are greatly reduced, and even disappeared.3, the use of camphor ball. Put a camphor ball in the trash, insects generally do not love mothballs, prevent camphor ball can reduce insect eggs in the trash, thus reducing the small flying insects.There are 4 pots, small flying insects, can be stripped out of the cigarette, cigarette tobacco, with hot water soak for one or two days, until the water becomes dark brown, a part of the water on the stems, flowers and leaves, the rest of the diluted poured in the pot, insects can eliminate as soon as possible. This method does not harm plants at the same time.5, available household pesticides will generally try, very effective, a jet can kill insects. When spraying the leaves to be sprayed on the leaves of the main viewing is not the first try to determine the leaves will not be affected after all the spraying, spraying 30 minutes to wash the water. I use radar (kill mosquitoes, flies spray) good results.6, deal with small insects, also available three or four root cotton swab with dichlorvos, then put a cotton swab inserted in the plant around the earth. Flies will soon be destroyed.
Q:Living room can be placed two trash
The trash can in that position, and your achievements and decisions. What is a good place to put garbage bins? Science will Chen (ESE), Xu (northwest), (North), not ugly (SSW) the four range known as the "Tomb", "warehouse", that is where, also gather all the rubbish. Therefore, in the home of Chen (East), Xu (northwest), (North), not ugly (SSW) placed in the trash, usually won't have bad luck. These four areas are very important to everyone, and if you can put the trash in the right place, you can avoid yourself and your family members or office workers into a "garbage".
Q:Desktop is not how to do the trash
Start / run enter gpedit.msc to open the group policy, in the user left configuration / management / desktop / template on the right to choose "delete" Recycle Bin "icon from the desktop, double-click it" in the open dialog box is not configured according to the application and then determine, restart the computer to set effective.
Q:QQ music radio song thrown into the trash how to find back
I would like to ask how to throw the song into the trash can
Q:Something summer eat trash did not even clean up there will be a lot of gnat, what method can control or kill?
Throw rubbish in time. Small flying insects is due to eggs and nutrient garbage, coupled with the summer heat damp caused by the fast growth and breeding. Garbage, especially kitchen waste, to be dumped in time. Generally speaking, to put out the garbage workers if every night, breakfast will garbage again early in the morning before work; during the day to ensure that people's family threw a home at noon, before throwing a garbage, do not spend the night.
Q:What kind of trash can?
The dustbin can be divided into public garbage can and household garbage can. In the form of garbage can be divided into independent garbage cans and classified garbage can.
Q:Who will buy the property in the new district? Property companies to use the property to buy it? Please expert guidance, and say the theoretical basis, thank you!
New residential property bins should be purchased by developers and construction units, which is a residential facilities supporting facilities.Property services refers to the property management companies in the property services contract, housing and ancillary facilities and related equipment maintenance, conservation, management, sanitation and the maintenance program in the related area, the fees charged to property owners.Want to help you!
Q:Is there any difference between the trash and the wastebasket?
Some trash can contain a lot of things
Q:How do you get the bug in the garbage bin in summer?
Under certain conditions, food or vegetables will produce worms because all kinds of insects under certain conditions in the production of eggs on food or vegetablesTherefore, under certain conditions, the larvae will grow out of the egg, so it will produce insects"It is absolutely true that if no worms lay eggs on the vegetables, "seeding" will not produce worms
Q:What's the meaning of trash and tree holes?
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