FORKLIFT CLG2160H,Waterproof electrical connectors with rubber sealing

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Product Description:


Capacity @ 600 mm LC16,000 kg
Fuel TypeDiesel Tier III
EngineCummins QSB6.7


Operator Safety and Comfort  

  • Spacious ergonomically designed operating environment.

  • Standard suspension seat, and optional Grammar vibration reducing seat both good for vibration reduction.

  • Cushioning and lift cylinder used to reduce shock and provide stability and comfort.

  • Stamped Steel suspension hood frame provides safety to the operator with vibrations.

  • Seat side hydraulic control levers.



  • Waterproof electrical connectors with rubber sealing.

  • Parts and Service you can count on.

  • World class suppliers of key components.

  • Distribution valve cover easy to open to perform inspections and maintenance.

    Easy to Maintain

    • Distribution valve cover easy to open to perform inspections and maintenance.

    Built for Efficiency

    • Air vent positioned on top of machine ensures clean air used for operation improving efficiency and engine life.

    • Balance weight design allows for excellent cooling capacity.

    • Long life LED rear lights save energy.

    • Fork overhang of 494/ 520mm, with strong carrying capacity.

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