Forklift Trucks Mine Explosion-Proof Wheel

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Forklift Trucks Mine Explosion-Proof Wheel 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CPCDB50


Vehicle Dimensions:4660X1995X2500mm

The Rated Power:75kw


The Rated Load:5000kg

The Maximum Lifting Height:3000-3045mm


The Free Lifting Height:205±10mm

The Forward Tilt Angle of Fork:6±0.5(°)


The Backward Tilt Angle of Fork:12±1(°)

Minimum Turning Radius:3500mm


The Maximum Gradient of Gradeability:15°

Minimum Size Requirements of Tunnel:3000X3000mm


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Standard:iso9001: 2000


Origin:Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province

Production Capacity:200 PCS/Year

Product Description

Product character
1.     Adopting YTO six -cylinder diesel engine,the engine has rated power of 75 kilowatts and has strong power. The explosion-proof diesel engine, which install flame arrester and the centrifugal dedusting cooling water tank ,  has independent intellectual property rights. The flame arrester can capture the diesel engine flame and the cool andPurifying water tank could process and lower the temperature of exhaust gas to maximum  guarantee  the explosion-proof performance of diesel engine.
2.     Equipped with safety protection system of explosion-proof diesel engine which can automatically alarm when the parameter exceeds the standard,  it can also provide  real-time monitoring and remind drivers the running state of the vehicle so that can maximum guarantee the driver's  safety 
3.     Driving lamps and various warning lights have well-equipped signals  so that could improve the safety performance of mine vehicle steering
4.     The forklift truck has two sets of brake system , working brake and parking brake both adopt fully hydraulic wet brake. And the performances are good when in operation,emergency and parking 
5.     The whole truck pipelines adopt hydraulic hoses, thread connection, and the part layouts are not only simple and convenient but also  easy to install and to repair 
6.     The forklift, which adopts special forklifts chassis, has small weight, high strength and strong bearing capacity; It also has hydraulic power steering and convenient operation;  the fork force is strong and the rated load is 5 tons, which is suitable for coal mine and tunnel rail load operations

2The type of structureHydraulic steering ,central cylinder
3The vehicle dimensions(mm)
(L x W x H)
4The complete vehicle 
kerb mass(kg)
5Rated load (kg)5000
6The maximum lifting height(mm)3000-3045
7The free lifting height(mm)205±10
8The forward tilt angle of fork(°)6±0.5
9The backward tilt angle of fork(°)12±1
10The minimum ground clearance (mm)190
11Minimum turning radius(mm)3500
12The Maximum gradient of gradeability15°
13The maximum operating speed(km/h)23
14Braking wayWet brake
15Maximum braking distance on the 
horizontal dry hard road(m)
≤8m (20km/h)
16Minimum size requirements of tunnel(mm)
17The model of supporting explosion-proof 
diesel engine
18Rated power/speed   (kW/rpm)75/2300
19Start and security protect modeFlameproof electrical start ,eletrical protection
20Exhaust emissionsCO<0.1%  NOx<0.08%< span="">

Forklift Trucks Mine Explosion-Proof Wheel

Forklift Trucks Mine Explosion-Proof Wheel


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Q:Is a forklift a special type of work
It is a special equipment operator. It is not necessarily a special type of work.
Q:What procedures are required for a forklift licence
The forklift should be known Number one: you need information for the inspection (2) inspection of motor vehicles in the factory Certificate of forklift (original and copy of each) A copy of the owner's code certificate A copy of the business license of the owner It is not directly handled by the legal person (which is required to submit a power of attorney)
Q:What is the responsibility of the forklift driver for the job?
Legal basis: 1) "tort liability law" article 34 the employer's personnel for task execution causes damage to others, by unit of choose and employ persons assume tort liability. In the period of labor dispatch, the dispatched staff shall be responsible for the infringement of the persons who have caused the injury to other people because of the performance of the work. If the dispatching unit is at fault, it shall bear the corresponding supplementary responsibility. 2) the tort liability law article 35 a labor relationship formed between individuals, providing labor services side because Labour causes damage to others, by the accept labor party bear tort liability. Where the provision of a labor party is compromised by the labor service itself, the corresponding liability shall be borne according to the respective fault of the two parties.
Q:The forklift truck is a motor vehicle solution
It's a motor vehicle. It is only used for loading and unloading, and it is usually only in the factory area. All motor vehicles must be listed. Of course individual drive a factory to need to use forklift truck general is not to go up the list.
Q:What is the cause of my forklift
There are a lot of reasons why you can't start, and the owner doesn't say whether it's an internal combustion fork or a forklift truck.
Q:How can the forklift truck change the antifreeze fluid and find no drainage
After rinsing the old antifreeze liquid, open the water pipe and release the tap water
Q:How do you start a forklift without a key
Take the lid off the steering wheel. 2, find the junction box behind the key (ignition switch) and open it. 3, there are three wires in the box, connecting the red line and the black wire (ignition starter motor). Notice if there's a gap! Another way is to find a few people to push, get to a certain speed and hang fast and the ignition is successful!
Q:There is no clutch for the electric cylinder forklift
Electric didn't clutch, forward backward is controlled by a switch (similar to a steering switch) conductive to controller, again by the electrode control motor to realize the forward and backward
Q:What do you mean by the center spacing of the load on an electric forklift?
This principle is like the weight of a scale, but the weight of the lead is small, but it can be weighed up to a thousand jin, because its torque is longer. The same principle applies to electric stacking. Because most electric stacking vehicles are supported, that is, the legs are supported under the fork. Such a design could extend the fulcrum of the vehicle forward and, at the same time, reduce the size and weight of the body.
Q:A forklift applies to which industries
There are more kinds of forklifts and special forklifts. Basically, with the more places are logistics warehousing, factories and individual production for self-use (now most factories are used as food, paper, machining industry, equipment manufacturing, parts manufacturers), port (container). The forklift is a kind of can replace the artificial production tools, with low cost high efficiency has a wide application range, and in the process of economic development in the future will be to use more and more. If you need a forklift to contact me, I am a manufacturer.

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